Three Brothers

Chapter 1

David, Adam, and Randy

It was March 5th 1995 and it was a beautiful day in Bana City, Osea. Three young men were walking down the streets of Bana looking for something to do to get their minds off of their college classes. The oldest, David, had already graduated and had an apartment in the city but often ventured downtown to visit his two younger brothers Adam and Randy. Adam was the second oldest at 23 and Randy the youngest at 20. All three were studying to become pilots just as their father had done.

"Hey David, I got this final comin' up on aviation maintenance technology and I don't think I got it down yet. Down for helping me study?" Randy asked.

"Sorry man I can't tonight I got an interview early tomorrow with Black water, they're looking for new pilots and it's an opportunity I can't pass up."

Adam chipped in "Randy you know that manual backwards you'll do fine whaddya say we go out for a beer or something?" All three agreed to go out for a beer before David had to go home and headed to Woody's, a popular bar with the college students. When they walked in they noticed all the seats in the place were empty and saw a crowd gathered around a small TV hanging in the corner of the bar.

A female reporter for the local news network was on and she looked grim. Interested the trio walked over to see what the fuss was all about. "…as the attack by Belka continues things certainly appear grim for the countries bordering this newly aggressive and militaristic nation. For those of you just joining us it has been confirmed that Belka, a nation recently suffering from economic strife, has invaded several countries in an attempt to secure an area known as B7R. An area rich in natural resources that has been an area of political debate and conflict for many years now has reached a breaking point. The countries being invaded consists of The Kingdom of Sapin, The Republic of Ustio, and of course our own country of Osea…."

All three brothers couldn't tear their eyes away from the screen. The reporter went on to say that the legendary Belkan Air Force as well as the Army and Navy were advancing quickly and had already occupied most of the country of Ustio as well as significant portions of both Osea and Sapin. David was the first to react and pulled the other two out of the bar and onto the street where scenes of panic had already started. People were running frantically around and talking about what was going on and what the chances were of a Belkan attack on Bana. Many were also trying their utmost to get a hold of family members inside the now occupied portion of Osea.

"Listen you two I'm going to Black Water now to take the open pilot position. No listen dammit. I'm sure they'll need me now that all this madness has started. I probably won't have time to say goodbye before I ship out to, well wherever they decide I'm needed. I'll call you as soon as I can and for god's sake stay safe and keep your head down. If the Belkans make it this far inland don't try and be a hero, just run as fast and as hard as you can. Understand? Alright I love you both and I'll talk to you soon."

With that David took off down the street and Adam and Randy were finally able to recover from the shock of what just happened. A war. An actual war had started and was heading their way and there was nothing they could do to stop it.