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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Demon/Guardian of Metal speech/Jutsu

"Hey"- Legend speech

'Hey'- Demon/Guardian of Metal thought

Hey- Songs

"Hey"- Human singing

Let's begin

The Kyuubi was approaching. The village was in disarray. His only plan would leave so many hurt, but he only truly cared about one: Namikaze Naruto.

Minato, the Yondaime, stood atop his boss summon, Gamabunta, holding his bundle of joy, Naruto, who had just been born minutes ago, next to his bedraggled wife, Uzumaki Kushina. She was weak from giving birth and the Kyuubi being pulled out of her but she insisted she have a hand in bestowing the fate of a hero on their son with him. He relinquished, and there they stood, frowning at what they were about to do.

"Minato-kun, do we have to do this to our sochi?" Kushina said to her beloved husband. She hated that they were about to seal the Kyuubi inside their son, who would live without parents. Minato, doing the sealing, would die, and Kushina was suffering gradual blood loss from her own retaliation at the masked man who kidnapped their child and somehow summoned the Kyuubi to attack their home village of Konohagakure no Sato.

"I know you don't want to, Kushina-chan, but this is the only way. If I can't give this responsibility to my son, how can I ask another to give up their child for this?" He intoned, fighting back the frown that wanted to burst on his face.

Kushina didn't answer, only gave a unperceivable nod as a tear fell as they prepared the technique.

As the Kyuubi, and their string of hand signs, grew closer, a distortion in the sky above the Kyuubi formed, then a rift tore open as some burning silver object flew from the sky like a comet, and crashed next to the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi sniffed the object with curiosity, then jumped back when it shook and burst open.

The 'comet' became a creature, but not just any creature; it became Ormagoden, Cremator of the Sky.

His shining metal skin shone in the moonlight, the molten cracks across his body and his blood-red eyes glowing in the darkness. His face was frozen in a horrific visage, his huge teeth baying for blood as the spikes at the sides of his head extended to almost the width his splayed arms had, his lone horn upon his head pointing skywards, and his huge tusks giving him a truly terrifying look. Upon his back was an innumerable amount of pipes that spewed smoke and fire with each breath.

It looked around, spotting the hundreds of shinobi frozen in awe of the new demon before them, and roared a deafening cry, the sound of a million constructs screaming, the closest shinobi surely going deaf as all were blown back by the force behind it.

"M-Minato-kun, what is that?!" Kushina yelled. She had never seen a thing so terrifying, surely it rivaled the Kyuubi in power.

"I don't know, Kushina-chan, but I fear we must seal it inside Naruto-kun with the Kyuubi to save our home." Minato answered gravely.

Kushina looked at him in shock. "Can our sochi hold two such powerful demons within him?!" She asked.

"I don't know, but at the same time, I believe he can. He is our sochi, and he will have the will to hold them with his will. But I can't seal both of them away at once…" He let his sentence hang in the air.

Kushina nodded to his silent question; she would perform her own Shiki Fuijn alongside her husband to seal the second demon with the Kyuubi, dying alongside him like a true shinobi: serving her village.

Together, they blurred through the hand signs and, upon the final sign, begun the process. Their twin spectral limbs that burst from their bodies grabbed the souls of the two demons and pulled them in, the twin 'Shinigami' cutting the souls in two and devouring them with the human users and sealing the other halves of the demons within one vessel.

As the life faded from them, Minato and Kushina kneeled down to their child and held him as they died, Gamabunta lowering them to the ground before he dispelled, his summoner now dead.

This was the scene the former Sandaime found, his successor and his wife, dead, holding their sleeping child. He frowned deeply, tears falling from his eyes at the idea that such a young, promising couple died protecting their village. The shinobi life was not one of luxury, but that did not dull the pain of losing a loved one.

(Five hours later)

"We should kill the demon!"

"Kill it before it can kill us!

"Finish the Yondaime's job!"

These were the yells of many members of the Civilian Council as the newly reinstated Sandaime stood before them, holding a bundle of blankets with a sleeping child within, as he scowled at the narrow-minded people.

While the Civilians wanted the boy to die, all the Shinobi Council respected the boy for carrying such a burden, and promised to support him in the future, for they foresaw a life of hardships for the boy.

"Silence!" Hiruzen yelled, letting out just a bit of killer intent, which silenced the Civilian Council, for now. "There will be no more of that! This child shall live, and he shall hold the demons within him with his will; do you doubt the sealing prowess of our Yondaime and an Uzumaki?" He questioned, knowing the Civilian's knew full well that Minato was exceedingly proficient in fuinjutsu, as was Kushina, her clan masters of the art.

The council was silent in response, prompting an invisible smirk on the Sandaime's face but visible gave a frown. "I rule for a new law: No one that witnessed today shall speak to anyone that doesn't know about the boy's condition. Those who break this law shall receive immediate execution. What say you?" He asked the council and the Shinobi Council all raised their hands and suspiciously his old teammates and rival for the seat of Hokage, Shimura Danzo, raised their hands accordingly. A few civilians that weren't complete idiots also raised their hands, respecting the boy for his hardships. These individuals, he recognized, were of the Haruno family, the Higurashi family, and the Ichiraku family. He smiled at the trio of civilian clan heads that saw the boy as a hero. "It is decided; the law is passed. No one shall speak of his burden beyond these walls. Is that understood?" he asked, receiving silent nods from the group. "Then I hope you all have a good rest. Dismissed." With his order, the Council filed out of the room until he was left with the child. "Oh, Naruto-kun. I wish you could live a normal life, but I know these bigoted fools shall give you hardships..." he muttered to the sleeping babe, his age clearly showing on his face as he let down his façade of a stern figure of authority.

