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Chapter 3

"Caroline?" a female voice calls. "Caroline, it's me. It's Bonnie."

Caroline's vision comes into focus, as she slowly opens her eyes.

She's laying on piles of autumn leaves and dirt, and a warm breeze sways through the forest.

"Bonnie?" she looks at her surroundings and groans. "What am I doing here?"

Bonnie grabs a hold of Caroline's shoulder and helps her sit upright. "Caroline, focus. Listen, this is important."

Caroline fixes her foggy sapphire eyes upon the witch before her.

"What is?"

Bonnie speaks quickly. "Caroline, you could be in danger."

Caroline lazily gives her a confused look, and squints her eyes because of the sunlight.

"Bonnie, what are you talking about?"

Bonnie grabs both sides of Caroline's face.

"Caroline. Keep your eyes open and focus on me."

Caroline stares into Bonnie's chocolate eyes, and takes a deep breath.

"Are you paying attention?" Bonnie questions her.

Caroline nods softly.

"Good. Caroline, you need to hear every word I say. I don't know how much longer I have until you wake up."

Caroline looks at her with a confused look again. "Bonnie, I already am awake. You just woke me up."

Bonnie drops her hands from Caroline's face. "No, Caroline. You're asleep. I'm connecting to you through you subconscious."

The vampire takes a moment to soak up the information. "Why couldn't you have just come over to my house to talk to me?"

"Because you're not here anymore." Bonnie answered. "Caroline, you're gone."

"Bonnie, I'm right here."

"Your 'here' isn't my 'here'."

"Bonnie, are you okay?"

"Caroline, I need you to shut up. I love you, but shut up. Keep quiet and listen. You probably won't believe me, but it's worth a shot."

Caroline gives her a look as to tell her to go on, and Bonnie continues.

"Caroline, something went wrong with a spell I cast. It mixed with a sort of unnatural energy, and it was warped. The white magic mixed with black-something that should never happen. It joined, and a sort of... portal was opened. Caroline, I hardly have any idea where you are, but my biggest guess is," Bonnie took a deep breath, and exhaled.

"Caroline, I think you're in a different dimension."

Caroline sat there, listening to Bonnie.

"Bonnie, I feel like I'm home," Caroline said. "I feel more at home than I have in my entire life."

Bonnie stared at the blonde in confusion.

"I honestly doubt I'm in a different dimension." she spoke again while nervously giggling.

Bonnie shook her head. "It's the only explanation, Care."

Caroline was about to reply, but Bonnie spoke again before she could.

"Take this." Bonnie handed her a small violet amulet, with a golden chain and a symbol engraved on the back. "Just in case I'm right."

Caroline reluctantly accepted it, and clasped it around her neck.

"It'll protect you."

"From what?"

"I don't know. Caroline, jumping from one dimension to the other... it's tricky business. Almost as unnatural as vampires. Maybe more. It's dangerous. Anything you can imagine, anything, could be in the realm that you've entered, and you could wake up to come face-to-face with it."

Chills ran through Caroline, then everything slowly started to get blurry.

"Bonnie?" the voice sounded like it was thousands of miles away, and she could hear Bonnie shouting things to Caroline that she couldn't make out.

The words Caroline had spoken rang through her head once more.

"I feel more at home than I have in my entire life."

As Caroline began to wake, the words echoed in her head, and they felt incredibly true.

She could feel something warm, and on instinct, pulled it in more. She felt a pair of arms wrapping around her tighter.

She smiled softly, and took a deep breath.

Definitely home.

After a few more moments in the daze of switching from sleeping to awakening, her eyes opened slowly. Her eyes faced something grey, and she bent her head to look upwards more. She realized she had been seeing Klaus's shirt, and Klaus was sleeping and holding onto her as if his life depended on it.

'Oh,' she thought sleepily. 'It's Klaus.'

She smiled more, and cuddled even closer to him.

Then her eyes shot open.

