MERRY NOT CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Yes, it is December 22nd. And here is the last chapter of this year's holiday project!

It is, of course, based off of the tenth and final track on the Pokemon Bash CD: Christmas Medley. So, just like the song does, this chapter features is made up of a bunch of different songs! They're seperated by headers of the name of the song the ficlet is based off of :)

So, enough out of me. Enjoy!

Christmas Medley

Here's your chance to sing along now,
We love Pokémon, and so do you.
Raise your voice, sing Yuletide song now,
the tunes are old, the words are new.

Jingle Bells

"Heya! Go, go!"

Misty had both of her eyes screwed shut, but she managed to open just one in order to watch the scene around her fly by. If you had told the pretty gym leader that she'd be sitting in a sleigh being pulled by a Rapidash, with her boyfriend driving the damn thing, she would've called you insane.

And yet, here they were.

"Ash, can't you slow this thing down?!" Misty cried, finally opening her second eye. Her white knit hat nearly flew off her head as the sleigh ran over a fairly large bump of snow, causing the red head to yelp and hold onto her hat to keep it from slipping off.

"No way, Mist!" Ash grinned, causing the girl to scowl. "That'll just take the fun out of it!"

"The fun out of what?" Misty narrowed her eyes. "Trying to kill me?"

"I would never try to kill my beautiful girlfriend," Ash refuted, causing Misty to blush. "Keep your eyes open, though! You don't want to miss this!"

As the sleigh continued to fly through the snowy forest, Misty was able to see small groups of Pokémon laughing and running around in the snow. They were obviously having a bunch of fun. From the front of the sleigh, Ash pulled a punch of poke balls out of his pocket, throwing them in the air. Misty looked up and watched them soar through the winter air, landing on the ground, in the trees, and in bushes.

"What in the world are you doing?" Misty asked with a laugh.

"Throwing poke balls!" Ash answered simply. "You know how that old song goes!"

"What song?" Misty raised an eyebrow, giggles still traced throughout her voice.

Without so much as clearing his voice, Ash began to sing at the top of his lungs:

Poké Balls,
Poké Balls,
Throw them all the way
You may catch the Pokémon
You want on Christmas day

"Okay, first of all, you can't sing," Misty smirked, causing Ash to blush knowingly. "And, second of all, that's not a Christmas song."

"Yes it is!"

"You're thinking of Jingle Bells," Misty sighed. "And all you did was change the words!"

"That's a great Christmas song," Ash argued, a smile playing on his lips.

"It's not real."

"Of course it is!"

"No it's not. It's a rip off."

"It's real," Ash had a twinkle in his eye. "And you know what else is real?"

"Your heinously bad singing voice?" Misty cracked.

"No," Ash replied before learning forward to give Misty a sweet kiss on the lips, surprising the gym leader. "That."

Good King Wenceslas

"And then Nidoking fell down on his trainer, Steven!"

At this, Aiden raised a wry eyebrow. Despite being Ash's near clone, he looked more like Misty when he did this. "Daddy, why would a Pokémon fall down on his trainer?"

"I don't know, good question," Ash shrugged. "But that's what it says in the story!"

"It's a weird story," Aiden muttered. For a five year old, he was pretty bright, Ash noted. Flipping the pages, Ash came to a realization and gasped, earning the attention of his son.

"OH! Now I get it!" Ash laughed. "They didn't mean that Nidoking fell down on him! They meant that Nidoking collapsed because he lost the battle!"

Ash continued to laugh, but Aiden was throwing him a look that read he wasn't at all impressed.

"It woulda' been funnier if Nidoking really fell on his trainer," Aiden commented.

"I hate to say it," Ash smirked, "but I agree with you, champ."

Joy to the World

Nurse Joy is a girl,
She sure is fun,

"Ash, tell Brock to shut up."

"But that's mean, Mist."

"I don't care. His obnoxious song is being mean to my ears."

But I like Jenny too!

"Hey, Brock?"

"Yeah, Ash?"

"Misty says shut up."

Here We Come A-Wassailing

It didn't matter that it was Christmas. This happened all the time, seasons and holidays be damned. They wanted what they wanted, and Ash was going to make sure that didn't happen. Just like always.

So, there he stood, in a snowy field with Brock and Misty by his sides. The only thing different about this face off were the two young children attached to Ash's legs, and the bundled up baby held in Misty's arms.

Try as the evil trio may, with their stupid motto and fairly determined Pokémon, Ash just relied on Pikachu, same as always, to teach those three a lesson. Seviper and Carnivine were putting up a good fight, but Pikachu had managed to dodge all of their attacks, just like Ash had ordered. Once he got bored of humoring the villains, Ash gave Pikachu the call to use his signature attack.

Pikachu used his thunderbolt to give them a good shock, causing all three to cry out in pain as they went flying through the air.

"Nice job, Ash," Brock complimented the Pokémon Master with practiced ease. Aiden and Michelle, always excited by their father's defeats of the evil Team Rocket, began to celebrate, running circles around their father and throwing snow in the air. Misty, meanwhile, shielded babbling baby Elizabeth's face, not wanting any of the cold flakes to hit her sensitive skin, and leaned over to give Ash a kiss on the cheek.

