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Tsubaki sat on the couch, peacefully sipping her hot chocolate as she waited for BlackStar to come out of his room. It was Christmas morning, and he didn't even have his present ready yet. Tsubaki sighed and tapped her finger on the gift box in her lap. She had bought her meister a nice winter coat, since he had refused to purchase anything that would actually keep him warm in the winter. BlackStar claimed that men who would be surpassing gods shouldn't wear jackets. Tsubaki had told him that men who intend to surpass god would get a cold if they didn't wear a coat. BlackStar had laughed it off in his usual manner.

Getting tired of waiting for her unprepared meister, Tsubaki called out to BlackStar. "Hey, are you almost ready in there?"

Over the sound of hurried present wrapping , BlackStar yelled back his response. "Yeah, yeah, I'm almost ready! A star's gotta take his time, you know?"

Tsubaki rolled her eyes and muttered to herself; "Well, a star should have been taking his time yesterday…"

After a few more minutes of hasty wrapping, BlackStar slammed his bedroom door open, and waltzed into the room. "I'm ready!" he yelled, before shoving what appeared to be a present -The poor wrapping job made it look more like a rat's nest to Tsubaki- in Tsubaki's face. "Here, open mine first!" he said, grinning.

Tsubaki smiled and took the haphazard mess of a present from BlackStar. "It looks wonderful," she said as sincerely as she could.

BlackStar grinned even wider than previously thought possible. "Wait `till you see what's inside!"

Tsubaki offered a small smile before tearing the present out of its wrapper. Inside was a small folded piece of paper. Giving BlackStar a curious look, Tsubaki began to unfold the paper. What would be inside? A gift card, perhaps? Smiling to herself, she held the unfolded the paper in her lap. When she finally got a look at what was actually in it, she forced herself to suppress a sigh. BlackStar had signed a paper, folded it, and wrapped it.

BlackStar threw his head back and laughed. "Awesome, isn't it? That's like, the best present in the world!" BlackStar continued to laugh.

Tsubaki rolled her eyes before forcing a laugh herself. At least BlackStar had bothered to give her a gift, even if it was something he threw together at the last moment. Grabbing the piece of paper and holding his arms out greedily, BlackStar yelled; "Yahoo! Time for my present! What'd you get me?! I bet it's not nearly as awesome as mine. But a big star like me still needs presents!"

Tsubaki smiled, and handed him her present. BlackStar grinned and tore off the wrapping paper. When he pulled out the coat, he slumped, disappointment practically written on his face. "But," he said, giving Tsubaki those adorable puppy eyes of his. "Big stars like me don't get cold."

"Just try it on," Tsubaki said, knowing he would like it if he just wore it. BlackStar sighed and slipped the jacket on.

"W-wow," he said, zippering it up. "It's actually pretty warm."

Smiling, Tsubaki said; "Well, they're meant to be that way, silly."

BlackStar grinned. "Well, I actually kind of like it. So be glad I'm not making you buy me a new gift."

Tsubaki laughed. "Oh, don't worry, I am." She stood up and began walking to the kitchen. "I think I'm going to make more hot chocolate. Do you want some, BlackStar?" she called over her shoulder.

BlackStar bolted upright and hid the 'present' he had given Tsubaki behind his back. "U-uh, S-sure," he stammered. Once Tsubaki was out of the room, he pulled the piece of paper back in front of him and flipped it to the back. There, neatly drawn with colors and all, was what he was hiding from Tsubaki; a drawing of him and Tsubaki holding hands. "I guess I still wasn't a big enough star to tell her this year…" he thought.