A/N: Written for the winter hiatus kink meme. The prompt: 'On the lawn outside his Hamptons pad, under the stars. Because Mother knows best.'

Lay down underneath the stars
Listen to all the translations
Of the stories across the sky
We drew our own constellations

"You'll be seeing stars when I'm done with you, Beckett."

She rolls her eyes, but her breath catches in her chest as his hand graze her inner thigh. Naked on his lawn, the grass cool and fresh beneath her back, Kate spreads her legs wider for him and bites her lip when he slides two fingers deep inside. Her arms rise automatically, slipping around his shoulders and squeezing, and he responds with a groan, pressing his face to her breasts and tonguing a taut nipple.

"God, quit teasing me..." she sighs, heels slipping on the dewy grass as she grinds against his touch. Castle chuckles, but he curls his digits and shifts closer, his cock bumping insistently into her hip.

Kate's whole body shudders, thighs snapping shut around him as he thumbs the swollen nub of her clit. The air leaves her lungs in a rush, her hands brushing down his biceps until her fingers dig into the ground, desperate for purchase, dirt and blades of grass lodging themselves under her nails.

She comes when Castle kisses her temple, turns her face into his neck and breathes, savoring the smell of sex and sweat and open air. When she relaxes, body cooling rapidly with the mild evening breeze, he slips his fingers free, wiping them messily over her abdomen. He chases their path with his tongue, licks a blazing trail up to her mouth.

"You taste like sunshine," he murmurs, pushing lips to hers. Kate smiles into the kiss, catching his bottom lip between her teeth and tugging gently. He twitches against her, palms her breast with renewed urgency. She reaches to guide him into her, but Castle breaks the kiss and shakes his head, hands already grabbing hers to pull her up. "Sit up," he orders gruffly, the playfulness from moments ago replaced by desire. His eyes are dark with it, and she swallows, obeying.

Castle leans back, braces himself with one hand behind him, the other insistently pushing at her torso to turn her around. Facing away from him, she scrambles gracelssly onto his lap, thighs bracketing his, ass pressed firmly to his hardness. Experimentally, she rolls her hips, feels his muscles quiver beneath her. Not seeking to draw out the inevitable, Kate reaches down and grasps his cock, uses her thumb to position him, and sinks down slowly, knees splayed to the sides as she stretches around him.

She rides him mercilessly, feels the pleasure mounting when she arches forward and braces herself on his shins. "Castle," she sighs, "Please, come with me, please." Just as she's about to fall, he throws her off balance by leaning up and slinging an arm around her waist. As his palm skitters down her stomach, fingers rubbing roughly over her clit, she throws her head back to rest on his shoulder.

When he whispers her name, "Kate," and stills, his breath a heaving pant over her neck, she knows he's come inside her, and it gets her so hot that she follows easily, fingernails leaving half-moons on the skin of his forearm. Muscles fatigued, they roll sideways, collapsing in a boneless heap. Castle slips out of her, but his arms hold her tightly as they spoon together.

"So, see those stars?" he mumbles, teasing.

"Nah," she replies, and she can feel him tense, ready to object. She knows her next words will silence his protests, and she turns her head slightly so he can see the silly grin, all tongue and teeth, that washes over her face when she appends, "Whole constellations."