It was good to beat Team Rocket. It always had been, for as long as Ash had remembered, and it would continue to be.

Because they all knew Team Rocket was never going to stop.

O Christmas Tree

"Mommy, Mommy! Daddy taught me a new song! Wanna' hear it?"

Misty smiled at her little son. She was sitting on the couch and holding Michelle on her lap, trying to watch some of her soap operas when the boy had toddled in.

"Sure, sweetie!" Misty nodded. "I would love to!"

"Okay!" Aiden jumped up and down before he started to sing the song he was so proud of.

O Caterpie, O Caterpie
Will you become my Butterfree?
O Caterpie, it's very odd
First you must be a
O Caterpie, O Caterpie
I hope you'll be my Butterfree!

Michelle let out a terrifying scream and covered her ears, while Misty herself just looked utterly disturbed.

"Mommy! Make him stop!" Michelle whined, trembling in fear.

Jumping off the couch, with Michelle still in her arms, Misty stormed towards the staircase and looked up, bellowing as angrily as she possibly could, "ASH KETCHUM! HOW DARE YOU DESTROY A CLASSIC CHRISTMAS SONG BY MAKING IT ABOUT A FILTHY BUG POKEMON AND TEACHING IT TO OUR SON!"

Aiden, who was giggling at his mother's reaction, suddenly heard something land in the snow outside. Scurrying over to the couch, he hopped on top of it and stared out the big front window. What he saw was his father, looking rather frantic as he ran as far away from the house as possible.


Twelve Days of Christmas

"Hey, Gweat Gwampa! Come on!"

Professor Oak looked down and found three children at his feet, the most eager of them all being his own great grandson, Sam. By Sam's side stood his two little friends, Aiden (who was a fair weather friend at best) and Michelle, simply looking curious as to what Sam was so excited about.

"Ah, I know what you want, Sammy," Professor Oak chuckled. "You want me to tell you another Christmas story!"

Sam nodded rapidly. Sitting down slowly in the chair of his library, Professor Oak waited for the three young children to settle down in front of him, all staring up at him as they waited for the tale.

"Um, let me see…" Professor Oak sat back in his chair, rubbing his chin as he thought up a good story for the children. "Oh, yes. I know a good one!"

On the twelfth day of Christmas, a Trainer sent to me:

Twelve Bulbasaur-ing,
Eleven Lapras leaping,
Ten Tentacool-ing,
Ninetales a-wagging,
Eight Muk a-mucking,
Seven Squirtle squirting,
Six Diglett digging,

Five Goldeen,
Four Charizard,
Three Ekans,
Two Electabuzz,
And a Farfetch'd with great Agility!

The three children sitting at Professor Oak's feet oohed and happily clapped their hands once he was done telling his little Christmas story.

"Dat was fun!" Michelle giggled.

"Yeah!" Aiden agreed. "Much bettew than seein' Mommy and Daddy kiss…blegh."

Professor Oak sighed and covered his eyes with his hands. So that's why Aiden had been trailing along Sam without audible complaint.

Anything was better for the boy than having to see his parents making out.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Elizabeth wanted to write a Christmas song for her family.

She was just a little girl, after all, and she didn't exactly have money to go out and buy pretty jewelry for her Mommy, or a new hat for her Daddy. She couldn't even buy poke balls for Aiden or a new book for Michelle.

So, she decided that she would write a song that she could sing to them all. It wasn't store bought, but maybe it would be just as fun.

"What's a Pokémon that sounds like merry?" Elizabeth wondered aloud, tapping a pink pen to her cheek. This whole writing thing sure was harder than she thought it would be!

Just by the girl's luck, Pikachu had come scurrying by, and Elizabeth knew that if anyone could help her out, it would be the electric type.

"Hey, Pikachu!" Elizabeth called, catching the mouse's attention. He let out a happy cha and ran up to the girl, gently flicking his long ears in curiosity. "I need your help with something. I wanna' write this poem for everyone…but I need a little help!"

"Pika!" Pikachu was obviously happy that Elizabeth trusted him to help out with her Christmas project!

"Could you get me Daddy's pokedex? It would really help me a bunch!"

Pikachu's ears dropped at this as he scowled gently. Elizabeth hadn't really needed his help, so much as his assistance in stealing stuff. Nevertheless, he managed to get the small red device between his teeth and bring it back to a happy Elizabeth, who was now able to look up all the names of the different Pokémon and write her special poem for her family.

We wish you a Marill Christmas
We wish you a Marill Christmas
We wish you a Marill Christmas

And a Hoppip New Year!

Her family loved it, much to Elizabeth's delight. They all clapped for her and told her how much they loved the poem.

"It was a little short, though," Ash lamented, which earned an elbow in the side courtesy of Misty.

"That's because I hate poems," Elizabeth replied simply, throwing the piece of paper behind her as she ran off elsewhere in the house. Ash, Misty, Aiden, and Michelle just exchanged bewildered glances before Misty let out a loving giggle.

"Well, it is the thought that counts!"

I hope you all enjoyed my 2012 Christmas project as much as I enjoyed writing it! And I'll see you all again next year for the 2013 project ;) In the meanwhile, you can also enjoy my non holiday fics because you're all awesome people!