HELLO, my lovely readers! So, remember in my last update of Family Matters (if you read that story, and if not, SHAMELESS PLUG!) I wrote that I was working on a special project. Well...here it is!

This is a collection of non connecting one shots, all based off of and inspired by the 2001 album, Pokemon Christmas Bash. If you've never heard of this album or listened to it, you must. It's full of cheesy goodness.

Every chapter is the name of a song on the album, and borrows elements from said song. Some are very close to the songs, while others stray completely. Some chapters are set in my futureverse, while others are set a little more recently. So, without further distraction, let's get into this year's holiday project!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the Pokemon Christmas Bash cd, any songs featured on it, or any of the already existing characters. I do own my original characters, however!

Pokémon Christmas Bash

In the quiet, home filled section of Cerulean City; a yellow sided, good sized house seemed to stand out against the rest. It was spaced out a little more than the others, but other than that, it was very similar to the other homes. Decorated by string lights, blanketed by a delicate layer of snow that would surely grow as the soft white continued to fall from the early night sky. But despite these similarities, a different air surrounded the humble yellow home.

To discover why this was, one would have to actually be inside of the house.

Two Pokémon ran around the abode, cheering in their perspective languages as they bustled quickly, moving to decorate every square inch of the living room. A water type and an electric type, working together to wrap colorful lights around the evergreen tree standing in the far left corner of the living room.



In the right corner, two young children laid on their stomachs, a boy with a red Pokedex in hand, and a girl with her head being held in her small hands; both children with elbows digging into the soft, cream carpeting below them.

"What's Dexter say about Christmas?" The girl's bubbly voice filled the air.

"Let's see!" The boy pressed some buttons on the device to see what he could find. After a few more clicks, a digital voice spoke:

Christmas - the time of year
For peace on Earth and to spread good cheer.

Still laughing like a spritely little winter fairy, the girl leaned in closer to the equally young boy sprawled out next to her and took her own turn on pressing the same buttons, leading to yet another spoken definition:

A bash - a rocking party,
Filled with fun, where the laughter is hearty.

Standing in the center of the room, watching everything going on around her, was a young woman, dressed in a professional looking outfit consisting of a coral blazer layered over a white blouse, black dress pants, and a pair of coral pumps. Her silver eyes flew from corner to corner, golden hair flying around as she gazed. Seemingly out of nowhere, a man slid up next to this unfamiliar young woman, giving her a bit of a startle.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the dark haired man spoke up, a hopeful glint shining in his slender, dark eyes. "I'm Brock. I've got just two things on my Christmas list this year, a kiss from Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny. I could always add a third, though." Throwing in a seductive chuckle for good measure, Brock continued, "you're extremely beautiful."

"Um…thank you…" the woman stammered.

"If Santa grants my wish, maybe I'll just so happen to find all three of you under the mistletoe," Brock grinned.

The woman only started to look even more uncomfortable. Jumping in front of Brock was the same water type who had been helping to set the scene. With a mischievous smile on its face, the water type managed to yank the man away from the woman by the collar of his shirt.


"Ah, come on, Squirtle! No fair!" Brock whined. From the corner, the two children giggled, and the spot that Brock had just been occupying was soon filled by a different figure.

"I'm terribly sorry about my friend. I knew I should've gotten down here sooner!"

"It's quite alright," the blonde shook her head, throwing the other woman a kind smile as she held out her hand, "Noelle."

Shaking the hand of the blonde, the newly arrived woman countered with, "I'm Misty Ketchum. Welcome to our home!"

"Thank you for allowing me in to see how the Pokémon Master and his family celebrate the season," Noelle's silver eyes had brightened considerably. "It'll make for my most interesting article yet!"

"Well, as you can see, we're a pretty normal family," Misty spun around, motioning towards the corner of the room. "We're having fun decorating the tree. We do a little spin on decking the halls, by filling our tree with Poke Balls!"

Squirtle, after finishing his job with Brock, had returned to the tree, where he was now digging through a cardboard box along with his electric friend. The children in the corner had now stirred, enough to get to their feet and peer into the box along with the two Pokémon.

"Aiden, Michelle, come here please!" Misty beckoned to the young ones. They looked up from the box and were quick to scurry over to their mother, curious and happy smiles set on their sweet faces. "Would you like to introduce yourselves to our special guest?"

Waving to the children, the journalist once again announced, "hi there! My name is Noelle! Why don't you two tell me a little about yourselves?"

"I'm Aiden!" The little boy jumped up, waving his arm in the air. He had been dressed specially for this occasion: a red and navy striped crew neck sweater over a white dress shirt, navy blue flat front dress pants, and a pair of black oxford shoes. "I'm the big brother!"

"Nuh-uh!" The little girl next to him argued.

Noelle gave Misty a confused look, to which the older red headed woman giggled and explained, "they're twins, but Aiden is older by twelve minutes. So he likes to call himself the big brother."

"He's four, like me!" The little girl cried again. "And…my name is Michelle."

Michelle was dressed up, just like her brother. The young girl wore a sleeveless taffeta dress; the top black and white stitched with big, white dots covering it. The skirt of her dress was predominantly white, differently sized red and black stripes racing across it. At her waist was a red ribbon, tied in the front into a neat bow. Her shoes, a pair of black ballet flats with an elastic strap to keep them secure and a little black bow on the front, matched the dress perfectly.

"It's nice to meet you both," Noelle giggled. "You're the most adorable kids I've ever seen!"

While Noelle busied herself with talking to the twins, who were now telling the journalist about all the things they wanted for Christmas, Misty had snuck away to the window, staring out the pane of glass into the darkening, snowy night.

