Title: Teaghlach *

Summary: Harry is changing, both in body and mind. His body is altering, his magic is lashing out and he is having strange cravings. Despite the traumatizing events of fourth year, Harry is forced to return to his "Loving" relatives and the safety of the Blood Wards. But when unexpected events unfold, Harry finds out he is not a potter, he has no mother, and he has family that desperately wants to love him. But can Harry risk his heart, especially with his new found parents? * Family pronounced "tch-'eye'-lukh" in Irish Gaelic

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas for the AU plot, as well as any and all errors in spelling and grammar. I do not own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does. Any recognizable lines, characters or place in this work are inspired by the HP books and Movies.

Warnings: AU Slash/ Parings SS/LM, Mpreg, Bad Dumbles, Goodish Voldie, Possible Dursley Abuse, Some Weasly Bashing, possible Sirius, Remus, and Hermione bashing.

Rating: M for violence, Lemons, language and my own paranoia


"I now pronounce you Bond Mates for Life; you may now kiss your husband."

With eyes full of love, the newly bonded couple shared a quick but love filled kiss, before politely breaking apart. The men hurriedly thanked their few guest, before heading for the exit, both men greatly looking forward to their first passion filled night together as Life Mates.

Tongues gently stroked the inside of their mates' mouth before they begain the ancient and timeless battle for dominances, both mates knowing who would win. Hands ran lovingly across chests tweaking nipples to hard points, fingertips leaving fiery trails as they went. Finally, the dominant of the couple took charge, coxing his submissive mate to lie back on the bed. He took his time placing kisses as he worshiped his way down his mate's body, teasing him mercilessly. When he felt his bonded could no longer stand the teasing, the dominant turned his attention to his loves straining member. He gently kissed the head, tasting his mates pre-cum, before taking the thick, silken penis in his warm mouth. While his new husband was distracted by his sucking mouth, the dominant quickly lubed his fingers, before massaging his mate's most secret of places.

He circled several times before carefully and skillfully inserting a finger, calming his mate with soothing kisses as he went. The dominant searched for the spot that would make his husband see stars. After hitting his bonded's prostate causing him to arch into the touch, he begain to gently prepare his lover, stretching him a full three fingers before deciding it was enough. The dominant lined up his throbbing rock hard member with his husband's entrance. Slowly, the dominate entered his mate pushing past the guardian muscle, before pausing at his mates hiss. The dominate rubbed an hand soothingly down his husbands side, before pushing in a bit more, continuing this way, before stilling when he was fully enclosed in his husband's tight heat, giving them both time to adjust.

The submissive husband wiggled his hips signaling he wanted his mate to move, and was rewarded when his husband slowly pulled nearly all the way out before thrusting back into his welcoming heat. The submissive's husband repeatedly hit his prostate causing pleasure to shoot throughout his body. As both husbands neared their climax, the dominate took his husbands throbbing member in hand, and begain stroking him closer to completion. Suddenly, both men tensed, and shot their seed into and onto each other. As both men climaxed they simultaneously bit down on their mate's necks. Both men drank of the others blood, leaving their claiming mark, and gaining strength from their Life Mates' blood. The dominant left his mark on the left side of his husband's neck while the submissive left his mark on the right side of his mate's neck.

Several Weeks Later

"Love, I… I'm pregnant" the submissive husband said nervously.

"Truly A Chuisle?*" asked the dominant, his eyes alight with hope.

The submissive nodded, his hands moving to cradle the as of yet nonexistent baby bump. The dominant pulled his husband into a passionate kiss, his hands joining his mate's on his bonded's stomach to rest over their developing child.

8 ½ months later

"One more push A chuisle, you can do it!"


"Waaa, Waaa"

"Congratulations gentlemen, you are now the fathers of a healthy baby boy!" a bubbly nurse informed the couple.

The dominant husband leaned in, gently brushing kiss to his mate's lips.

"A chuisle mo chroi*, he is beautiful, our son has your looks, but my eyes, you did so well."

1 ½ months later

"I had such a wonderful time love; it was good to get out for a bit, just the two of us, though I did miss my sweet childe." the submissive informed his husband with a crooked smile.

The dominant glanced at his husband giving him a small smile as he replied "Yes A Chuisle, it was good to spend some uninterrupted time together, bu-." The smile slid off his face as the couple walked hand in hand to the front door, which they had just noticed was ajar.

Both men pulled out their wands and cautiously entered the house. What they saw would forever be burned in their memories. The young woman that had been watching their child was lying lifeless on the floor, blood pooling around her from a cutting hex to the throat. Both men rushed to their child's room to find their son's cradle knocked over, blankets spilling out, their child nowhere in sight.

The Husbands' franticly searched for their son, but even with the help of their Lord and his followers, they found no trace of him. Due to their creature, both fathers had a unique bond with their son enabling them to feel their son's emotions, and to help them locate their child. But the parents begain to lose hope, when the bond they had with their son went quite and cold. They also knew that because of what they were, their son would need both his parents, but especially his "mother's", blood stay healthy, and to reach his full potential. He would be able to survive without it, but he would always feel as if something was missing. Even worse, was that if their son still lived, and grew into his inheritance, he would be magically and emotionally stunted, lacking the necessary parental bond to properly accept and adjust to his creature inheritance.

As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, the couple resigned themselves to the fact that their son was dead. The bond they once had with their child was silent, and no traces of him were found. The loss of their son caused both men to turn cold and bitter towards everyone but each other and their lord and a few of his followers. It would take nearly fifteen years for them to realize not all hope was lost, and that their baby-boy-still-lived.

Irish Gaelic

*A Chuisle= My Pulse pronounced Khish-la

* A chuisle mo chroi= Pulse of my heart

A/N This is my first time writing a lemon, so I hope it was okay. Also, I know that this chapter had a lot of Dominant and Submissive talk in it, but I want to make sure you guys know the dom/sub thing will not be a big deal in the story. It was a way for me to keep Harry's bearer a secret a little longer, and yes Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy are Harry's parents and yes they do have a creature inheritance.