Sam hasn't always been religious. No that was introduced later in his childhood. When his father left him with a half-pastor, half-hunter on a long hunt. He didn't feel very comfortable there at first, not without Dean there with him. But after a little bit he started enjoying Jim's company as did the pastor. So he opened the realm of religion and used it as a way to have comfort. Something he didn't have for a very long time.

Now in the more recent times he's wondering about leaving the realm again. Sure he proved the existence of God by meeting an angel, even Dean believes now. Just because he saw, always the realist, in the here and now. But after meeting these sacred being, he realised that he was truly un-wanted. They hated him. They thought he was a monster. So now he sat on the edge of his bed waiting for his brother and the Angel, Cas to return. All the while thinking if he was worthy enough to belive, because at this moment, he wasn't.

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