"Hey, Santa," Misty murmured, feeling a little childish as she spoke, a frisky smile playing on her delicate lips, "if you're really listening, my wish list has only one thing…just give me one dance with Ash. One little dance with him, on a quiet, peaceful night."

As if on cue to interrupt Misty's spritely wish, a new figure came charging down the stairs, practically crashing into the wall as he dashed. Misty spun around in order to give the late occupant a scowl, while the twins began to cheer out of sheer happiness for his arrival.

"I'm sorry, I was getting ready! I'm sorry I'm late!"


The electric type who had been bustling around the Christmas tree ran over to his trainer, climbing up the man's tall frame to settle on his broad shoulder. Chuckling, the raven haired man adjusted his silver tie, which Misty was amazed he had managed to tie himself.

"I'm Ash," he introduced before getting nudged on the cheek by his partner Pokémon. "Oh, sorry! And this is Pikachu!"


"It's…an honor to meet you," Noelle breathed, her whole face lighting up.

"Merry Christmas!" Ash's voice remained just as jovial as before, his eyes twinkling just at the mention of his favorite holiday.


"Happy New Year, too," Ash laughed, his deep and warm chortle filling the entire room. "Are ya' hungry, Noelle?"

"I…I don't know," she was still obviously star struck. "Why do you ask?"

"Because…" Ash pulled out a poke ball and pressed the center button, releasing his signature fire type, who let out an excited roar upon seeing the Christmas scene around him. "The holidays wouldn't be the same without roasting chestnuts on Charizard's flame!"

Right on time, Brock returned to the living room, seemingly back in his right mind. He was holding a bag of chestnuts, and the twins, upon seeing the food, squealed and ran up to him, begging for some of the food.

"Alright, it's okay!" Brock reached into the bag and pulled two of the chestnuts out, handing each child just one to start. "There you go, you two."

"Thank you, Brock!" They chimed, running over to the fire type's tail. Charizard roared softly and lowered his tail so the twins wouldn't have to stand on their toes in order to reach his flame.

Ash walked over to his best friend and reached into the bag himself, pulling out another nut to hand to Misty. She smiled sweetly at him, not being able to stay mad at the handsome Master for long. She rewarded him with a sweet kiss on the cheek before joining her children by Charizard's flame. Taking out another chestnut, Ash held it out towards Noelle and asked, "wanna' try? It's fun! And they taste delicious!"

"Sure," Noelle laughed, taking the holiday treat from Ash.

The Pokémon Master and his Pokémon Doctor best friend took chestnuts of their own and soon joined the group that was gathered around Charizard's tail. After roasting her chestnut for a little while, Michelle seemed to get a little squirmy. Chuckling, Ash sat the child in his lap and asked, "what's got you so excited, little princess?"

Tilting her head back, Michelle smiled winsomely at her father and asked, "Daddy, what are you asking Santa for?"

Noelle looked up from the flame in order to watch the interaction between the Master and his young daughter. Twisting his mouth in deep thought, Ash replied, "well, I used to ask him all the time to help me become a Pokémon Master faster!"

"Yeah, but you got that already," Michelle scrunched her nose up. "What do you want now?"

"I don't really know, to be honest," Ash rested his chin atop Michelle's head. "I have everything I could possibly ask for! So…I'll just ask Santa to give you and your brother everything you've asked for!"

"And Mommy too?"

"Yes," Ash smiled, "and Mommy too."

At the end of the night, once Aiden and Michelle had been tucked away into bed after much holiday fun and playing along with Noelle, and Brock had gone home, the celebrity couple of Misty and Ash Ketchum were left by the front door, bidding a fond farewell to the journalist who they'd gotten to know so well over the past few hours.

"Thank you so much for inviting me into your home," Noelle thanked the couple. "I had so much fun! Your holiday is amazing, and I promise that I'll write a great story to reflect that!"

"I can't wait to read it," Misty smiled at the young blonde.

"And I can't wait to have Misty read it to me," Ash winked playfully, causing Noelle to giggle and Misty to roll her eyes.

Once Noelle had left, Misty closed the door behind her and let out a quiet sigh, planning in her head to go upstairs and start preparing for bed. This plan was cut short, however, when Ash wrapped his arms around her body and spun her around so they were facing one another.

"What?" Misty murmured. She was confused.

Smirking, Ash looked over his shoulder and called, "hey, buddy, help me out?"

"Kachu," Pikachu nodded. He skipped over to the stereo system, pressing the big button with his nose. The sound of melodic, instrumental Christmas music filled the air, causing Misty to shoot Ash another bewildered glance.

"Thanks, buddy!" Ash winked at Pikachu. The electric mouse winked back before scurrying towards the stairs, jumping onto the bannister in order to turn off the lights in the room, leaving the lights on the Christmas tree as the only illumination. Once that was done, Pikachu smiled satisfactorily and ran up the steps to leave the couple alone.

Still smiling at Misty, Ash locked his left hand around her waist and intertwined the fingers on their right hands, pressing their palms together. With their position settled, Ash began to move around the room with Misty, whose puzzled expression had quickly melted into one of awe.

"Ash…" Misty breathed, her voice light as air.

Chuckling, Ash craned his head down so his lips brushed against his wife's ear. The playful tone still laced through his voice, Ash whispered into the enamored gym leader's ear, "Santa heard your wish…let it be granted."

That's the first one for you! It is, obviously, based off the first song on the album: Pokemon Christmas Bash.

We have nine more chapters to go! I haven't decided how quickly they'll go up (every day or whatnot) but I CAN tell you they will all be up BEFORE Christmas! So, I'd love to know what you guys thought of the first chapter! Maybe if you REALLY enjoyed it, I'll put up the next chapter sooner ;)