Something that came to my mind today. Short, only a couple chapters, maybe three max. hope you all enjoy.

~temporary insanity

Graduation was over, and there were people still milling around. Kim was happy. She wasn't the valedictorian, like she'd wanted (but she wasn't mad...Felix had deserved to take that stage, and he'd willing to turn it over to her instead) but her diploma read 'highest honors' and she was actually around to receive it instead of captive in an alien ship.

She met Ron's eyes from a ways away, and they started moving toward each other, each drawn by the other like magnets. She hugged him hard, her legs wrapping around him too. He just breathed a chuckle and squeezed her closer, inhaling her scent.

He sensed her exhaustion, and there was a bruise forming in the side of her face from the aliens picking her up and throwing her around like a damn rag doll. It made him angry, and he rigidly forced down the feelings of anger and terror he felt the moment he heard that freak Warhok talking about stuffing her and hanging her on the wall like some weird fucked up taxidermy project. He squeezed her unconsciously, only releasing her when she coughed a little. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Wade walked up to them, followed by Dr. Director. "Sorry to break up the reunion guys, but the director says you both need to give your report to the authorities now."

Kim nodded and took Ron's hand in hers and took her broken heels in her other hand. She was barefoot and frankly, it was more comfortable than being in those things.

Betty Director surprised them both by hugging them. "I'm glad you're both alright," she said quietly before motioning the team of young heroes to follow.

"Well, make yourself comfortable," Yvonne Stoppable told her red-haired best friend later that night.

"Thank you," Anne responded quietly, watching her husband take in his surroundings. There was a den and also a small room which had been converted into a guest room. "When did you all do the basement?"

"While back," Dan answered with a smile. "Hope you guys are comfortable here. How long until you know what's going to happen to the house?"

"They haven't even moved the alien thing yet," Dr. James Possible muttered. "I have no idea. So I guess you boys and Kimmie-cub will stay in the guest room then," he said, turning to his sons.

"Aww man," they grumbled, turning to the second floor, momentarily disgruntled. They brightened though, at the idea of having to share a room with their older sister and all the pranks they could pull on her.

Both sets of parents chuckled and headed upstairs as the door slammed again.

"You sure you're okay, KP?" They heard Ron ask his girlfriend.

"I'm great."

"They didn't... hurt you or probe you or anything you see on TV?"

A chuckle. "No, I wasn't probed anywhere, and they didn't put anything in my brain, or anything like that. They just locked us in a room with rather crappy security."

"I don't call a laser cannon pointed at you face 'crappy security' KP," came the slightly annoyed answer. They could hear the shudder in his voice as they rounded the corner into the kitchen.

Kim tilted her head, studying him. Then she pulled him to her, squeezing him close. He returned the hug fervently before meeting her eyes. He swallowed hard, and then he pressed his lips to her forehead, then her lips. "Come on, I'll get you settled upstairs," he murmured.

Mr. Stoppable cleared his throat then. "Uh, I don't think so."

Yvonne nodded in agreement with her husband. Anne Possible crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at her daughter and daring her to argue. Dr. Possible just looked green.

Kim raised an eyebrow right back. "What's the big? Ron and have shared a room before." Her voice was testy. She was definitely not in the mood.

"The big is that things between you are different now."

The younger redhead smirked, looking each of Ron's parents in the eye before defiantly meeting her parent's gazes as well. "And who says we haven't shared a room since we got together? It's been a year since we started going out, and since then, there have been plenty of over-night missions that we've had to camp or bunk somewhere. However," she said, her voice losing it's defiant edge and sounding hurt, "I thought you trusted us... and so we've never betrayed that trust. When we're working, we're working, and not doing anything else. If we never did anything when we've had the chance being hundreds and even thousands of miles away, why on earth would I betray your trust under your roof, as a guest in your house?!"

Ron rubbed her back. "KP, it's okay," he whispered into her ear. "You can stay in my room, I'll take the couch in the den downstairs."

"Absolutely not," she countered. "I'm not booting you from your own room."

The parents didn't like the idea either, but he glared at them. "Let me remind you where KP has spent the last twenty-some hours: First, her house got smashed to smithereens, then some alien space ship came and disappeared with her, and she spent the next eight hours in space, captured by aliens. And then, she had to save all of our miserable butts and then, she had to get questioned by every single federal agency and Global Justice for hours. So, you'll forgive me if I don't particularly care about your opinion, KP deserves to sleep in a real bed tonight, and she will. So I'm going to get her settled in my room now, and this is the end of this discussion. Come on, KP," he said to her gently. He followed her out of the room, leaving their parents in stunned silence.

When they reached his room, Ron rummaged through his drawers, pulling out a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for her to sleep in since her pajamas were lost in her destroyed house. "Tomorrow my mom will take you guys shopping for some stuff to wear," he said absently, moving into his bathroom to find a spare toothbrush and set out a towel for her in case she wanted to shower.

She watched him quietly. His room had changed a bit over the past few months. His parents, feeling bad for booting him to the attic without warning him, had walls and wood panels put in and a bathroom built, as well as a real closet and other basics. Eventually the futon he slept on was traded for a full sized bed, and his old furniture was also replaced. His room was restful, the cerulean tones on his bedspread and curtains and the warm wood on the walls made the room restful and masculine. It was so Ron. She loved being in here. He returned with a triumphant grin and a yellow toothbrush in his hand, and she couldn't help but smile in response. He seemed less shaken up by the whole Lorwardian invasion thing in that moment, and she was grateful to see a bit of his Ronshine. "Are you sure you don't mind?"

He shook his head and kissed her cheek. "No, KP. I'll be fine. Just... rest, okay? I love you."

"I love you too, Ronnie," she said as his arms wrapped themselves around her. She melted into his embrace. "Goodnight," she whispered.

"Sweet dreams," he responded in a whisper, squeezing her briefly before heading down the stairs.

She waited for him to leave before showering and slipping into the sleepwear he provided her. They smelled like him, as did his pillow. She fell asleep almost instantly.