'Wait, Klaus?!'

She backed away quickly, and sat up to look at the hybrid.

He was sleeping there like a little puppy, but when Caroline had backed away he started to stir and awaken. Caroline stared at him in alarm, and his eyes slowly opened.

He took a moment as well to register his surroundings, and immediately saw Caroline.

"Well, it certainly is nice to have your face be the first thing to see when I wake up," he mumbled sleepily, and sat up.

He looked around more.

"But as nice as that is, what the hell are we doing here?"

Caroline looked around as well. She was in the exact spot in her dream she had when talking to Bonnie. The only difference was that it was Klaus who was with her, and not Bonnie.

Klaus focused upon Caroline again, eyes widened.

"Caroline, what's the last thing you remember?"

She looked back toward Klaus again, trying to recall what she could remember.

"Uh," she started, "we were fighting Shane."

She paused, and he urged her on.

She thought for a moment, and then everything flooded back.

"He had me pressed up against that altar... and Bonnie was about to faint or something. Damon was going to kill Haley. And Tyler..." Her eyes looked down to the dirt floor. "he tried to save her instead."

Shock overtook her for a moment as she remembered, but it was almost immediately replaced with anger.

"He tried to save her!"

"Caroline, darling, as much as I love to see you upset with Tyler, you need to focus on what happened after." Klaus told her.

She brought her eyes to his face.

"Well... Shane had a stake. He was trying to kill me with it, then I heard this sort of chanting. Or something. I remember seeing purple, and then you saved me from Shane. After that it's all just... black."

He stared at her. "Darkness," he muttered softly, focusing on the autumn leaves on the ground.

Her dream immediately came to her mind.

"But then I had a dream," she added.

His looked toward Caroline. "So?"

"Well, Bonnie was talking to me. Like, she said that she was connecting to me through my subconscious... or something."

Klaus was immediately right next to Caroline again, and he had one of Caroline's shoulders in each hand, his grip a little tighter than necessary.

"What did she say?" he asked with a certain urgency.

"Uh, she said we were," Caroline paused. "in a different dimension."

Klaus stayed rooted to his spot for a few more seconds as the words registered in his mind.

He loosened his grip, and scooted away a little, and stared off into space.

Caroline looked at him concerned. "It was probably just a dream though, I mean-"

"What else happened in the dream?" he interrupted.


"What else happened?" his voice grew the tiniest bit darker.

She looked downwards, trying to remember.

"Uh, she said something happened with her spell, and that's what got us here. She also gave me some necklace and then she-"

"What did the necklace look like?" Klaus asked, staring at Caroline's chest area, but she didn't notice.

"It was purple-ish, the same color purple that went through the air at the fight, and I think it had a gold chain. It had some sort of symbol on it." She looked at Klaus. "Uh, excuse me, what the hell are you staring a-"

"You're wearing the necklace."

"What?" She looked down to find a small violet amulet resting gently below her collarbones. "Wait. But if the necklace is real..." she trailed off.

Klaus looked up to Caroline's face. "That means the rest of the dream was real too."

She sat there, still, for a few more moments. "So we're really in some sort of different dimension or something?" she asked quietly.

Klaus was silent.

"We're in a fucking different dimension?!" Caroline shouted.

Klaus sped over to her, clasping his hand over her mouth.

"Caroline, it's cute when you're angry, but we don't know what's out there, or what could hear you." he stated, looking around cautiously.

She thrashed back and forth in his grasp, trying to break free.

"Caroline, I'll remove my hand, but you need to stay calm."

She sits still, waiting for him to move his hand. She speaks again softly, but then gains volume throughout the sentence.

"I just traveled to an alternate universe, and you want me to STAY CALM?!"

He covers up her mouth again.

"Yes, I do. You know why? Because we have no idea what's out there. Even I'm a little worried. That's saying something, love. We don't even know if anything is actually out there. We don't know if anything out there could kill us, or if it couldn't. But I don't want to find out the hard way simply because some little blonde baby vampire couldn't keep her mouth shut." His words got darker as he spoke, and his face got closer to hers with every syllable.

