Chapter 9

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(Eric's thoughts)

(Eric's Wolf Thoughts)


(Stella's Pov)

"Coming!" Bella yelled back. Mom and dad just hung their heads and sighed. Esme and Carlisle on the other hand snickered.

Jasper and Bella were down stairs in a flash. Jasper was, of course, carrying her. If everything went like my visions, which I am sure they will, Bella will give birth to a girl and boy. Lucesme Kyisle Whitlock and Harley Davis Whitlock. I couldn't believe that Bella wanted to name her son after a motorcycle but then again in my vision Jasper makes one adjustment and add Davis-Jazz which would mean the poor kid had four names. Harley Davis-Jazz Whitlock. Shaking my head I tuned back into the conversation.


(Bella's Pov)

As Jasper carried me down stairs I wondered what Jasper would think of the names Lucesme Kyisle for a girl or Harley Davis. Of course he could always add or take out names they were just the ones she came up with. Her favorite motorcycle and a mixture of Lucia's name and Esme's. She couldn't think of another name she would want to call her daughter. And for her middle name it would be Kyisle. Kyle and Carlisle mixed. She wondered if she should have thought about giving her son her father's name but she never really cared for the name Charlie or Charles. They were just not something she could think of.

When Jasper and I entered the room I was shocked when I found that everyone was looking at everywhere but at me. That made me think that something was wrong. I looked at my mother and instantly knew that something was going on. Emmett had a huge grin on his face while Eric looked thoughtful. I just frowned when I tried to understand what was going on. I looked over at Carlisle and Esme and found them smiling at both Jasper and myself as he sat on the other loveseat and let me lean against him. I raised a brow and looked at Kyle and Lucia. I wondered who would tell me something wrong this time.

Stella huffed and crossed her arms. "Its' not what you think." She rolled her eyes at me. "We just found out something that you might like in this dark time."

She smiled at me sweetly and I knew she was hiding something but I knew that I couldn't get it out of her even if I burned her clothes or shoes. Sometimes I did wonder if her and Alice were sisters because they acted alike in a lot of ways. With that thought I received a snicker from Lucia but narrowed eyes from Stella. It was my turn to roll my eyes, at her.

"Now what do you guys want to brighten my day with?" I asked sarcasticly as I looked from Emmett who had a shit eating grin on his face and Rosalie looked mildly happy with what was going to happen. I wondered who she was going to get to kill. I couldn't help but try to keep myself from laughing at that thought.

"Well," Carlisle started as he glanced at Emmett. "After we left and realized that Emmett was rather upset by us leaving you we searched and found that you are part of his human family that moved out west after he was attacked by the bear that lead him to where he is today." He smiled as if he knew something else but was keeping it from me.

I could see Emmett almost jumping up and down in his seat. "Does that mean that I am related to Emmett?" I asked nonchalant as if it didn't do a thing to me when I was jumping up and down inside. Emmett nodded.

"Sure does Jelly Belly." He smiled widely as he rushed over but stopped a few feet from me and looked at Jasper. Jasper nodded so Emmett came up slower then bent down and gave me a hug while kissing my cheek. "Glad that I found my family and that I can keep her with me for eternity." He smirked winking as he went back to his spot by Rosalie.

Eric cleared his throat. "They were asking me if we were related since we have a mental link when ever we are instead of just in wolf form." He raised an eyebrow. "What do you think, Sis?"

I just shrugged. "I wouldn't doubt it." I told them. "Everyone always say that we look like twins." I smiled at Lucia and Kyle.

They both nodded in agreement. "That's true." Lucia answered. "That is the reason we tell everyone that they are our twins, so to speak." She smirked looking at me.

Rosalie smirked looking at Jasper. "Yeah, we know how twins can be, huh, brother?" She raised a brow at Jasper. I could feel him chuckling under his breath nodding.

"Rosalie and I are twins in the family, too." Jasper told everyone though they already knew.

Carlisle and Esme nodded proudly. "Yes, they are the perfect set of twins." Esme smiled as she looked at Jasper and Rosalie. "They are both very different and not because they were changed during different times." Everyone laughed at that.

Just then I felt one of the twins stretch. I yelped in pain as I tried to rub the spot where one of them hit however it wasn't letting up. Kyle and Carlisle were at my side in an instant.

"Are you ok?" Kyle asked taking over rubbing the spot where the kids kicked me. "I don't smell any blood so they didn't bruise you this time." He smirked cutting his eyes to mine.

In the past couple of hours the kids had been kicking. Kyle must have sensed it since he was my 'sire' if you will. I just ducked my head under Jasper's chin burying my face in his neck. I could hear the others chuckle but I knew that it was at me than the fact that I was getting bruises already. Suddenly I felt a flare of thirst in the back of my throat. I pulled back and looked around and found Lucia standing there with my cup with a lid and straw. I smiled taking it. Kyle and Carlisle moved back to their seats.

"It seems that the children wanted to stretch a little bit." Kyle told them. "They are growing faster than Allie did." He looked at his daughter that just rolled her eyes.

"How long til Lucia gave birth?" Carlisle asked curiously. I could only guess the interest in the werepire species. He had never known of their existence until now.

Tuning them out I thought over things. I knew that they were keeping something from me or they would have waited to tell me that I was related to both Emmett and Eric. Closing my eyes I decided to rest while everyone else was talking. I rubbed soothing circles on my stomach. It was the size of a basket ball. I loved my pups along with my mate. I just sighed as I leaned into his embrace and took a long drag of the blood in my cup. I could see Rosalie smile at me and all I could do was smile back. I would need to take her aside and speak to her soon because I still has some questions about why she treated me the way she did. I mentally shrugged as I tuned back into what they were saying.

