The boy with the blue eyes stares out the window, watching the stars hanging heavily in the sky. He does this most nights, since sleep is not something that comes easily to him. He hears the door open with a soft snick and turns into the glare of a flashlight. "Bed checks" whispers a disembodied voice from behind the brightness. Emily, judging by the tone and timbre. She was always quieter than Maryanne anyways, whose heels clicked against the floor and echoed throughout the building. He senses her pausing, noticing him crouched on the windowsill. "Get some sleep, Cas." He shakes his head, and Emily sighs just as she always does; turning and shutting the door behind her in one fluid motion. Meanwhile, the boy with the blue eyes again faces the window, feeling his wings creaking silently beside him as he moves.

Cas is standing in the corridor that leads to the nurse's station. Here he can keep an eye on the entire floor by peeking around the corner. Rachel is manning the desk this morning. From her position she can survey each and every one of the hallways that branches off from the main room, even the elevator. Today she is talking to Roy, the day janitor. From many days of observation, Cas has learned that they are "together". Sometimes they would kiss and Roy would slip his hand under Rachel's shirt when he thought no one was looking. Cas could sense that Rachel felt sad when Roy did that, but he couldn't explain why. He thought that maybe he should let Dr. Barnes know, but he quickly discarded the idea. Once he told Dr. Barns that Rachel and Roy would never see him because he was invisible, but all he did was frown and scribble some notes on his big yellow notepad.

The ancient elevator door rattled open, interrupting Cas' musings. A burly policeman stepped out, hauling a lanky, spikey-haired boy in a leather jacket behind him. Rachel quickly straightened her uniform and Roy gave the policeman a once-over before ambling back to his mop. "Um, I didn't hear we were getting a new admission today," Rachel muttered nervously, flipping through a stack of papers. The policeman opened his mouth to speak but the boy answered for him, casually worming out from under his grasp. "You think I'm a crazy, sweetheart? I'm hurt," he remarked, a look of false indignation on his face. Rachel sighed, "Community service then?" The boy winked at her. "Where do I start?" She pulled yet another form out of a manila envelope and handed it to him along with a clipboard and pencil. "Fill these out and take them down the hall to the director. He'll get you set up." The boy grabbed the clipboard and strolled off down the corridor, throwing Cas a jaunty wave as he passed. "Punk" the policeman rolled his eyes. "Did you know we caught him digging up a corpse?" Rachel raised her eyebrows "they always send us the best ones." The policeman chuckled along with her before tipping his cap and heading for the door. "Good luck," he called over his shoulder.