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Irish Celtic Translations: *Mo Cuilse = My Pulse *A cuilse mo chroi' = Pulse of my heart * Mo leanabh ="my baby." *Athair= Father *Da=Dad *Mo Mac= my son *mo páiste dilís = My dear child *A rún mo chroí =Secret of my heart * Mo páiste= My child

*The wedding vows are based off of Celtic wedding vows, though I added my own ideas.


"I think I'm going to be sick," Liam said as he smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles out of sapphire dress blue robes for the hundredth time.

"Liam my son, you are going to be fine." his Athair replied soothingly.

"Indeed, you will survive; your Athair did, and I have it on good authority that he was a nervous wreck on the day of our wedding. Apparently he lost all sense of decorum, and yet here he is alive and well years later." His Da said shooting his husband a fond look.

Liam sighed, he couldn't believe it; he was finally getting married, bonded forever to the man he loved, his Mate, and best friend.

It was the summer after their seventh year, and both he and Ron had graduated top of their class. Both ahead of Granger, whose life had take a downward spiral after the school, and thus the public found out what she and Ginny had done and tried to do to their Savior. Both she and Ginny had been publicly detested, and humiliated for quite some time before things settled down, now they were mostly ignored; very few even acknowledging that they existed. However the two were now moving on with their lives just like everyone else. Ron was planning to join the security team Marvolo was putting together for his political party, while Liam would be joining his political party.

All in all, things were going well for his Godfather and his followers. While the government was not completely on board with or under the control of Marvolo and his Party, both Liam and his Godfather had become quite the spokesmen for their ideals, and slowly both the government and the public were coming to see that not classifying magic as Dark or Light may not be a catastrophe and that keeping a closer watch on Muggleborns living conditions before, during and after their education may not be a bad idea.

Liam was also pushing for earlier detection of Muggleborns and for a school for all wizarding children to attend before Hogwarts. Yes things were going well for Liam and his family. Now Liam had to worry about was not falling on his face, messing up his lines or doing something else equally embarrassing.

"Liam that's our cue, are you ready?" asked his Da.

Liam swallowed dryly.

"Um, yes?" he said.

"Mo Mac, everything will be fine, you and Ronald have been through much together and come out stronger for it, you are Mates, it will work out." His Da said firmly.

"I know, Da it's not even the getting married that making me so nervous. I just hate being the center of attention and there are over a hundred people out their waiting for me to trip and fall. I mean did we really have to invite every one of Marvolo's followers and all of those people from the ministry, couldn't we just have had a small wedding?"

"Being who you are no, and you know good and well you will not fall, neither I nor Ronald will let that happen. Now take a breath-." Liam breathed in deeply "Good now let it out, and off we go." His Da said has he ushered Liam out the door to meet his future.


The first thing that Liam noticed when he stepped through the doors was how beautiful the day was. Liam and Ron had decided to have an outdoor wedding by the lake at Marvolo's Mansion. Unlike the Black lakes dark, murky water, the Mansion's lake was a crystal blue topaz, and a warm breeze blew gently, completing the picturesque scene. The couple had not gone all out with decorations, using the landscapes natural beauty and elegance as the setting for their vows.

As Liam was scanning the landscape trying desperately to ignore the guests, his eyes fell on his handsomely wonderful soon to be husband. Ron seemed to glow in his emerald green dress robes which, in Liam's opinion, hugged his figure in all the right places, emphasizing his broad shoulders and chest. By the time Liam and his Da made the long walk to Ron, he was filled with a happiness and confidence that was befitting his high political position.

"Hey stranger, fancy meeting you here." Ron greeted him with a cooked grin and raised eyebrows.

"Yah I know, what a coincidence seeing you at our wedding of all places." Liam said jocularly a cheeky smile of his own adorning his face.

The two were brought back to attention by the officiate starting the ceremony.

"We are gathered here today to bond these two young men together for eternity. Liam and Ronald have decided to write their own vows so Ronald, if you would."

"Right, hemehm. Liam, I love you. When I found out I was your Mate, that we would be together forever, that we were destined to be something more than we were at the time, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that you, such a brave, wondrous, and handsome man could be mine. I also imagined the ribbing I was going to get from the twins." Liam and the audience chuckled all familiar with the twins and their high jinks.

