Hey, I was bored, so I wrote this. Based off a clip from American Dad. Here we go.

It was a calm and peaceful day at the EiznekCm Home. In the calm and serenity of her home, Lehcar EiznekCm was happily scrubbing dishes in the kitchen. The window above the sink was open, the outside breeze blowing inside. As Lehcar was scrubbing her dishes, a tiny, yellow bird flew in and landed on the counter. Lehcar took a break from her work and stared at the bird. The feathered creature made several tweets as it flapped around the room. Lehcar smiled at the joyful little creature. His happy tweets brought a calm feeling to the blonde woman's mind. She held her hand open, allowing the tiny animal to land on her palm. The bird stepped closer to her face, making a little tweet.

Lehcar could only grin joyfully at the bird. In just one split second, her expression became fierce, and she squeezed the animal tight in her palm. The bird cried in pain, becoming silenced as Lehcar smashed and banged it against the counter. She shoved the helpless animal into her pot on the oven, using all her strength to keep the struggling animal under the liquid. Slowly, the bird stopped struggling. Lehcar waited patiently until she was sure the animal was dead inside her pot. Once she finished, she placed the lid on her pot and continued washing dishes.

Right away, her son, Nerehc hurried in. "Hey, Mom! What's for dinner tonight?"

"I'm making small turkey!" she grinned.

"'Small'? Blech! Well, as long as we're killing something!" With that, Nerehc ran off.

When Lehcar turned back to finish her dishes, something outside caught her eye. A fluffy, white bunny hopped around by the bushes, wiggling his nose as he sniffed for something. Lehcar's eyes widened at the luscious-looking bunny. She quickly wrote down what to have for tomorrow's dinner.

Yeeahh… Lehcar gets her food the old-fashioned way. XP