Hi, everyone! I thought it would be fun to make a set of drabbles leading to Christmas, kind of like a fanfic Advent calendar. So, here it is! I'm going to try to post a new fic for each day until Christmas, but if I miss one, I'll fit two in one day to make it up. c:

This will probably range between Jamie's childhood all the way to him being in college, and I'm going to try to keep it relatively light-hearted. There's going to be some degree of shipping, but that really is up to chance since I'm not even sure what I'm going to be writing just yet. :'D So, if you're not a fan of Jack x Jamie, I apologize. Lucky for you, if you aren't, some of these drabbles won't be shippy at all. c: I'll put a warning up at the beginning, just in case.

Finally, the title! Twelvetide generally refers to the twelve days after Christmas, but in this case, it refers to the twelve days leading to it. I just liked the name too much to waste.

Anyway, I don't own ROTG or any of the characters. Not doing this for profit, etc., etc. Just doing it for fun!

Day One

Christmas at the Bennett household is a pretty big deal. It didn't used to be, once upon a time, but recent events have kind of made the Christmas spirit a little more poignant. Then again, after seeing Santa Claus in the flesh (Jamie quickly learns that isn't his name, but it's hard to break old habits, so what the heck, right?), Jamie and Sophie begin something of like a freakish Christmas crusade.

It starts a little like this. The two of them struggle through Thanksgiving, since that's all just dressing up and smiling at relatives that you see maybe twice a year. Yeah, the food's great and all, but over the past few years, Thanksgiving has become just another obstacle in what Jamie dubs 'The Great Holiday Gauntlet'. Then, it's Friday, and while Jamie's mother and aunt go out shopping that day (coming back a little distressed, and on one memorable occasion, bruised), Jamie and Sophie start their planning.

If they're lucky, it's already cold outside by then. Then, with a little help from their father, they begin hauling down Christmas decorations from the attic. They won't get the tree until December actually gets a little more underway. So, mostly, it's decorations for the outside of the house. There's strands of lights and little lawn sculptures in the shape of reindeer and present boxes. There's two artificial wreaths, a couple window clings, and, Jamie's personal favorite, gigantic snowflakes that light up and hang from the awning of their porch.

After that, it's a matter of putting everything up. They have a Christmas tradition of turning on the radio to what ever station is designated the twenty-four hour Christmas station, and decorating while it plays. Then, they put up stickers, wreaths, bells, and what ever else they can find. By the time Jamie's mom comes home, the house is typically halfway to becoming a venerable Fantasyland lookalike. It never fails to impress her.

By the end of the week, after the rest of the decorations are put up and Jamie and Sophie start on their arts and crafts projects (there will be no lack of popsicle sticks and macaroni glued to paper scattered around the house), things should be close to done until they get the tree. Though, in secret, Jamie likes to take it one step further. When all is said and done, he'll sit on his bed one night and wait.

And one bright morning, when the sun rises and the calendar reads December 12th, Jamie's plan comes to fruition. Along with all the lawn ornaments, flashing LED lights, and oversized Christmas tree bulbs hanging from the branches of the oak tree on their lawn, there's a blanket of shimmering, undisturbed snow on everything. Frost is curled into beautiful, ornate patterns on the windows of cars. Icicles hang down from awnings and gutters, as if they were meant to be there.

After all, the best Christmas decorations are sometimes the ones that you can't make yourself.