"I had been your friend for years, and watched as you struggled to accomplish impossible tasks. I stood by you then, and I stand by you now. Liam with this ring I pledge to love you, to care for you and to comfort you for all of our days. I pledge to be a shield for your back as you will be for mine. I promise to love and honor you above all others I give you my love and my heart. This is my bonding vow to you." Ron swore, his love and adoration shining through his pale blue eyes.

"So mote it be. Liam, please speak your vows." The officiant prompted.

Focusing only on Ron the audience completely fading away, Liam started his vows.

"Ron from the moment we met on the train our first year, I knew you were different from the others that came to gawk at the famous 'boy-who-lived. Then when you stuck with me through everything I drug you through, I knew you were a true friend, and when my life was turned upside down you were there to help me make sense of it. When I found out you were my Mate I was ecstatic; you were one of the few people who knew the real me, one of the few I trusted implicitly. I was so happy that it was you, I would be able to love for all enternity. So Ronald Bilius Weasley, with this ring I pledge my love to you, and everything I own, I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night. I promise to honor you above all others. Ours is a love that is never ending and we will remain forever more equals in our bonding. This is my vow to you." Liam declared tears in his eyes, his voice full of emotion.

"So mote it be, I now pronounce you bonded for life, you may now kiss your husband."

The rest of the bonding went by in a blur; there was food and dancing, but both men were wrapped up in each other and looking forward to their first night as husbands. The young men had adhered to the rules that Liam's parents had placed on their physical relationship, and because of this, Liam and Ron were more than ready to take the next step in their physical relationship; and both were looking forward to completing the Mating Bond.

Their Mating Bond would be slightly different from Lucius, and Severus's Bond as Ron was not a Vampire, but it would allow them to share some thoughts and emotions, and Ron would gain a bit more strength; just enough to make him able to keep up with his vampire Mate.

Finally Liam and Ron said goodbye to their guests and family, and grabbed their travel bags and the portkey that was going to take them to their Honeymoon location, ready to live their first night as husbands and Mates.


The couple landed with a dull thud, Ron automatically reaching out to steady Liam as he stumbled slightly. The young men observed their soundings with interest, as their destination had been a secret. Marvolo, Lucius, and Severus had gotten together and planed a surprise Honeymoon as a wedding gift for the young Mates.

"So where are we?" Ron asked, looking round a tastefully decorated and homey room.

Spotting a note on the in-table, Liam strode over and scanned the parchment.

"It looks like we're in New Zealand at a magical resort. Apparently the immediate area is a small magical community, but most of the country is Muggle. There are all kinds of things for us to do Ron and look the view is breathtaking." Liam said watching the sunset out one of the rooms many windows.

Ron came up behind Liam.

"The view in here is pretty breathtaking too." Ron whispered his mouth close to Liam's ear his arms wrapping around the smaller man's waist.

Liam leaned back into his Mate, a small sound of pleasured agreement slipping out.

Liam practically melted as Ron kissed up the side of his neck, and a large warm hand wandered up his chest, stopping to rub balmy circles around his nipple.

"Ron" Liam moaned.

"Yes Love?"

Liam turned around in his husbands arms, and kissed him passionately.

"Take me, Love me, and make me yours." Liam whispered.

Not needing to be told twice, Ron scooped Liam up and sped to the bedroom.

Slowly the two divested each other of their clothes savoring each bit of skin revealed. Tongues stroked each other as fervent fiery kisses were exchanged, and hands left trails of goosebumps in their wake. Liam tilted his hips desperately, longing for his Mates touch on his aching member.

"Ron, please!" Liam begged as the man sucked his nipple lovingly.

"Hush, love, good things come to those who wait." Ron said releasing his current prize, before going to work the other nipple.

It was torture, Liam decide; loving and pleasant torture but torture none the lees. He was so wrapped up in the amazing things Ron was doing with his mouth, Liam almost missed the hand inching lower and the finger that was gently probing his entrance.

The finger was slick and Liam wondered when exactly Ron had lubed it, but coherent thought was cut off when the probing finger finally entered him.

Liam sucked in a breath at the strange intrusion, it didn't hurt, but it was definitely odd. One he had relaxed, Liam felt Ron add another finger scissoring them gently. This time there was a definite burn, which caused Liam to gasp uncomfortably.

"Easy Liam, relax." Ron encouraged, and before long Liam was a writhing mess of passion and sensation.

Finally Ron lined up his lubed cock, and gently pushed into his Mate.

Liam tensed at the slightly painful intrusion, while his husband crooned gently encouraging him to relax. Ron pulled almost all the way out before thrust gently back in hitting that wonderful spot that had Liam seeing stars.

