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Chapter 1 : We Go Harry Hunting.

Percy P.O.V.

Its been two mouths; two long mouths since my best friend was dragged into Tartarus by two large root things. And I wanted him back. At the risk of sounding corny, I missed him, I missed joking with him, training with him. I missed wrestling him, and how he cruse when I pinned him each time. I missed the way he swore, the names he used when he called someone a name, the way if I was home and got bored I could just walk down the hall and hang out with him. It was weird not to hear his voice. There was nothing I wouldn't do to hear him say: "No, Percy, don't be an idiot, you git." I still don't know what a git is, but that was Harry's favorite thing to call me. That and prat (Don't know what a prat is either) I wanted my little cousin back. I know he doesn't really count as my cousin, but when the cousin would be Harry Potter if it did count, you would say he was you cousin too.

Harry's kidnapping has had a different effect on everyone; Annabeth spent all her time reading book after book, she would stay in Cabin two with Hermione for hours at a time, just going through all Harry's books. When she didn't find anything useful, she would curse Chiron for us not having a camp library, or not allowing her to leave camp to go to the library. When ever we found time alone, she would tell me that, Harry being missing was like losing a little brother. And how he was more like a brother to her then her real little brothers ever were. And Sometime she would blame herself for bringing him to camp in the first place.

Since we got back to camp I've barely seen Leo, only when he had to come to a camp meeting, the poor guy would disappear somewhere into the forest and not be seen for days at a time, he also looked as if he hadn't slept much or eaten much. He didn't even take the time out to flirt with Hermione. (Something I was sure she was thankful for.)

The way Jason was handling Harry's disappearance was strange, he didn't act like he cared at all, he spent all his time with Ginny either training her or making out with her. He mainly only talked to Leo, Piper and Ginny, and hardly even gave Annabeth or me a second glance. I wondered if he somehow blamed us for his stepbrother's kidnapping. I mentioned Jason to Annabeth one day, she said he was feeling guilty; before Harry's disappearance, he had started to feel jealous and resentful of Harry, because Zeus appeared to him and not Jason to find the sword. And had also been jealous of Harry, because Ginny use to have a huge crush on him.

Nico wasn't taken Harry disappearance well, he went back to wearing all black, he hardly talked to anyone, unless it was Hazel or Luna, he disappeared for days at a time, he now wore this weird ring, and sometimes I would see him talking to himself, and I don't mean like sometimes you talk out loud, trying to remember something or figure something out, I mean the kind where you are actually having a full blow conversion with yourself. As if they were someone there only he could see. I think maybe Nico was spending too much time in the Underworld. Hades insanity is rubbing off on him.

Clarisse was being all weird too, she didn't once make some lame comment how she would like nothing more than to beat Harry or glad Harry was gone. She acted like she cared and she was worried; I would hear her asking Annabeth, if we had gotten any news on Harry, and I would see her arguing with Chiron for not letting her go look for him. I even seen her knock out one of her own half-siblings the other day for bad mouthing Harry, after Piper had turned him down. I asked Annabeth about it; she said it was because after going on a quest with Harry and him saving her life twice and seeing how good of a fighter he is, she respects him. He's proved to Clarisse, he was a true warrior. How Annabeth figures these things out I have no idea, heck I can't even figure out a math problem on my homework.

Then there was Harry's wizard friends: I'll start with Hermione, she was acting pretty much the same as Annabeth, spending most her time with Annabeth; for hours at a time in Hera's cabin. She even sent Hedwig out a few times, ordering books from a magical book store. She would snap at everybody and sometimes even burst into tears.

Ron just kept complaining about nobody looking for Harry, and how if it was the wizardry world they would have already found him and bla..bla...bla... If I had a list of the top ten things I wanted to do it would look something like; One: Ffnd Harry, Two hit Ron upside the head.

Ginny was sad about Harry disappearing but was more concerned about Piper, when she wasn't training with Jason she was with Piper trying to comfort her.

Harry's dad Sirius was taken it worse than any of the wizards, he wouldn't leave his house, he was trying to find an entrance to the Underworld vowing to walk right into Tartarus himself and bring Harry home. Poor guy, I felt so bad for him, if Sirius wasn't looking for an entrance to the Underworld, he would stay in his apartment, not going anywhere and not talking to anyone, unless it was Remus Lupin or my mom, they kinda have a thing between them, and Lupin told me just the other day, if it hadn't been for my mom being there for Sirius, he would be a lot worse than he is now. At least he's not drinking like he did when he was locked up in Grimmauld place. Annabeth told me the only reason Sirius didn't, was because Harry hated drinking, and when they had stayed at Gimmauld place a couple of years ago, When Harry found out Sirius had been drinking he went off on him, and Sirius had promised Harry he would never touch a drop again. Annabeth thinks Harry reacted so bad was because his abusive uncle drank.