"Bella is rather special because of her being half werewolf and half vampire." Kyle told them in what we all called his 'doctor' tone. "Yet with Jasper being a vampire it means that their children -er- pups will be more vampire than werewolf. It also means that Bella will have her pups more or likely in about a month."

"Is there anything that we should worry about?" Carlisle asked. I felt Jasper tighten his grip around my waist.

"We just need to keep an eye on her in case something happens and we need to take the pups sooner than later." Kyle said as I saw his eyes lock with Jasper's over my shoulder. "Lucia only had one and most of the females that are turned only have one. That is if they can find their mate if they cant then they will live their life finding one. Or will have companions until their mates shows."

"How many werepires are there?" Carlisle asked with a frown on his perfect face. I could see the wheels turning in his head. "If the Volturi find out about you then Aro will wish to speak to you."

There was a chorus of growls around the room including mine and Jasper's. I was about to stand when Paul beat me to it. His eyes were on Stella. "Then we will take them out before they can even set foot in Forks." His eyes finally looked around the room. "Excuse me."

With that Paul ran out of the room, leaving a very stunned room behind. I was the first to say something. "I think Paul imprinted on Stella." I could see Carlisle nod along with Esme however Emmett looked shock along with Allie. Eric was blinking rapidly as he looked at me like I was crazy. Kyle and Lucia were glaring at me and Stella, well lets just say she was sitting there with eyes trained on the door.

"Why would you say that, honey?" Esme asked with a smile on her face, hands clasped together in her lap.

I just shrugged. "He can keep his eyes off her and when Carlisle mentioned the Volturi he almost lost himself and phased in the living room." I cut my eyes to Kyle and Lucia.

"Have you seen anything Stella?" Kyle asked not as her father but her maker.

"Yes." She bit her lip not looking at anyone. "I didn't know it was him because he was in wolf form but as soon as I saw him once he was human I could tell that Paul was my mate in about four or five days." Her eyes came up and smiled softly.

Lucia smiled and went to Stella. "That is wonderful, dear." She drew her into a hug then kissed her head. "Why don't we got eat then we can head to our rooms." She stood and took Kyles hand. Looking out the window I could see that it was getting dark.

Jasper scooped me up and dashed up the stairs. I had some blood in my room for me but I would let him feed with me. I could hear the others downstairs getting ready to head out or go to their rooms. I heard that Eric and Allie were heading out to do some patrol. I knew that Eric was worried and he needed to make sure that there was no vampires around the house.

(Eric's Pov)

I looked at Allie and waited til she spoke to Kyle and Lucia. I wished that her and I could find our mates but we knew that it was very unlikely. I was happy that Bella found her mate but I worried about her giving birth to twins. Never before had a werepire gave birth to twins. One child yes but two was unheard of. I looked around the front of the house and took a whiff of the air. I could smell the wolves scent along with ours and the Cullens' however there was another scent that was not suppose to be here. I could feel my wolf in the back of my mind starting to pace.

Something is wrong. My wolf whispered in the back of my mind. Can you smell the sicken sweet scent of a vampire? Its trying to hide close to the house.

I narrowed my eyes as I scanned the trees. I cant see anything. Where? I knew that he could help with the sight. Our wolves had better sights then when we are in humanoid form.

In the tall tree to the right. The one with the slash marks from Bella. He told me moving my head to line up with the tree. I could feel Allie coming closer to me.

I'll wait for Allie. We may need her help. I told my wolf acting as if I was just looking around. I could hear my wolf grumble in the back of my mind saying that I was wasting time.

"You ready?" Allie asked coming to stand by me. I saw her eyes flash as she took in a breath. "Someone's near." Her eyes narrowed as she cut her eyes around the surrounding woods.

I just nodded flashing my eyes. "The tree with the slash marks." I tilted my head towards the tree. "Vampire and not friendly." I raised a brow in question.

Allie smirked as she took off into the trees. I was right behind her and realized that she had spotted the vampire faster than I had. I could only chuckle when I spotted the vampire running away from Allie. I knew that she would be able to get him because she was one of the fastest of us aside from Bella and Stella. I was closing in and snarled when Allie launched to tackle him but he dodged at the last minute.

That's it. My wolf snarled in the back of my mind. I could feel my claws lengthen, my fangs grow and my speed pick up.

"You're mine." I hissed as I lunged and took the vampire down. We both rolled but I ended up on top with my right hand around his neck. The male was looking up with wide eyes. "Why are you here?" I hissed my face close to his.

"Victoria wants Bella and her mate." He said looking out of the corner of his eyes and spotting Allie in her vampire hunting form. Her fangs were long and her claws were lengthened.

"Why?" Allie hissed through clenched teeth.

"Because..." He started to say but I stopped him.

"Be careful on how you finish that sentence." I warned him as my eyes narrowed.

"Bella was the reason that James, her mate, was killed and she want retribution for his death." He answered truthfully.

"What does she want with Charlie?" I snapped tightening my grip, which caused cracks to form on his neck.

"To try and get Bella away from you." He chocked out. "With Bella human and her father a vampire then it would be easy."

I couldn't take it any longer as I ripped his neck out from in between his head and shoulders. I looked at Allie who nodded.

"We need to speak to father and mother."

I just cringed as I calmed down enough to turn back to normal. Allie had already deformed so we headed back to the house. I only hoped that Bella wasn't anywhere near when I told the others about what Victoria plans.


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