"Then perhaps I shall take 'im off your 'ands and 'elp him realize his potential at a young age." A voice said with a strange accent he had never heard of as he spun around, careful not to jostle the child, coming face to face with an exceedingly strange man.

This man had long dark brown hair that fell down his shoulders, his eyes hidden from view by a pair of odd purple mirroring glasses. He wore a black cloak on his body, many ribbons of fabric hanging from the sleeves, almost all his fingers wearing some form of ring, save his right thumb and left index finger. Around his neck was a pair of crosses, the larger of the two having round plates behind the top three ends, the smaller off to the side a bit. The bottom of his cloak seemed to sink into some hidden shadow, his feet, if he had any, hidden from view.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" Hiruzen asked. He was extremely wary of someone who could remain hidden from his senses until he showed himself, where he was in a position to surely kill the man and take the child.

"Calm your britches, guv'nor; I'm not 'ere to start a tussle." The odd man replied, his hands up in a placating manner. "I'm merely 'ere for what I said; taking the boy to 'elp him realize his gift." He added.

"Gift? What are you talking about?" The Sandaime worded his question carefully, unknowing if this stranger knew of the boy's status.

"It's no' what ya' think I'm talking 'bout. While I may be able to 'elp him understand the Kyuubi, I'm more proficient in 'elping with his other gift." The man corrected, seemingly reading his mind.

"Speak clearly, not riddles, stranger. What 'other gift' do you speak of?" Hiruzen snapped, tired of this man that seemed to be toying with him with mere words.

"Alright, alright, no need to get ya' knickers in a twist. I trust you know of the other demon sealed within him at the event in question?" The man asked, oddly serious this time.

"You speak of the shining demon that fell from the sky and deafened some of my shinobi?" Sarutobi asked.

The man merely nodded. "'At's the one. 'Is names Ormagoden, also know as the Cremator of the Sky. Due to what Minny-boy did, 'is young babe now 'olds the god of metal within 'im." The man answered, referring to Minato with some off nickname.

Hiruzen was only confused as hell; Ormagoden? God of metal? Such things didn't seem real. Then again, this man didn't seem real, and he knew absolutely nothing about that metal demon that attacked alongside the Kyuubi just hours ago. "Explain." he asked, but it seemed more like an order; perhaps, with the knowledge this stranger held about the boy, he would know Sarutobi held a seat of authority and would listen.

The stranger merely sighed as if this were a waste of time. "If I must..." He said and begun his tale.

"In the beginning, all was darkness; that is how the First Ones preferred it, for they were so hideous that not even they could bear to look upon themselves. Then came the fire beast, a flaming monster of molten iron that roared across the sky like an angry comet. His body burned so brightly that it illuminated the world and all its hateful creatures. He was Ormagoden, Cremator of the Sky, and the First Ones loathed him, for his light forced them to see themselves as they truly were. So the First Ones hid underground and dreamed of the day they could murder the fire beast and rid the world of his light forever."

The man spoke in a voice that was not his own, a baritone that shook Hiruzen to the bone. Once he finished, he shook himself as if he were possessed, now his own person. He wondered to himself what these 'First Ones' truly looked like; if such creatures were so hideous to hate themselves and to despise a god for giving light, how would such a race be in this world?

"'Opefully that li'le tidbit gave you a taste of what Ormagoden is capable of. That child you hold in your arms now holds such a beast. I ask that you hand him over to me so I may 'elp 'im understand his potential. I warn you; I will be taking the boy out of the village, away from prying, or hateful, eyes. He will be back in time to attend this 'Academy' you have here. Do we have an accord?" He asked, holding his hand out.

Hiruzen looked between the hand and the child in his arms. Could he hand this child over to a complete stranger, because he wove such a bizarre story? He then thought things over; given the boy's parents, he was destined for greatness, but this village would stunt him to an extreme. He decided. He reached for the stranger's hand and shook it. "Yes..."

Upon contact, the skin of the stranger lit aflame, Hiruzen singing his hand slightly, but he was a veteran to pain. The stranger started to chuckle, then he laughed, then he threw his head back, laughing like a madman.

"Uh..." Hiruzen uttered, staring at the man with a raised brow.

The stranger merely snapped his head down, facing Sarutobi. "Sorry; I do that a lot. I promise you, young Naruto will kick some major ass once he returns." He insisted. He took the boy in his arms when Hiruzen offered the child. He suddenly burst into flames, though the baby in his arms took no notice, remaining asleep. Their collected forms turned to molten rock that soon melt into lava that fell, gravity taking effect, as the liquid soon disappeared, leaving just a small scorch mark on the ground.

Hiruzen questioned just what the hell he just did, and hoped Naruto would return mentally intact.

End Ch. 1

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