Rewriting the Past

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Posted Dec 11, 2012

This is my second fanfic that I have posted on this site. I have always been a fan of the time travel genre of the Naruto fanfics and I have decided to take a shot at writing one. It starts around ch 610ish of the manga and then goes back. Pairings will most likely be NaruHina, MinaKushi, and some others (have not decided on them just yet). This story will begin as T rated, but may change to M depending on the content I add in the future.

I hope you enjoy.



Demonic speech/summon speech

Demonic thought/summon thought


Chapter 1: A New Chance

"What…What just happened?" a blonde haired shinobi said, staring out over the scars of what was once the battle field for the future of the shinobi world.

"Just give up now. As you can see, it's hopeless. Surrender the Kyuubi and I can bring back your friends. In the Infinite Tsukuyomi, I can bring them back. The world that you've always wanted can be yours. It's futile to resist" called out Tobi, standing aside the revived Uchiha Madara on top of the recently revived Jyuubi. "I've wiped out all your friends; there is nothing left for you in this world."

Naruto sank to his knees in despair. Everyone…Sakura, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Neji, Tenten, Bushy Brows, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Kakashi-sensei, Gai-sensei, Bee…everyone was gone. There were maybe a dozen or two or at most who had survived the massive attack that the Jyuubi had just unleashed upon the Allied Shinobi Forces, and they were in no condition to fight. Some were injured to the point where they would die in a matter of minutes, others were just as shaken as he was. All of his friends…gone.

The only reason he was still alive was because of Bee. Bee had jumped in the way of the attack at the last minute, shielding Naruto. However, the blast was so powerful that everything in the area was destroyed. The only one who remained that could even stand a chance against such a monster was Naruto, and after witnessing what he just did, he was in no condition to fight.

"Did it…did it really come to this? After everything I did to become stronger…was it still not enough?" asked Naruto to himself.

"If you surrender now, I can bring everyone back. If not…well just look around you" called out Tobi once again.

"I…I can't…I can't win" said Naruto as his heart sank deeper into despair.

Inside him, he could hear the laughter of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Kurama, who he had just recently befriended less than a day ago. "And to think, only a few days ago, I would have given anything to hear those words from you. For you to give in like you are now. Where did you go? Where did the real you go? The one who said they would never give up? Where is he now?" said Kurama.

"Look around you…it's all gone. All my friends…they're all gone!" shouted Naruto. "What would I do? I've lost them. The one's I swore I would protect! How the hell am I supposed to win if I can't protect them?!"

The Kyuubi looked on at Naruto. The boy who he had thought to be unbreakable, was finally beginning to break…and he couldn't bear to see Naruto like this. "What would you do? What would you do if you could take it back? If you could start over?"

"Huh? S-start over? But how?" said Naruto, looking up at the giant red fox in his mindscape.

"There is a technique I know. One that I have yet to use and one that was taught to me by my father, Rikidou-jiji. One that will give us that chance" said the Kyuubi.

"Really?!" Naruto looked up at the Kyuubi, eyes now regaining some of their hope. "What does it do? What do I have to do? I'll do anything! I'll make sure none of this happens!"

"There's the Naruto I knew. Just follow the hand seals as I call them out. I'll take care of the chakra" said Kurama. He then felt something from outside Naruto…the Jyuubi was powering up for another attack. "We need to hurry, or we won't be around much longer."

"Right. Let's do it" said Naruto, regaining his fire.

"Right, remember do the hand seals exactly as I call them out" said Kurama. Naruto nodded, indicating he was ready. "Here we go…I, Inu, Ushi, Mi, Tora, Ne, Uma, Saru…"

Tobi and Madara noticed that Naruto had begin going through hand seals. "Looks like you have chosen death" said Tobi as he prepared the Jyuubi for the next…and final attack.

"…Tora, Snake, Rat, Uma, Saru, Inu, I…" Naruto went through the seals as the Jyuubi unleashed the attack. "…Saru, Tora, Hitsuji, Mi! Time Reversal Jutsu!"

The Jyuubi's attack hit Naruto just as he completed the last of the hand seals. The explosion was suddenly shattered by a ball of white light that suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing where it was.

Naruto woke to find himself drifting in what looked to be space with the giant red Kyuubi next to him.

"Kurama, what is this?" asked a confused Naruto.

"Time travel. We are going back. Back to the day everything started" said Kurama.

"Huh? Really? We are going back in time? How far?!" asked Naruto.

"As far back as you can go…the moment of your birth" said Kurama.

"My-my birth? Does that mean…my parents?" asked Naruto.

"Yes Naruto. The moment you came out of your mother womb. The moment just before that bastard attacked you. The moment where we can begin to change everything" said Kurama.

"What, really?! Does that mean I can save my parents?!" said Naruto, getting all excited.

"I think so, but we will need to act fast. We need to act before that Tobi guy can take your mother and extract me" said the Kyuubi.

"Huh? Extract you? But you'll be sealed in me, won't you?" asked Naruto.

"No. And if things work out, I never will. Now listen to me carefully because we are almost there. The moment we get there, we need to do everything we can to warn your parents. You'll just be a newborn and I'll be sealed inside your mother. If I remember correct, we will have maybe a minute at most to warn them. I need you to make as much noise as possible and I'll do my best to get through to that thick headed woman you call you mother" said Kurama.

Ahead of them, they could see light. The end of their journey through time was coming to an end and the next minute or two would possibly make or break everything.

"I can't believe I am saying this, but thank you Naruto, thank you for helping me out back there" said Kurama.

"Heh, don't mention it. You're my friend after all. Hell, you're practically like a brother to me" said Naruto. The light brightened until there was only light. They had arrived at their destination.

Naruto opened his eyes for the very first time. He could barely move and he felt weird, but taking a quick look around, he saw someone that nearly made him tear up…his dad, the Yondaime Hokage, standing over him and looking like the happiest man in the world.

Alright, so let me know how it started out. Also, the next chapters will be longer. This was just to get it started. Please review and comment.