I do not own any of the characters. I just made up the story. Enjoy!

Ib had just woken up. She peeked at the clock; it was 12:01 am, she had another nightmare. Not surprising, seeing as how she had just come home from that terrifying gallery. She couldn't go back to sleep, all she could think about was Garry, and how he was going to return her handkerchief. He promised her that they would meet up as soon as he cleaned her handkerchief. She had given him her phone number, as this was the only method of communication she knew of. Ib waited by the phone, as if he was going to call soon. She knew this was foolish, but hey. You never know? She waited for half an hour, and decided he wouldn't call this early. She went back to bed, yet not to sleep. All she could think of was the creepy dolls, the living paintingsā€¦and Mary. Ib would have liked to save her, but Mary was just a painting, unlike Garry a human being. She had no choice. As Ib thought about all of this, she ended up falling asleep.