"Now I trust that you can keep quiet the second time, correct, love?"

Caroline nods softly.

"Excellent," he says, removing his hand once more.

She took a deep breath once his hand left her face, and she closed her eyes.

"How are we going to get out of here, Klaus?" she questions quietly, trying to hide the desperation in her voice.

He stares at her, noting the fear and disbelief in her features.

"I don't know, love."

She opens her eyes to look at the hybrid. "Well, there's gotta be a witch somewhere right?"

"Sweetheart, as I've already said, we don't know what is and isn't out there," he said to her, but when he saw the small shred of hope leave her eyes he added, "but there could be one." Caroline began to calm down.

She looked all around, and her eyes stopped on a tree, cracked all through the middle, exactly like the one where Damon bashed Haley's head into. "Klaus, does that tree look familiar to you?"

He follows her eyes. "You expect me to memorize trees or something, love?"

She rolls her eyes. "No, it just looks identical to the one that Damon smashed Haley's head into,"

She spoke again before he could respond. "Look, there's even the dent right where her head hit."

She got up and went over to the tree. "You see?"

He followed her. He hadn't actually paid much attention when to when Haley had been thrown into the tree repeatedly, he had only focused upon Caroline and saving her.

Next thing he knew, Caroline was walking quickly away to his right.

"um, excuse me sweetheart, where exactly are you going?"

"I'm going into town," she stated simply.

"Darling, we're not anywhere near your town. We-"

"That tree is identical to the one from before. It doesn't look alike, it's 100% identical. Obviously this place is connected to home. And look around, Klaus. This is the forest we fought Shane in," she said as she walked away.

As he followed her, he looked around again.

"We're home, Klaus. Well, not home home, but a different version of it."

"Well then where was the altar, love? Where was the mausoleum? We're not home."

She ran away with her supernatural speed, startling Klaus. He rolled his eyes, before he sped after her. Just a few moments ago she was freaking out, and now she was determined to go exploring, and Klaus decided he'd never met anyone that seemed like such a perfect wreck.

It took a moment, but he easily caught up with her.

"Caroline, are you insane?"

She didn't answer, and in less than a minute they were in town.

They slowed before anyone could see them, then they started walking.

Caroline smirked. "Told you."

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Where exactly are we going?"

She stopped on the sidewalk. Thinking thoughtfully, she looked downwards.

"Let's go see Bonnie, love. If she put us here, she can take us back."

Caroline looked up at Klaus again, frowning. "But we're in a different dimension," she spoke quietly so no one would hear. "and you want to go straight back? Do you know how many people get a chance like this? No. We are going to explore."

Klaus opened his mouth to retort.

"And that's final." she said subbornly, and stomped away. Klaus scoffed, and wondered why he always let her infuriate him so much without him retaliating whatsoever. He'd killed for a lot less before. Why was she so different?

He went after her. "Well at least tell me where we're going."

She kept walking, and she contemplated where she did feel like going.

"I'm going to go see Elena." she said suddenly.

"So the boarding house then." he sighed. He really didn't feel like staying.

Once they got to the boarding house, Caroline had gotten fed up with Klaus's whining.

"Look, we're not leaving yet. So get over it. And who knows, Bonnie could be here."

He looked upwards at her. "Why would she be here?"

"How should I know? I just said it to get you to shut up." she smiled at him, and then turned to the door.

As Klaus scoffed, she knocked on the dark wooden door.

"Look, Caroline, we really need to g-"

The door opened before he could finish. Damon stood in the doorway, staring back and forth between Caroline and Klaus with a confused expression, before his gaze rested on the hybrid.

"Uh, Nick? What are you doing here?" he questioned. "And with her?" he nodded towards Caroline.

Klaus shot Caroline a confused expression and looked at Damon.

