Title: An Experiment
Author: The Somebody of Nobody
Summary: Matt is reading a magazine and Jonah is curious. Curiosity was bad for the cat, is it bad for the ghost as well?
Warning: Slight perverted humor.
Disclaimer: We do not own Haunting in Connecticut
Word count: 327

Note: This story was inspired by ZeldaNut1 who posed the question: What would Jonah's reaction to Playboy be like?

Matt was sitting on his bed looking through a magazine. Jonah came over to him, sitting on the edge of the bed near his feet.

"Hey, Jonah."

"Hello, Matt. What are you reading?"

Matt smirked. "Nothing. Want to see?"

Jonah's brow wrinkled in slight confusion. "All right."

Matt sat up and handed the open magazine over with a smile to his trusting friend. Jonah looked down expecting to see text, but was instead greeted by the image of a scantily clad female. A crimson flush raced across the ghost's face before he dropped the magazine from his trembling fingers.

"What's the matter, Jonah?" Matt asked in a 'perfectly innocent' tone.

"That... What... Why were you looking at that?!"

Matt's smile never fell. Instead he reclaimed his magazine from the surface of the bed. "It's Playboy. Kinda normal for guys to look at this sort of thing. Besides," he opened the magazine to page 17, "she is hot."

Jonah did not face the page. His face was still flushed and his eyes were focused on the floor.

"That's not appropriate. Their parents must be furious. You shouldn't be looking at that. No respectable girl would ever be involved in something like that."

Matt smiled at his friend. "Good thing I'm not looking for a respectable girl. It means I can enjoy the view of these beauties. Want to look at the rest of it with me?"

Jonah rose from the bed rather quickly. "No, thank you. I'm going to go check on the rest of the house. Have... have fun."

"I will."

As soon as Jonah disappeared, Matt tossed the magazine down with a triumphant smirk. He reached under his bed pulling out a black journal. He opened it to the first empty page and began writing.

'Tuesday. The Playboy experiment was a success. I knew ghosts could blush if they got embarrassed. Next experiment: video porn. I bet this makes him run off faster than the mag.'