Ib and Garry were walking towards the Fabricated World painting. "How does this work…then?" Ib asked.

"If I remember correctly," Garry replied, "the frame disappeared and we jumped out." He inspected the painting. "But it's not disappearing…" he said. A young blonde girl leaped out from behind the corner.

"Of course not. I'm not letting you out of here that easily," she said, snickering. Ib was confused, unaware of whom this girl was. She looked at the girl, then up at Garry. She gave him a confused look. Garry paled.

"Are…you…Mary?" he asked, shivering. Ib shuttered, remembering whom Mary was. The psycho girl who almost killed them with a palette knife.

"Yep. I am indeed!" Mary said, smiling. "In case you're too stupid to realize, I'm also the bellhop and the lady in blue." Garry nodded, trying to follow along well.

"So it was fake. The bellhop, the lady in blue, the lady in red. All of them," he said, trying to work it out.

Walking towards him with a yellow rose appearing in her right hand, her left behind her back, she told him, "Nope. Not the lady in red. That was the formerly sorrowful bride and the gloomy groom. I let them out of the painting world in exchange for a favor."

"How did you get them out?" he asked, "You can't leave unless someone stays in your place."

"Do you remember hearing about Guertena and his wife going missing?" she asked. Garry nodded. "Well, it's not like somebody wants trash like them to live, so I tricked them into the painting world. He was happy till his dying moment, getting his wish for his work to truly have life," Mary said darkly. "Then I let the two married couple out of their prison so I could get revenge on you."

Garry cocked his head, asking "The two of us?" Mary shook her head as she showed him her left hand holding a large cleaver. Garry, again, paled.

"Just the one who killed me," she said, staring intently at Garry. Ib looked around worriedly, thinking about what to do.

"Aha!" she exclaimed. Ib pushed Garry aside, not in a protective manner. "Two of us can leave still, right Mary? You haven't let anyone else out yet, have you?"

Mary's face lit up, replying, "No! I was hoping you and I could get together after I kill Garry!" Ib could tell Mary wanted to leave.

"That's all I needed to hear," Ib said, pulling out the vase. She tossed water onto the painting's frame, and it melted away. "Run Garry run!" she shouted. Proud of the little girl standing her ground, Garry nodded. He leaped out of the painting leaving Mary frowning.

"I suppose that we don't truly have to be together forever," Mary said. She began charging at Ib, shouting, "I'LL JUST HAVE TO FIND A NEW FRIEND!" swinging her cleaver. Ib took a limber stance, and leaped over Mary, throwing the vase at her. Water poured everywhere, as the vase landed upside-down. It gushed out an endless water supply. Mary simply frowned, saying "It isn't that easy to kill me." She then collapsed, holes appearing on her arms, legs, and back.

Ib, holding an empty rose stalk while golden petals lay at her feet, said, "She loves me not." She smiled and tore the rose stalk in two, causing Mary to do the same.

As Ib was jumping out of the painting, she could have sworn she heard someone say, "We could have been together forever." She landed on her feet at the base of the Fabricated World painting. She tilted her head, puzzled. Her mom and dad were standing in front of her.

"I just found out your babysitter's name. Garry told us that he took you to the art gallery. You really did enjoy it, didn't you?" her mother asked, smiling.

Ib, holding a straight face, asked, "Who's Garry?"