"Uah ah, ah, right there Ron, oh Merlin." Liam gasped out.

Ron chuckled before hitting Liam's prostate again, pumping Liam's erection as he did. As their climax built Liam used his teeth to prick his finger waiting for the perfect moment to bond with his Mate. Just as the two were about to orgasm, Liam simultaneously bit down on the place where Ron's neck met his shoulder, and shoved his pricked finger in Ron's mouth. One mouthful of Ron's apple cinnamon tasting blood and Liam climaxed bring Ron with him. They were now bonded mates for life; nothing would ever be able to tear them apart.


~Two Years Later~

"I don't know Marvolo, I think it would be better to wait and see before we try to push the new proposal through, I just think that it might be too soon." Liam said rubbing his temple. He was beginning to get a headache and he felt worn out, he had definitely been trying to do too much lately.

"Hmm, perhaps your right, I'll think on it a bit more for now let's break for lunch." Marvolo said gesturing to the door.

"Sounds, like a plan." Liam agreed.

As he started to rise, Liam staggered hit by a wave of vertigo.

"Liam!" Marvolo cried reaching out to steady him.

"Whoa, not sure what that was, thanks." Liam said as he got his footing.

"Alright?" Marvolo asked looking concerned, still holding on to Liam's arms.

"Yah, maybe I just need to get something to eat and have a rest, I haven't eaten much today." Said Liam sheepishly trying to brush off the dizzy spell.

"If you're sure." Said Marvolo slowly as he released Liam's arms.

Feeling alright Liam took a few steps before the room started spinning.

"Marvolo I think I'm-" Liam said before the room went black, and he knew no more.


Liam woke up slowly, groggily trying to remember exactly why he was sleeping on the couch in his Godfather's study. He remembered going over their newest proposal with his Godfather, and then breaking for lunch and then…oh Merlin, he had passed out!

"Merlin that's embarrassing." Liam muttered.

"Now, Now, Mister Malfoy-Snape, it is nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact it is quite common for someone in your condition." Said a man Liam did not recognize.

The man was taller than he was, but not by much, and was currently walking through the door with his Godfather in tow. Liam gave his Godfather a questioning look.

"Liam this is healer Morgan, he works for our Party." Marvolo said answering his unspoken question.

"Pleasure to meet you sir; did you say that fainting was common in my condition?" inquired Liam.

"Yes I did Mister Malfoy-Snape, it's acctualy a fairly common symptom."

"Please call me Liam, and what condition do I have exactly, am I ill?" Liam asked, he didn't feel any different, just a bit tired from all of the work he had been doing lately.

"Alright Liam it is than; and no you are not ill, your pregnant." The healer stated matter of factly.

Liam froze both in mind and body; did he just say I'm…

"Pregnant. I'm Pregnant?"

"Yes sir, a little over two months along. I take it you didn't know?"

"No, I didn't." Liam turned to his Godfather, "I'm pregnant." He said.

"So I heard congratulations!" Marvolo said with a warm smile.

Suddenly the door burst open, and Ron, Severus and Lucius all piled into the study.

"Marvolo what are you doing to my son in here?! His emotions are all over the place!" Lucius shouted while Severus and Ron rushed to Liam's side.

Severus stopped far enough away that Ron would get there first, but close enough that he could see for himself that his Childe was alright.

Ron crouched down in front of Liam, who had sat back down on the couch his legs refusing to hold him anymore.

"Love, are you alright?" Ron said gently holding a hand to Liam's cheek.

Liam looked up into his husbands crystal blue eyes a huge grin plastered on his face.

"I'm fine Ron, I just got a bit of a shock, I'm pregnant Ron, we're having a baby, we are going to be parents!" Liam said excitedly.

Liam watched as his Mate's eyes grew big, and his large hand reached out to caress Liam's still flat stomach.

"In there? There's and baby in there?" Ron asked a look of awe and adoration lighting up his face.

Liam tenderly placed his hand over his Mate's "Yes love, in there right now, our son or daughter is growing. Apparently he or she has been in there for more than two months and decided that they wanted to be known. The baby caused me to pass-out; apparently it is common in pregnancy." Liam explained happily.

Liam was suddenly scooped up into his husband's strong arms and hugged till he couldn't breathe.

"Need- air- love." Liam gasped out.

"Sorry." Ron said looking sheepish as he relaxed his hold a little.

