~ Chapter Forty Seven ~

Truly, Madly, Deeply

"Say it again." Commanded Xena's voice, promptly turning them over again, pinning the God's wrists firmly above his head.

"No." Ares simply answered, contradicting every single expectation she might have had regarding the motive of his previous statement, stirring evidently a tornado of doubts on the clear surface of her artistically painted moons.

"You have to deserve it first. Besides, it's your turn." He challenged, moisturising his lips as a way of diminishing the frustration building up inside his chest as a result of the fact that he couldn't reach out and seize her lips in yet another lustful, feverish kiss while shifting his brazen gaze from her tantalising breasts rubbing arousingly against his chest to her crystal irides and back; the rushed, uneven rhythm of his loud, heavy breaths, also giving away the urgent need of wanting to thrust inside her already.

"You're right. My turn, my rules." One short, extremely naughty glance from the Warrior Princess seconds later gave Ares a hint she definitely had something unique in mind as a light, sensuous note poured softly against his ear.

"So, don't come unless I tell you to."

By now, she was pulling him back to his feet, simply to press his body against the cave's walls shortly after.

"I wouldn't dare." He answered, his voice shaking a little as he literally felt his cock exploding at the mere sight of her kneeling in front of him, but that once in a lifetime event barely got the chance to register inside his dazzled brain, when an instant wave of heat began rising from his pulsating member up and down his body, his lips parting involuntarily as a loud moan fought its way out of his throat.

Teasingly unlacing his pants with exasperatingly slow and tender moves, keeping watch for his every reaction as if she were looking for some kind of feedback, Xena was more than surprised to discover that she was getting wet again, and when her fingers finally found their way towards what was about to become the future instrument of her pleasure, she actually sensed a warm trail of liquid trickling down her thigh.

It didn't take long for Ares to pick up on her accentuated arousal either, despite the fact that his own mind was soared into ecstasy, as she slowly pulled his shaft out of his pants, clearly determined about sending him to a totally different planet, Ares just couldn't hold back a comment that he knew would motivate her even more to do a good job, as bluntly challenging her.

"Though you seem on the verge of losing control over that treacherous body of yours, way before I'm planning to do it."

His jaw suddenly tightened as another invasion of ideas crossed his vivid imagination, and, as he reached out to place his index under her chin, tilting it up to look him in the eyes again, he added, smiling.

"Are you sure you don't want to save this for later? I can wait. Plus, I'd definitely like to see those sexy breasts pressed against the wall while I finish what I started in the first place."

"Don't even think about it." Returned the Warrior Princess' audacious reply, erotically allowing her fingers to fondle his balls before giving them a soft squeeze, only to lick them with a long sweeping stroke, determined to dare him back before considering to change direction, aiming the focus towards his cock instead, caressing its length with teasingly applied strokes.

"Still think you can wait?"

"I might just take that back." He replied in between breaths, digging his fingers into her shoulders and tilting his head back while assimilating every single sensation her marvellously synchronised touches were spreading throughout his flesh, 'til the very essence of his bones.

"Mmmmmm." He moaned loudly as he felt the wet warmth of her lips closing over the head of his cock while his lungs literally refused to fill themselves with air for the following couple of seconds as her soft tongue started sliding on its surface, bathing it, licking in pretty much all the right places.

"That feels so good." He murmured, silently asking despite himself just how many pathetic mortals had received the same kind of treatment, the mere idea of her together like that with someone else ringing a disturbing alarm bell in the back of his head, making his body tense instantly.

"I have many skills. What's your excuse?" She cunningly threw back with a low utter, as the tender warmth of her hands pleasurably started to replace the effects that a tongue just couldn't offer his impressive member.

"Do I need an excuse?" He asked, without even bothering to analyze the depth of her answer, those rich sensations travelling all around the surface of his skin and several inches below his flesh making him totally forget what he still had in mind to ask her.

"I want you... Gods... Mmmmm." He murmured raggedly, grabbing her shoulders and lifting her up the following second just to slam her back against the cold rocky wall, crushing her lips in a kiss for which she was obviously totally unprepared.

"Tell me you love me." The Warrior Princess retorted through their bond, the small beads of sweat gradually forming on her forehead slowly dampening the raven strands perfectly framing her beautiful face as the depth of their passion began to deepen into a wider world of colour.

"Well, you still haven't earned that right, Sweety." His voice echoed faintly in one of the furthest corners of her mind, a clear sign that he was starting to lose himself under the unbearably hot effect of her touches, the phrase being almost blocked out anyway by his Princess' deep, salacious moans.

