Chapter 5: ThreE Months LateR

Takeya's marriage to Neneko was a big success. Her smile could only be matched by the four DearS that were sitting together with his family. Ren had a look of pride in her eyes that was not there the day she meet Takeya. Miu had a similar look and China was beaming. Ayu was happily chatting with her new sister and mother in-law. Takeya's father was in attendance though he kept off to the side out of the way.

Not much could be said about the other ceremonies for the four DearS due to them being held in private.

Since the day that of the wedding Takeya had few days here he had to chance to leave bed, but this lead to him getting three of his loving wives pregnant. Neneko was the first to learn about it , and got all the information to help her along with the others with the pregnancy.

There were still days that Takeya was stuck in bed, but now that the community was in full swing he had many duties to perform. As things were he was the appointed spokesman to the earth, though none of the DearS would ever tell him that no voting or discussion was done to make this so.

China would take any opportunity to get him to bed, followed quickly by Ayu for she still had the yearning to have a child. It only grew once she learned that the other ladies were going to have their own.

All in all, Takeya loves where his life had led. He was confident that he was now the man he always wanted to be. If anything, he only wishes that he could get a piece of his quite time back, but he will never tell that to his ladies. They had his broken life complete, and only wishes to be this happy in the years to come.

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