"May I ask what exactly is going on?" Liam heard his Athair ask.

Liam looked over at his parents and then at Ron who nodded slightly.

"Well, Athair, Da you're going to have to baby proof your quarters because in about seven months you're going to be Grandparents." Liam said cheerily.

There was a moment of complete silence before Lucius and Severus rushed over to their Childe stealing him from his Mate's arms in order to wrap him in their own embrace.

"Congratulations my son, I am so happy for you, though I do not look old enough to be a grandfather." His Athair said.

"You will make an excellent Papa, Mo Mac, I so happy for you and Ron." His Da said lovingly.

"Thanks," replied Liam, "but I may need your help, I don't know much about taking care of babies." Liam said feeling slightly overwhelmed.

"Don't worry son, we will help you with whatever you need." His Da assured him.

~Month 4 of Liam's Pregnancy~

Liam's pregnancy had progressed smoothly; he had no morning sickness, though he had passed out a few more times. He was starting to look pregnant now, a small baby bump could be seen when he wore tighter shirts. Ron loved to dote on his stomach and could frequently be found rubbing the bump lovingly. The two were in just a situation when it happened.

The two were lounging in bed, Ron's hand draped across Liam's belly when suddenly Liam jumped slightly.

"Ron did you feel that?" He asked urgently.

"Feel what love?"

Liam waited a moment when he felt it again; a slight nudge from the inside, harder than a fluttering, but not quite as hard as a kick, or punch.

"That, right there!" said Liam excitedly, though he tried not to move about too much, he didn't want the little one to stop it's shifting about.

Liam took Ron's hand a moved it over to where he had last felt the movement.

"I don't feel anything," Ron said sounding disappointed.

"Give it a minute." Lima suggested.

The two waited anxiously, both hoping their child would move again. Finally the suspense was broken.

"Oh my-Liam the baby moved! I could feel it moving in there!" Ron shouted amazed.

Liam chuckled at his Mate's reaction. "Yes love I feel it to."

~Month 5 of Liam's Pregnancy~

A month after they first felt the baby move, the happy couple went for their five month check up both anxious to find out if their child was a boy or a girl.

"Well now, everything looks good, the baby seems healthy as does the proud Papa, and both baby and daddy are the right size." The healer commented as he examined the imaged he and conjured.

"Now for the most important part of this exam, do you want to know the sex of your baby?" asked the healer.

"Yes!" Liam and Ron answered together.

The healer laughed. "Alright then gentlemen, you will be happy to know that in about four months you will be able to meet your daughter."

"It's a girl?!" Ron asked.

"Yes it is definitely a girl." The healer replied.

Liam was too lost in his own happy thoughts to join in the conversation. He had always wanted a little girl, and now he was going to get his wish.

~Birth of the Baby~

"Push Liam, you can do it!" The healer encouraged.

"Never again Ronald! You had better get used to your right hand, because we are never, ever having sex again!" Liam shouted in-between pushes.

"Whatever you say love."Ron said as he rubbed his husband's shoulders, he was seated behind Liam helping support him as he pushed.

"Don't you dare try to placate me Ronald Bilius Malfoy-Snape!"

"One more good push Liam, and your daughter will be in your arms."

"Grrghaaa!" he groaned with the effort of bringing his daughter into the world.

"Waaah, Whaaa, Whaa."

"It's a girl!" the healer announced.

Liam felt a small warm flailing object being placed in his arms. Looking down he saw the most adorable child he had ever seen. His daughter was small, with bright blue eyes that darkened to beep blue closer to her pupil. She had a head full of dark red hair, and her tiny scrunched up features were a perfect mix of her two fathers; she was perfect.

"You did it Liam, Merlin look at her she gorgeous!" Ron whispered kissing Liam's cheek before continuing to gaze down at the tiny bundle.

"Yes, yes she is," Lima said ignoring the joyful tears running down his face.

"Can you let in my fathers, Godfather, and the twins please," Liam asked the healer.


Seconds later the room was filled with men clamoring to get a look at the newest Malfoy-Snape.



"Well done Liam."

"Do we get to know the name of this little beauty?"

Liam nodded "Everyone we would like you to meet Sylvia Elaina Malfoy-Snape."

As everyone oooed, awed and cooed over his Daughter, Liam couldn't help but think about how lucky he was to have such a wonderful family. He loved each and every one of them, and he knew that whatever the future held, he and his family would get through it together.


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