His fingers were now fluttering over her chest again and down her stomach, and seeing the scene one might have thought that the next stop was surely about to be but a few inches underneath her belly, but instead, surpassing her own expectations and forecasts, he pulled her roughly towards him once more just to turn her around the second after, and all the gentleman demeanour that had defined him all night long when it came to sex, letting her have her way with him, was gone in less then a blink when he literally pushed her body against the wall once again, expertly grabbing a handful of her hair gentle enough as not to make her too uncomfortable but definitely sufficiently hard as to force her to tilt her head back so he could reach her lips and keep on kissing her.

With an almost savage intensity, his eyes filled with lust as she had never seen them before, he parted her lips again, and while one of his hands was busy preventing her from moving, enfolding her long onyx tresses even tighter around his fist, the other one grasped her waist strongly, guiding her hips towards his groin.

Her back was now perfectly arched and he could tell it was quite a thorny position to be in, but he was sure it wasn't going to matter any more the moment he would plunge inside her, making her scream in pleasure with every thrust.

It was not the moment though, so instead of simply acting on his barely restrained instincts, he preferred to hold back, gently brushing his swollen cock against her inflamed clit, coming temptingly close to entering her several times, but without actually giving her that particular pleasure.

She was now involuntarily grinding against him, searching for a way to draw him inside her, unable to bear the waiting, the longing; she needed him so much, and as he slowly parted her legs with his own, allowing the tip of his erection to enter a little inside her wet entrance, she genuinely growled in frustration the instant he drew back again, her body shuddering visibly as his tongue probed her mouth again, intensifying the pressure that he put in that kiss.

The very next second he was peppering her shoulders and collarbone with impossible to refuse, extremely passionate kisses.

Her pulse reaching amazing heights, he was satisfied, and the sight of her erect nipples pointing skywards just made him wanna' quit all those damn mind games they were playing and give her what she wanted, already.

What they both wanted, in fact.

"You know something Gorgeous?" He whispered, moving his hand slowly in between her thighs, making her spread them even more, rubbing her inflamed pussy a few times before deciding to finally allow themselves to wallow in the unique sensations that his cock sliding firmly inside her could offer.

"I could do this forever with you, I really could."

"Shut up Ares... Gods, mmmmh... you feel so good." She gasped in pleasure, relishing the depth of his thrust.

"You don't want me to shut up, you want me to tell you I love you remember?" He answered, hardly finishing his sentence as he felt her inner muscles tightening like a clipper around his shaft, making him shudder and gasp loudly with each and every thrust.

Finally letting go of her hair, he braced one hand on the wall in front of them while the other was now fondling her velvety breasts, and by now, he was unable to stop the vibrating moans coming from his throat even if he had wanted to.

He was frantically plunging into her, filling her every inch, reaching her bottom repeatedly, and he could tell that there was definitely a hint of pain in her low whimpers now, but the pleasure was so overwhelming that he refused to stop.

He chose to slow down the rhythm instead, and, gently stroking the damp strands falling down her shoulders, he just asked, playfully biting her neck in the process.

"Are you okay Baby?

"I could ask you the same thing." She breathed with a pant, following it closely by a quick smirk as yet another low moan suddenly began to escape her throat.

"By all Olympus you taste divinely!" His muffled exclamation fought to leave his lips as she silenced him again with yet another impossible to resist kiss, wrapping her arms tight against his neck, her body hot and slippery against his own while turning back around, her tangled and messy hair definitely making her look like the sexiest woman alive.

Skilfully exploring his mouth with the expert moves of a harlot but at the same time with the subtle refinement of the most gracious of queens, the War God's totally enthralled thoughts were instantly projected back into the past, into some sort of a similar night, the night when they'd first made love, and when, to his utter amazement, he couldn't restrain a loud "wow!" when he broke their initial kiss.

She was a fantastically good kisser despite her limited previous experiences with men, and that strange mixture of vulnerability and boundless power that her every touch and gesture held, had literally knocked him out the first time he had layed eyes on her.

And now, he could feel it again, that openness that she used to display back in those days when there was still no grudge nor hurt between them, when she was so in love with him that he could see it in her unusually blue eyes burning like fire.

She was all his back then, she was just for him.

As his eyes fluttered open for a few seconds, gently caressing her lips in between kisses, he cupped her chin, and he could swear that he hadn't seen her so attentive in ages the moment he allowed a clear, "I love you, Sweetheart" to leave his throat.

She hadn't expected him to say it.

She was absolutely convinced that he was too stubborn and selfish to do it and that he didn't want to seem weak in front of her, not even if the sky were to come tumbling down upon his head.

"Till the moon and back, until the end of time." He added smiling and placing a chaste loving kiss on her forehead, slowly, allowing their bodies to glide backwards until he was on his back, her on top.

"What if I told you you're wasting your time? That there's no chance of us ever being together? Would you still follow me to the very ends of the Earth then?" She was lying of course, waiting for an answer that would either break or make what they had, ultimately giving her a reason as to allow him to become the father of her child.

