DearS: Three YearsLater

Only Notice: I do not own the creative rights of DearS, and this is the product of a bored mind.

Chapter 1

Three years have passed since Takeya let on the ship with Ren and the other DearS. Three years of growth and change have passed on Earth.

For Neneko school has finished high school and has been studying design in America. For three years she attempted to date other men and forget about Takeya, but whenever she saw a DearS she would remember him all over again. So she decided to dedicate her time to her studies and finished her studies in America quickly. All the while working on a design of her own, a wedding gown. Since finishing school she has moved home and is taking her time finding work, meanwhile she helps her father and grandmother with their tenants.

She hoped to say that nothing strange still happened, but Ayu moved into the area after school and has been working for Gen helping to sell fish. It is not all bad though. Since Harumi wanted a place for her son to return to, she kept paying for the apartment Takeya once lived in. But with her father not wanting it to stay empty, Neneko moved in and now has Ayu for a roommate, not a bad deal. As luck would have it Ayu when not at work keeps the place clean and doesn't cause problems even with all the other dears making visits. Since Takeya's meeting Ren, the room became an unofficial hangout for the DearS and Natsuki.

Natsuki it turns out developed into a beautiful, though violent when made, woman. She often openly wonders when Takeya will return, which Khi, now her "boyfriend", reminders her not to stress too much about it, but to be ready to slam him to the ground with affection. It tends to get a good laugh from, alone with easing the "couple". Though they both will deny any romance, Khi is often muttering under his breath invitations for dates with Natsuki, if only in practice.

Life has turned out pretty good for all of them, save maybe Hirofumi Nonaka (Hiro). With Xaki following him around, he has not had much of a chance to pick up women. That was until he figured out to use Xaki as a wing man, with disastrous results. But that all changed about a year before when Xaki showed up one day just to do something, turned out that Hiro had gotten a job and asked Xaki to stop following him around. Hrio was married six months later. Xaki still come around, but is only at home at night. But lately he has been seen with Rubi and Fina making plans for some reunion event for the DearS.

If only Neneko could keep her pleasant life. After all she is now use to the reminder of a failed goal …

The sunlight poured though alerting the already awake Neneko that the day was starting. Ayu feeling the warm rays began to shift a little until the light hit her eyes. Grunting in annoyance and rolling over she tried to sleep some more. That was until Neneko poked her exposed foot.

"Come on get up," Neneko continued.

"Dude, do I have to?" Ayu yawned.

"Yes," was the only return that came from the Japanese girl turned woman.

"Fine," Ayu rose into a sitting position. "But tell me how often did you do this with that boy?" the DearS attacked.

So it continues the spectacled girl thought. "Just get up."

"Remind me why do you still carry a torch for the dude?" Ayu continued.

"How come a DearS is always in the news?" returned Neneko.

"Dude, how should I know?" vented the alien. "But still, three years? They have been gone three years! Haven't you gotten over him?"

No reply came as Neneko closed the bathroom door. Looking up she saw a white garment bag hanging on the wall keeping her one precious creation safe, along with a dream she could never really let go - a gown of white and a love unspoken.

When Neneko return from the bathroom all she heard from Ayu was a quick good bye and a well meant good luck. But with today off and nothing to do for her family, Neneko had only planned to work on some sketches. Time passed pleasantly as she drew, only having to get up and move when she saw that her drawing model was a certain someone. Nothing eventful happened during that time, until she heard her phone ring. Looking at it all she saw was a number she did not know, but made her think. "000…"

Answering the phone she was stunned when she heard "Hello Neneko?"