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Note – There are something in here that may be upsetting to some but I would just like to say that nothing in this story is true or to be taking literally.


Bella has never been normal. From the day she was born the fates had plans for Isabella Marie Swan but she was never knew what was planned. It all started when Bella was left in the woods by Edward. How does Bella deal with her changes? What is she?


-o0Bella's Pov0o-

I still felt the hole in my chest I was I tried to follow Edward. I could still hear those words echoing in my ears.

I don't want you

Your nothing but a distraction

Oh and the one that really the final nail in my coffin.

Your human your mind is like a sieve. You'll forget over time.

Then just that like he was gone. I, of course, am trying to go after him but I am in no way going to catch up to him. With me being human and him being a vampire. I tripped and fell over a fallen log and just curled up into myself hoping and praying that death would take me. Why would I want to live when my love, my life decided that he would be better off without me. I was so caught up in my pain that I had no idea that I was being picked up and carried away from the only life I had known. I could only pray that who ever it was would kill me quickly. I didn't want to deal with this pain any longer.

-o0Three and a half Days Later: Bella's Pov0o-

There was a burning in my veins that suddenly cooled. I wondered what could have happened however the coolness that was given me was a relief from the burning. I had no idea why I was burning like a vampire would then suddenly feel as though I was dropped in the arctic ocean. There were voices that were telling me that if I wished to remember my life before all the craziness before forks then that was fine however they would teach me what I would needed to know from the time I arrived at Forks to the time where Edward left me in the woods.

My heart constricted with pain at that name. I tried to push the memories back but they flooded my mind. I didn't want to remember however there was one person that stood out above the others. Jasper. Why would the wall flower of vampires be the one that I could remember the most? I could still see his face when he found me in the hotel room feeling guilty for them getting involved when I believed that they were in trouble because of me. He was the only one who ever told me to my face that I was worth it.

You are worth it...

It kept repeating in my brain as I kept going from burning up to freezing. I wondered what was happening yet I knew that what ever it was I would only get my answers when I woke, if I woke.

-o0A week Later: Bella's Pov0o-

My heart was beating a mile a minute and I knew that it was almost time for me to waken into a new world. I knew that I was a vampire but there was something else in my mind with me. I don't understand it but the voice who has been with me through the whole process is still soothing me. I could feel a rag being used to clean my legs. I wondered what I would look like. I had no idea what was happening but I knew that my burning was not like what Carlisle had told me. His name brought another sharp pain to my chest.

I could remember everything. From the first moment that I spotted Edward walking into the cafeteria in Forks High to when I told him what he was. I even remembered the blasted birthday party that I really didn't want. I could still see Jasper's golden eyes as he lunged not for me but for Edward. I knew that since I was Edward's singer that I would be in the most danger from him. But when he pushed me into the glass table I knew that I was about to die. The only eyes in the room that wasn't black was Carlisle's.

When my heart started to sound like helicopter blades and the burning got worse I could hear myself scream as my back arched of the bed I was lying in. I had no idea where I was but I knew by the smells that something was not quite right. Suddenly there wasn't any noise in the room I was in. No breathing, No heart beat. I could hear someone shuffle in the corner of the room but I knew they didn't mean any threat. I didn't know how I knew but I did.

"Open your eyes sweet Belle." Came a tender sounding voice. It was deep but soft.

Even though I didn't want to open my eyes I did so anyway. As soon as they were open I gasped at the colors before me. Dust motes were swirling around in the air like little planets. The air itself tasted different because I could taste everything that was in the room with me. The two scents that were completely different were the ones I concentrated on. I closed my eyes and tried to picture where I had smelled them. The first was some kind of perfume yet it had the smell of freesias. I smiled. It was my favorite flower. The second was a musky scent but there was an underlying smell of dog ? That one I didn't understand.

"Will you turn to us that way we can see your beautiful eyes?" The girl asked me.

I turned and was taken back by what I was looking at. They both looked like vampires but there was something different. I narrowed my eyes and finally noticed that their eyes were not red or topaz. I shuttered and fell to the ground as memories were flashing through my mind. In an instant I was in a warm embrace that picked me up and sat me on the bed.

"Don't worry sweet heart." The man said to me. "We are here to help you through this. I promise." He kissed me on the head.

"Father, should I go fetch her some clothes?" the girl asked the man in front of me. He nodded as she disappeared from in front of me. It was much faster than a vampire.

His eyes then turned to me. They were a vibrant green. Almost like fresh cut grass. He smiled at me. "I see that you have noticed my eyes." He stood and went across the room. "If mine are beautiful then yours is magnificent." He returned with a mirror.

As soon as he put the mirror where I could see myself I was in awe. My eyes went from brown to a royal blue with golden flecks. I was completely shocked. "What am I?" I whispered to myself. I could feel the burning flare in my throat but I didn't understand why I had blue eyes when I was a vampire.

"You are a vampire hybrid." He told me taking the mirror away and handing me a cup. The scent was delicious and I tipped it up and drain the contents. I could tell that it was blood but whether is was human or animal I didn't care.

"Thank you." I told him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Kyle and my daughter that is on her way back is Stella." He helped me up. "I will leave you while you get dressed. Then we will speak to you about how you are a vampire hybrid."

I nodded watching him go and Stella coming in with clothes in her hands. She smiled and skipped over to me. "I didn't know your size but I guessed because you look like Allie's size." She handed me the clothes. "Do you need help?"

"If you don't mind." I could feel the blush rising in my face. She just grinned wider as she helped me dressed. I was grateful to them however I wanted to know what a Vampire Hybrid was. Because as of now I am a Vampire Hybrid.

I could only pray that I would never see the Cullens again because if I did I would make Edward pay for taking my heart and stomping on it.


Yes I know that this is a short chapter but it is the prologue and they are always smaller than the others. I do promise that chapter one will be longer and also I would like to tell you that Chapter 1 will be two years after this chapter because it takes time for her to build up her powers. Yes I said powers. Although I am not saying what they are at this time I will let you know that she will be a fit for the Major. XD!