"Uh... we wanted to say hi." he said awkwardly. "You know, we were in the neighborhood..."

Damon stared at Klaus. "Why are you talking like that, Nick?"

"What do you mean?"

"...you're talking like Karolyne." Damon said slowly, as he looked over at Caroline.

"Wait, what?" Caroline said.

Damon looked at Caroline with confusion evident in his face.

"You're talking with his accent, and he's talking with yours..." he said.

Caroline and Klaus looked at each other awkwardly, and Caroline mouthed to him, 'What is he talking about?", and Klaus just shrugged.

Caroline looked back at Damon and tried to imitate Klaus's accent.

"Uh, sorry, I... just have a sore throat." she said uncertainly, as Klaus stared at her with mixture amusement and annoyance. Did he really sound like that?

"You don't get colds... none of us do." Damon said to her.

"You don't know that. Vampires could get colds, it might just be really, really rare." Caroline insisted.

"Uh, right... so why are you guys here again?"

"We were just saying 'hi'," Klaus said with a purposely horrible American accent, only to receive a slap on the back of the head from Caroline.

"I do not sound like that!" Caroline said angrily, with her normal voice.

"Uh, yeah, you kinda do, love." he retorted.

Damon looked back and forth between them again. "Did you just call her 'love'? I thought she said that, not you."

They both were about to speak, but they were cut off by another voice.

"Damon, what's taking so long?"

Caroline's eyes became alert when she heard it, and she rushed in past Damon.

She saw Elena seated on the couch, looking at Caroline with a confused expression exactly like the one Damon had.

"Oh my god, Elena, it's so good to see you," Caroline said as she picked Elena up off the couch and hugged her.

Elena stood awkwardly, trying to inch away. "Since when?"

Caroline pulled back and looked at Elena. "What?"

"Why are so happy to see me? I thought you didn't like me. Especially since you have no use for me now that I'm not human." Elena said, stepping away from Caroline when her grip loosened.

Caroline was confused as ever, especially when she added, "and since we've all tried to kill you repeatedly."

Caroline backed away. "Wait, what?"

Klaus entered the living room behind Caroline, and stopped walking when he was right next to her.

Elena looked at him. "Nick, is she okay?"

Klaus switched his gaze from Caroline to Elena. "Why is everybody calling me that?" he said, irritated.

Damon walked in and joined the conversation. "Okay, seriously. Why are you guys talking like that?"

"Oh my god Damon, shut up for a second," Caroline said before she continued.

"Elena, what do you mean, 'I have no use for you'?"

"Well since I'm a vampire now... you can't make hybrids anymore." Elena spoke unsurely.

"Why would I want to make hybrids?" Caroline responded.

"I dunno. To build an army to fight for you? Do your bidding or something?"

Caroline and Klaus looked at each other again. "No, I don't wanna do that. That's all him," she said, motioning to Klaus.

Elena and Damon were confused as ever, and Klaus was amused as he watched Caroline's gaze switch back and forth between them.

Elena spoke up again. "Why would Nick ever-"

"Oh, hey Blondie." a voice chimed from the stairwell.

Everyone looked over, and Caroline stepped out from behind Klaus so she could see who had spoke.

Her eyes met Stefan's, and he immediately raced in between Elena and Caroline.

"What the hell is she doing here?" he voice dripped with venom.

Caroline shot him a confused look. "I was coming to talk to Elena..."

His stare turned from hateful to one that mimicked Caroline's, and then he looked at Damon.

"Why is she talking like that?" he asked.

Finally Klaus had gotten fed up with everything, and pulled Caroline towards the door.

"Hey! What the hell?" she said.

"We're leaving. This little visit isn't doing anything." he retorted.

Elena, Damon, and Stefan stood awkwardly in the living room, watching the scene.

"No, Klaus, I'm not leaving yet!"

She tore herself away from him, and raced back into the living room.

"Caroline, we are going to go find their little witchy friend. Now." he said.

