Hey guys. Working out some writer's block and some kinks in my full-length fic at the moment... so I thought I'd come this way for inspiration. I wrote this in response to a reviewer's sort-of suggestion. They wanted to know about Kim explaining to the parents why Ron ended up staying with her, and so here's how I thought it would go down. Takes place before the epilogue.

Enjoy the outtake and catch ya flipside.

The evening had been filled with laughter as they played board and video games until dark.

"I'm heading to bed." Ron mumbled the words into the fiery red hair of his best friend slash girlfriend slash everything that had ever meant anything to him—

"I love you Ronnie."

"I love you too, KP," he answered, his nose skimming the skin on her neck. The power had returned today, and the house was now fantastically air conditioned. She now wore his hoodie comfortably, since the cool air in his house always made her shiver.

"Hey Ron?"


"I'll... see you upstairs, okay?"

He met the eyes of the parents in the room, who all suppressed sighs, and then he nodded, smiling softly at her as love and appreciation sparkled in his eyes.

When he was gone, she turned to the disgruntled adults with a sigh. "I know you guys don't like us to share the room. But we just got done telling you that we're moving in together at the end of the summer. He loves me, and I love him, and we love you. We would never disrespect you or each other. That means that we've set our own limits in our relationship and you have to trust that those limits will never allow us to do something that would make you uncomfortable or betray your trust. But they don't exclude me being his friend, and he needs me now. And I will be there." She drew a shuddering breath, studying her hands. "He came upstairs because of a nightmare."

Mr. Stoppable frowned. "That's hardly a reason for him to disobey something we—"

"He dreamed that I was in the alien ship when it crashed. He said that when he found... my body... I was maimed and burnt and impaled on some beam. Impaled. As in, it went right through me. And I was dead. He woke up a complete mess, what was I supposed to do?"

All four parents remained silent. "He dreamed that you died?"

She nodded. "He... I've argued with him before about coming with me on the more dangerous missions, because he gets so shaken up after. He's so... like when Drakken tried the stupid thing with the Diablo toys, Ron would literally call me every night... sometimes crying, sometimes he'd show up at my window demanding to see if I was okay... or sometimes, he'd dream really stupid stuff like me being a synthodrone and melting into a pile of goo, or having goo-babies that attacked him... dear God, his imagination is really... his biggest fears about missions always have one thing in common, and that's all the horrible things that could happen to me if a mission went badly.

"He was so horrified by his dreams last night... he did what he always does, he came to me, because I'm his best friend. I'll never stop being that for him ever, and if that means that he shows up in my bed ever night then so be it. I'll never turn him away, especially not because of a dumb and frankly rather late rule."

James Possible sighed. "Yes, I admit we were rather late in trying to set up these rules with you two—"

"I could have died. I could have ended up as horrifically dead as I was in his dream." Her voice was distant and numb, and her parents shuddered at the emptiness in it. "Do you understand? His fear is not unfounded. Nine-foot tall green things came to my graduation, and the captured me. I could be some freak human experiment in their alien labs right now. Or worse, I could be stuffed and hanging on Warmonga's wall, like they threatened to do. Or option three, Ron might have had to save the world on his own knowing that I had blown up in an alien ship. I'm here because of him, because he risked the same happening to him... he risked his life for me. It's not as easy to move on from these kinds of missions as we make it look, you know. I have to deal with these things too.

"Do you know what it's like to have the person you care about the most in the world describe your death to you in graphic detail, knowing that it might have been quite accurate had things turned out differently? It's... weird, for one. And it's scary. I need him, and he needs me." Her voice had lost it's numbness and taken on an ironic edge. She didn't want to be so hard on her parents, or his. But they needed to understand everything that being a teen hero entailed, and that all that it entailed wasn't victory after victory, smiles and happiness, and bad ass teenagers that mocked doom, death, and destruction every day and walked away like it was just another day at the office. It was villains escaping, it was falling down and getting up, it was ending up in situations that could easily make them lose hope, and she told them about the times that she had, and that he swallowed his own fear to give her the determination she needed in order to get her head back in the game.

They listened as this fiery redhead that they'd watched grow cried as she quietly told them all of the times she'd seen the look of utter horror on Ron's face, identical to the one she'd seen on his face as he explained in detail how her demise had been in his dream.

When she finished, her emerald eyes, still brimming with tears, searched their faces for a moment before she stood, tiredly tugging a hand through her hair. "I love you," she said sincerely and quietly. "All of you. Everything we do, everything we've been through, it's all for you."

She disappeared up the stairs, her footfalls silent as they always were.

Anne Possible waited for her daughter to be gone before the tears spilled down her cheeks. "And here I thought we were supporting them," she said with a rueful chuckle.

"We did the best we could, Annie," Yvonne responded quietly, also shaken by the confession of the beautiful girl she'd always considered her own daughter. "We couldn't have known... we'd never known, they always act so normally."

James stared in the direction his daughter had gone. "There are some things nobody in the world understands except those that lived it with you," he said quietly, almost to himself. "Leave them be. After the hell they went through, they don't need to catch any more from us."

"You've been saying that since yesterday."

"He loves her. She trusts him with his life. They share their victories, their failures... their traumas. They saved the world, yes. More than once. But they save each other. For me, that is enough."

"For me, as well," Yvonne whispered.

"Well I need a drink," Mr. Stoppable muttered. "Anyone in?"

Three adults raised their hands, and shots were poured for everyone. "To our our grown up kids, and to their future," someone whispered.

To my Kimmie-cub being as strong and beautiful as her mother, Thought James as he tossed back his shot.

To my amazing, wonderful son, grinned Yvonne to herself. The alcohol burned down her throat, but she welcomed it.

To getting drunk because my daughter is not a baby anymore, Anne thought with a snort as she gulped the shot in a way that reminded her of her college days.

To the official expansion of my family, thought Dan Stoppable with a smirk as he poured himself a second round. I give them three years before they are engaged. And I give James twenty minutes before he's wasted.

Meanwhile, Kim ascended the stairs to Ron's room, expecting him to have fallen asleep already. Instead, he was sitting on the bed, waiting for her. "You alrght, KP?"

She looked surprised. "You're awake?"

He nodded and looked away. "I didn't want to sleep alone."

She crossed the room, wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her next to him on the bed and she toed off her shoes. In seconds, they were both sound asleep. She never even changed out of her jeans.

Let me know what you guys think, and if there's any other scenarios you'd like to see, let me know too. Thanks :)

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