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-Chapter 1-

Ameyuri Ringo sat in her dirty cell, cradling something to her chest as the door to her cell was opened. This was the picture that Kisame Hoshigaki, Mei Terumi, and Zabuza Momochi came upon. The dark red-haired woman was clothed in a torn shirt and dirty prison pants. Her brown eyes darted around wildly, before recognizing her comrades from Mist. Tears formed in the kunoichi's eyes as she saw them.

She was free! She had been in the Leaf for almost a year, abducted when she was on a mission by the border. The Leaf ANBU had knocked her out after stunning her with explosive notes. When she had come to, she was strapped to a bed, the Yondaime Hokage leering at her with lust. After being told of her purpose there, Ameyuri was raped by the blonde bastard in hopes of impregnating her.

He had succeeded.

Nine months later, and out popped a little boy with, surprisingly, light blue hair sticking in spikes, with the murkiest blue eyes. The day of his birth, the Kyuubi had attacked, and needed a new host. Being the only child born on that night, her son, dubbed Naruto, was the chosen vessel.

Mei quickly went to her long time friend, examining her. She ran one of the few healing jutsu she knew and healed her battered ankle and the Lightning Beast of the Mist stood, the white bundle still in her arms.

They ran out of the prison, the Leaf in a state of chaos. They made it outside the walls, and once there, Kisame tried to pick up Ameyuri. To do that however, she would need to let go of the bundle, and she firmly refused to, saying, "No! Do not touch that!"

Kisame said, a grim ook on his shark like face," Ameyuri, give it to Mei if it's that important."

Ameyuri shook her head furiously. No way in hell would she trust Mei with this bundle. She would hold onto it with her life. Zabuza saw this and, moving quickly, knocked out the slowly panicking woman. Before she hit the ground she was caught by Kisame, the bundle firmly locked in Ameyuri's hands.

"What the hell, No-Brows!"

Zabuza's eye twitched at the name, before replying," She was hysterical and needed to be silenced."

As the two swordsman argued over that, Mei picked up the bundle from Ameyuri, unwrapping it to see what the swordswoman was so protective of. Her green eyes widened in shock as she quickly got a better hold of it.

"Hey!" She said, gaining the two men's attention," Ameyuri had a baby from the looks of it."

Zabuza's non-existent eyebrows rose in shock, and Kisame's mouth was opening like a fish (HA). The most battle hardened kunoichi in Mist, a mother?! No way, impossible. Unless, Konoha wanted someone strong to breed with her to make an even stronger baby.

These thoughts were rationalized by Zabuza, while Kisame thought differently. HE thought that she had stolen it on the way out of the village, and said so. He was soon on the ground, swirls in his eyes as Mei held her fist righteously in front of her.

Seeing that they had little time, Mei carried the baby and Kisame the woman. They ran for hours, finally coming to the border of Fire and Water country. After passing over it, they ran for another five hours before Ameyuri awoke, panic on her face as she scrambled for the bundle, all rational thought slipped from her mind.

Kisame dropped her as she rushed to Mei, quickly but carefully taking the bundle, unwrapping his face as she gently made sure he was alright. She started crying, the emotions of being saved coming to her. She was free! No longer was she in fear of not meeting her son, no longer worrying about the future.

As Kisame and Zabuza set up camp, Mei and Ameyuri talked. Mei had been silently overjoyed by this, seeing the young 20 year old woman had never opened up to anyone other than Kisame, who was her cousin. She was told about the months in Konoha, her pregnancy, and all the days spent in that cell, telling stories of Mist to the unborn child.

Mei noticed then, that Ameyuri seemed more, gentle, now. When asked why she didn't use any chakra in their escape, Ameyuri smiled sadly and said that Konoha had sealed it off permanently. Mei was shocked and angry at this, vowing to help the new mother anyway she could.

Zabuza and Kisame overheard this, and their hatred for Konoha skyrocketed. Kisame for what they did to his family, and Zabuza for what the Leaf did to hi secret lover. No one in Mist had known about the two,

as they kept it secret, but they had planned to get married in a few years.

It was beginning to become dark, and they all went to sleep, Zabuza staying close to Ameyuri, and Kisame cuddling with his, now apparent, girlfriend, Mei.

They sat there in silence until Naruto started to make a face, his sharp, shark like teeth coming into view. The baby boy opened his eyes, a strange focus in them as he reached out his hand in a grasping motion.

Only, he wasn't grasping not at his mother or Zabuza, but at the giant cleaver near the Demon of the Mist, a clear sign that he was the son of Mist.

(Later the Next day)

Ameyuri sat in the Hospital of Mist, concern written on her face as she idly stroked her babies blue hair. The Mizukage was ecstatic to have her back, even more so when shown Naruto. She had been sent to the hospital after the meeting to get checked up on and to recover.

She had no idea that her son would change the fate of the world. No idea that he would be the catalyst in which so much rode.

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