"No." she said stubbornly.

Klaus sighed heavily.

"You have two minutes."

She stared at him. "Ten."

He looked up at her. "Five."








"Caroline, that's not how it works!"

"Well, too bad." She smiled at him, before turning to the three vampires in the living room.

"Twenty minutes it is!"

Klaus rolled his eyes at her. Why hasn't he killed her yet?

Klaus walked to Caroline again.

Finally Elena spoke again. "Nick, what's going on?"

"Why does everyone keep calling me that?" he repeated his question from before.

"...I've called you that ever since we've met."

"Which was when? A few months ago when I figured out there was a new doppelganger?"

"No. I've been calling you that since kindergarden." she said.


"...yeah. We were in the same class."

"Listen, sweetheart, I think you're a little confused."

"Yeah, I'm extremely confused! My best friend is pretending he hardly even knows me, and for some reason is hanging out with the monster that killed my aunt!" she exclaimed.

Caroline jumped back into the conversation. "Wait, are you talking about m-"

"What do you mean 'best friend'?" Klaus asked.

Elena looked at him with a hurt expression on her face.

"We've been best friends since kindergarden, Nick."

He stared at her. "You're eighteen, correct, Elena?"

She nodded.

"Well I'm a thousand. I doubt we went to kindergarden together."

They all stared at him.

"Nick, what the hell are you talking about?" Damon said. "You're only eighteen."

Klaus scoffed. "I'm a thousand year old hybrid, Damon. What the hell are you talking about?"

Damon cautiously brought his gaze over to Elena and Stefan, then back to Klaus. "No, Karolyne's the hybrid. She's a thousand. You're eighteen."

Caroline's eyes widened, and she looked at Klaus, his eyes wide with disbelief as well.

"Well, nice talking to you, got to go." he said, grabbing Caroline's arm and dragging her out the door. This time she didn't protest, and she let Klaus guide her out of the house.

As they exited the boarding house, Caroline exhaled a breath she didn't know she'd been holding.

They walked further away, lost in thought.

"So... in this dimension, you're me, and I'm you." Caroline said uncertainly.

Klaus slowed down. "Well, if they were right, then yes. Basically."

They were both quiet for a moment, then Caroline spoke again.

"That is so cool!" she said.

He turned to her. "How is that cool, Caroline?"

"Well, because that means that the me here is more powerful than the you here." she smirked.

"Well love, I'm not the 'me' from here. So I'm still stronger than you."

"Uh-huh. Sure." she said, smiling.

He stared at her in annoyance.

"Well, Elena, Damon, and Stefan are probably confused out of their minds," she added laughing. "I know I was."

Klaus couldn't help but smile, her laughter was infectious. He still had his mind set on the task of finding the witch nonetheless, all to Caroline's dismay.

"Caroline love, we need to find Benny."

Caroline turned her head to look at him. "Bonnie. Her name is Bonnie."

"I really don't care. She has power strong enough to get us out of this place, and that's all I care about."

Caroline rolled her eyes and looked away. "You're such a spoilsport," she said, and her eyes landed on the Grill that was coming into view. "Ooh! Let's go there!"

Klaus looked over to where she was staring, and found himself groaning in the process. He was preparing to tell her how stupid she was being, but he lost his train of thought when she grabbed his hand and ran towards the Grill at a human speed. He did his best to ignore the spark caused by her touch, but it seemed impossible. Caroline bounced with excitement, eager to see the changes in this world from hers. Once they finally reached it and Caroline let go of Klaus's hand, Caroline couldn't help but notice how much closer the Grill seemed to the Salvatores' here than back home. She was dragged out of her thoughts when she realized Klaus was holding the door open for her. "Thanks," she smiled, and bounced inside happily. She headed towards a seat close to the door, but Klaus grabbed her arm before she could, and led her over to the booth from the drawing, causing Caroline to roll her eyes and smile even more.

