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"It's FRIIIDAY, FRIIIDAY, GETTIN' DOWN ON FRIIIDAAAY!" CeCe sang as she, Rocky, Deuce, Tinka, Gunther, and Ty walked through the school doors. "ERRBODY'S LOOKIN' FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND, WEEKEND, FR-"

"CeCe!" Rocky, Tinka, and Gunther protested as Deuce clamped his hand over the ginger's mouth.

"Not this early, sweetie," Deuce said to her, releasing his grip.

CeCe pouted. "Fine. At least we made it through the week! I'm exhausted already!"

"From what?" Rocky demanded. "What is there to be exhausted from? You do nothing at all!"

"Hey now," CeCe pointed her finger at her. "I do my own manicures and pedicures. That's a lot of work!"

Rocky rolled his eyes.

"You call that a manicure?" Tinka commented. "Those look like eagle talons!" She and Gunther laughed as CeCe's mouth dropped. "I'm kidding," Tinka added, linking arms with her, and CeCe started smiling again.

Gunther noticed that the brunette walking next to him was staring off into space, her expression sad. He didn't like it.

"Why the long face?" He asked her. Their frenemie relationship had softened to a more friendly level, since Tinka had aired out her negativity with the girls. Now the blonde had a better relationship with her, CeCe a slight exception of course-they still fought like brother and sister from time to time, and he was genuinely concerned.

"Nothing...I just..." Rocky sighed. "I miss performing on Shake It Up."

"They're still rebuilding it!" CeCe cut in the conversation.

"Yeah, but who knows how long that will take. I mean, booking dancing gigs are great but...'s not the same, ya know?"

Gunther shrugged. "It..'is what it is', Rocky."

"I know..."

"You know what we should do?" Tinka said, looking at both Rocky and CeCe.

"What?" CeCe and Rocky asked, CeCe eager and Rocky flatly.

"You two should come over tonight."

"Sleepover?!" CeCe squealed.

"Can I come?!" Deuce asked just as eagerly.

Gunther and Tinka exchanged glances.

"Wait a minute," Ty interjected, and all eyes fell on him. "If ya'll are sleeping over, including Deuce, then I'm coming too."

"Aww, why?" Rocky whined.

"'Cause I need to provide adult supervision!"

"You're not even eighteen yet!"

"I'm the oldest."

"I'm the smartest!"

"I'm the better dancer in our family!"

Rocky gasped. "Take. That. Back."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Easy, everyone calm their tits!" Tinka rose her voice, and Deuce, CeCe, and Gunther stared wide-eyed at her. "Yeah, that's right. I said it. Anyway! My parents will be home, so you can come either way, Ty."

Ty sniffed, crossing his arms. "Alright. Fine. I'm still keeping my eye out on my little sister."

Before Rocky could object, Ty went off to his locker, with Deuce, CeCe, and Tinka following suite.

"Looks like we're getting the band back together," Gunther said with a chuckle, following Rocky to her locker. "Do you think your parents will allow you to come?"

"I don't know..." Rocky said to him, unsure. She put on a smile. "But! If I come out and tell them, and sound convincing, then they'll have to say yes!"


"No!" Mr. and Mrs. Blue objected simutaneously.

"What?!" Rocky sprung off the couch. "Why not?"

"Because we said so," Mrs. Blue said.

"You're not going to a sleepover involving boys." Mr. Blue crossed his arms. His decision was final.

"But CeCe and I always sleep over Tinka's house, and Gunther lives there!" Rocky protested. She inwardly groaned. She hung around CeCe a little too much.

Ty snickered, biting an apple as he passed the couch.

"Wait a minute-" Mr. Blue did not know about this. Mrs. Blue looked at him innocently.

"And I always sleep over CeCe's, and Flynn lives there!"

"Flynn is a little boy," Mr. Blue argued.

"You think every guy younger than you is a little boy." Rocky crossed her arms.

"Snap," Ty snickered, passing the couch again.

"Raquel Blue!" Mrs. Blue gasped. "Watch your tone!"

"Why aren't you telling Ty no? He's going too!" Rocky pointed out.

"Don't bring me into this!" Ty passes, yet again.

"Wait...TYLER!" Mr. Blue barked.

Ty retreated backwards, reluctantly turning around to face his father. "Yeah?"

"You're going to a little girl's sleepover?"

"Deuce is going!" Ty blurted out. Yes. Point the finger.

What is up with parents and calling everyone you know 'little'?

"CeCe's going too?" Mrs. Blue asked Rocky.

"Of course she is," Rocky said. Unlike some parents, CeCe's mom trusts her. Oddly..."And Gunther and Tinka's parents will be there, so there's parental supervision."

"When we get sleepy, the girls will sleep in Tinka's room, and me and Deuce will sleep...elsewhere," Ty added.

"Don't they live in a small apartment?" Mr. Blue questioned next.

"Nope. They just moved in a mansion. Their money got converted into our currency," Rocky explained.

"And what's the plan?"

"I don't know. We'd probably watch movies and-"

"With a yard stick between each person-"

"Eat snacks-"

"There will be no sharing-"

"Dance offs are fun-"

"No 'dropping it like it's hot'-"

"DAD!" Ty and Rocky groaned.

"I'm serious."

"Does that mean we can go?" Rocky asked.



"Your father's kidding," Mrs. Blue said. "Go pack before he changes his mind."

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