"Don't lie to me, Princess." He answered nonchalantly through their bond, the pleasure he was experiencing during those teasingly long moments, giving his mouth not even the slightest chance to slip anything else for the outer world except for some low guttural moans that seemed to make Xena even more aroused since, despite the slow pace she had been using during that previous minute, her cold, calculated mind still trying to find a way out of that 'mess,' her chest was rising and falling so rapidly as if she had been running a mile.

"At least right now, you make a terrible liar." He added stretching a hand to caress her face, before placing both of them on her hips, forcing her to change the rhythm, longing for a faster tempo that was finally going to transport him to his own private Elysian Fields, their eyes, laser locked to each other, allowing him to decode the true nature of her poisonous words.

"But yes, and I wouldn't have to think twice about it, either." He replied loudly, just for the sheer joy of seeing her shocked face again.

"Is this what you were longing to hear?" He finally launched with a broad smile, analysing her every reaction, aware that he had only managed to astound her even more, and, the instant she stopped moving, as if almost intending to drop whatever she was doing, he just rolled on top of her, and before she could utter one single sound, he interrupted her presumable sequence of sentences.

"Shhh, I was being serious, Xena. Now..." He continued chuckling, bemused with the whole situation. "Do you want me to continue or not, 'cause I gotta' tell yah, I would hate to have to finish this alone."

"Gods yes, no one's ever filled me the way you do." Her husky voice announced, pulling the War God down closer, enough to at least whisper the rest of it softly against the crook of his neck as the force of his thrusts started to increase in speed, the sensation of his pubic bone rubbing against her clit with each and every motion making her moan loudly with intense pleasure, as sweat continued to form on their incredibly flushed bodies.

"Ares, take me." Another short second later, followed by a extremely passionate kiss as their tongues found each other once more, and Xena was again the one writhing and screaming his name in orgasm while the rest of the world appeared to be falling away around them.

He was now pushing almost violently into her, with moves that for any spectator there would have certainly qualified as rape, but according to her high pitch vocals and those long, low moans, she was fully enjoying his rough methods.

And it only took for her to shout his name loud one more time to trigger his own orgasm too, her hot juices already bathing his cock, and his breath exploded in gasps along with the cum spurting inside her.

Minutes later he was still on top of her, his shaft still spasaming with pleasure, refusing to slid out, he liked the sensation of filling her like that too much.

Planting short sweet kisses on her nose and eyelids, he asked jokingly, chuckling at the thought.

"So, what if we have twins?"

For a few seconds, Xena was literally incapable of speaking a word, the idea never once entering inside her mind before deciding to replace the silence with a humorous answer.

"Never happen, though I suppose we could always sell one of them, shouldn't be a problem.

"Very funny Xena. You know, if there's one thing I've always admired about you, that's modesty. Oh, and your twisted sense of humour could come in second I guess?" He mumbled, somehow displeased by the mere idea of using his offspring as a subject for that type of sick joke.

"Anyway, I should warn you. The Olympian seed is known to be very... fertile. It wouldn't even surprise me if we have triplets. But not to worry. You won't be handling everything alone. You could give one to the Bard and another to Dite, so then there'd only be one left for you to take care of. See? Problem solved." He eventually bit back just to bug her, proving that he could be as equally ass about it as she was.

"Hey don't give me that look! I was only trying to help! I would hate to see you all drained out, with the children constantly crying in your ears. I guess this finally validates the old saying that a woman's place is by the stove and definitely not on the battlefield. That's a man's job, Baby!" He added on the most misogynistic tone in the world, an ever so irritating grin on his face.

"Right, because we all know how well that turned out for you at the Siege of Troy." She reciprocated in obvious annoyance and ridicule, enough to know that particular memory of losing his son Ascalaphus during the battle, along with Athena's victory and Zeus' rebuke, was anything but a pleasant one to be calling upon.

It only took for Ares to mention one little name in defence to precisely stop Xena in her tracks, the sharp echo of his low tone and stinging words ringing forever as a bell inside her head.

"So, I suppose I don't need to remind you about Caesar and the events that happened at Britannia then, hmm?"

That image was sure to hit home hard, and he knew it too, as reflections of her riding atop of Argo with Boadicea in an effort to destroy Caesar while delivering Gabrielle straight into the hands of Dahak, started to flood her mind, causing the Warrior Princess to react with extreme anger, directing a brutal punch on target with the War God's features.

"I swear, if you tell *anyone* about tonight... I *will* kill you." She threatened, the dark storms of animosity surfing the blue waves of fury forming wildly within her eyes, as she promptly removed herself from his clutches, instantly beginning a frantic hunt for the discarded items of her clothing.