Ib sat there, shaking. She stared for a moment, while Mary kept saying "Together, forever. Together, forever." And giggling. Ib backed away, and looked at Mary. She was smiling, giggly and happy. Ib, using this opportunity, stole the knife from Mary and the lights flashed off. When the lights turned back on, Ib sat at Garry's feet, poking at him to wake up. She shouted, "Call an ambulance!" just before she blacked out. When she woke up she was in a hospital bed next to Garry, who had a bandage over his chest. He was sleeping. Ib listened to the people outside, trying to remember the last few minutes of the ordeal. The doctor said to some people, "When the police and the ambulance got there, they found three people. The purple haired man with a stab wound. He will survive. Next, your daughter. Unconscious. The final person…an eight-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in a green dress…with a knife in her forehead. She is dead." Ib listened, but was unable to keep awake. She blacked out, and woke up next on her couch with Garry sitting next to her, whispering "Don't worry, its all over. Mary is dead…but you must have killed her." Ib nodded, and said, "Thanks for everything. I'm sorry everything just had to happen." Garry shook his head, "No. None of it is your fault; I wish we never had to live through any of this. Well, I'll be going home now. See you soon, Ib." Ib whispered, "Bye!" her memories of Mary fading.