"You're never gonna let me sit anywhere else in this place again, are you?" she said while giggling.

He smirked. "Nope."

As Caroline was going to say something back, a boy in navy blue walked up to their table, with a white rag swung neatly over his shoulder and two menus in hand. He placed one in front of both Caroline and Klaus, and they began to look through them. The boy kept his eyes fixated on Caroline, and then she looked up to meet the boys gaze. She smiled almost instantaneously, because she was seeing yet another familiar face.

"Jeremy?" she said.

He smiled brightly at her, but his eyebrows creased in confusion. "Yeah. But, uh, why are talking like that?"

Her smile faltered a little, and she remembered that she was supposed to have an accent. She decided against putting on a show, Elena would probably tell him about the strange ordeal anyways, so what was the point?

She looked down to the salt and pepper shaker and chuckled softly. "Don't ask," she decided to leave it at that.

Jeremy tilted his head slightly, still bewildered by her behavior. "Well, okay, I guess." he looked to the left side of the booth, and his eyes met Klaus's, and he smiled to him to, just in a less enthusiastic manner. "Hey, Nick." he said in a duller voice. He looked back to Caroline and his smile brightened again. "So, I'll be back in a few minutes and let you place your order," he said to Caroline. She smiled warmly at him, and he thrived under her attention. As he walked away, she looked to Klaus, and met his fiery gaze. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion over his expression. "What?"

He looked down to the white menu, pretending as if he was actually interested in seeing what they had here. "Nothing. I just think in this dimension, little Gilbert may have a little crush," he stated emotionlessly.

Caroline scoffed in response. "He was being nice."

"He wasn't being nice, he was flirting." Klaus retorted firmly.

"That was him being nice." she shot back.

"That was flirting."

"That was good customer service!"

He looked up towards her again, amusement and annoyance in his face. "Darling, I know affection when I see it. You obviously didn't see the way he was looking at you."

"How would you know? You don't even have enough of a heart to care," she said sharply.

A short silence filled the atmosphere around them, and in the background was Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran.

"I know, because it's the way I look at you," he said simply, "just less longingly."

The anger left her and was replaced with a few other emotions.

Slight shock, confusion, surprise.

And strangely, happiness.

The silence was broken by Jeremy, when he walked back up to the booth, staring at Caroline while doing so. She realized they must've been sitting in that silence for longer than she had thought, and she caught him smiling directly at her.

"So, you know what you want?" he asked her.

She glanced at Klaus, and his gaze was directed downward to the black tabletop as he fiddled slightly with his fingers.

She smiled softly before looking up to Jeremy again. "Two hot chocolates, please."

She noticed a slight pause in what Klaus had been doing, and a small smile appear on his face, before he'd wiped it off.

Jeremy nodded, and walked away again.

It was silent for a few more moments, before the silence had been broken.

"Wait. He's not trying to kill us," Caroline said.

Klaus laughed. "Why would he kill you when he's in love with you? Me, I doubt he cares much for. But you're obviously a different story."

Caroline rolled her blue eyes and looked down. "I don't think he's one of the five in this dimension," she said. "since, you know, he's not trying to rip our heads off... literally."

Klaus looks over to Jeremy.

"Do you think he even knows we're not human?" Caroline questioned.

"Maybe so. He didn't seem nervous at all though. Well, not nervous of dying. More nervous of being near his crush, but not of dying. Even if his crush does happen to be a 1000 year-old hybrid," Klaus responded.

"He might not know that."

"He just might," Klaus said, looking at Caroline again. "you really shouldn't make assumptions, love. Not here. We're in a whole new different world, which we happen to know almost nothing about."

Caroline chuckles without humor, and opens her mouth to speak, before Klaus cut her off.

"Like for instance, something like that would be extremely unexpected," Klaus says.

Caroline looks up and sees he's looking over his shoulder towards the door. Caroline follows his eyes, and immediately sees a man with chocolate skin, and a gaze as cold as ice.