None of use came close to taken Harry's kidnapping as bad as Piper, she looked awful, well as awful as a daughter of Aphrodite could look, she's lost weight from not eating much the last two mouths, her eyes stayed blood-shot and red rimmed, she also had this wild look in her them. She was sneaking out of camp at night, along with Harry's pet lion Marauder, to track down monsters and then kill them, when they gave no clues to where Harry might be. And when that son of Ares had hit on her, I had to stop her from putting her dagger through his chest. If we didn't get Harry back soon, the girl was going to lose her mind. I was sure of it. She walked around in all black, had cut the leather string on Harry's camp neckless, so it would fit around her wrist like a bracelet. Piper had taken her camp beads and put them on the same string, that her dragon pendant her mom gave her was on. She kept the little silver dove neckless Harry got her for her birthday around her neck, and had Harry's wand in sword from hooked to her side. She would walk around demanding that we go find him, and kept talking about some promise they had made to each other. And Marauder had taken Harry's last words to him to heart and wouldn't let Piper out of his sight, and if anyone he didn't trust came near her, he would try to tear them apart.

Harry's disappearance had even caused chaos on Olympus. Hera blamed Zeus for the whole thing, walked out, yes, the queen of gods has walked out on Olympus and vowed never to step foot there again into her son is returned safely to her. Sending all the gods into an up roar, and Zeus himself is trying to figure out where Harry could be, he even ordered Artemis to have her hunters search for him. Thalia was the only one that didn't mind. Chiron said it was because Hera is the glue that holds Olympus together. Without her there, the other gods do nothing but fight and argue. She must return to Olympus are we may not win this war.

And the weirdest thing was, since Harry is gone camp was getting out of hand, more fights and bullying, no one does what they're told, I mentioned that in our last meeting and Chiron smiled a little and said, he guessed like his mother was to Olympus, Harry was the glue that held camp together. Without him, camp is in no better shape than Olympus. Winning this war basically came down to finding and saving Harry, because without him and Hera's return, no matter how many Horcruxes was destroyed or how many times we beat giants, we still couldn't do it without them two. The son must be found so the Mother would return to Olympus or we were sure to lose this war.

At the moment all the head counselors plus, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Hazel, and Ginny, were all sitting around the ping-pong table in the big house, Chiron had called a meeting. We were all just waiting for Rachel to get here.

I looked around the table at everyone; Annabeth sat to my right, her nose was berried in a book about the Underworld and Tartarus. She had on a camp shirt, jeans, and her hair pulled back, and frowning about what it was she was reading.

Hermione sat next to her; she too was going through some book, her bushy brown hair all over the place, she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Her eyes were red like she had been crying. Hermione and the other two wizards, where staying here because they were still wanted by the Ministry of magic, along with Jason, Piper, Leo, and Harry. Chiron had said they could stay here rather than locked up at Gimmmauld place. And after spending so much time around her; I didn't blame Leo for his crush on her, if you looked passed the bushy hair, and the bookworm attitude, she was just as pretty as any of the Aphrodite girls. She just kept her pretty face hidden under the bushy hair and smartness. I think she did it on propose, wanting people to see her for her brains, and not her looks.

Next to Hermione sat Leo, he was wearing his many pocket pants, and a work shirt, he was fumbling around with a Nintendo Wii remote. Had it open and was doing something to it. What I had no idea, but this was the first time I've seen him in more than two weeks; I had a feeling Leo was making something big, and that remote had some connection with it.

Ginny was sitting next to Jason, looking around the room, this was the first time any of the wizards had been inside the big house, not even when it was deicded they would stay here. I had to admit, Ginny was pretty, with her waist long fiery red hair, and temper to match, she had on jeans, and a Zeus cabin t-shirt, the tiny sword Jason had given her hung around her neck, and one hand was playing with it, while the other laid on Jason's knee. Ron and her still argued over Jason, but I had noticed her other brothers seem to like him.

Ron was sitting next to Hazel, I know there was usually just one person from each cabin in here, but Hazel was always with Nico, he didn't let her out of his sight, we still didn't know where she had come from, her family was never brought up, and nobody ever asked. Even though she has just met Harry, Hazel was sadden by his disappearance. I liked her, she was a sweet girl. Shocking considering her dad is Hades.

Nico was next to Hazel, wearing black baggy pants, black shirt, and his hell-hound hide jacket. He had a grumpy look on his face as he twirled that weird ring around his finger. Luna sat on his other side, there wasn't really anything to say about . She was so weird, and always had a dreaming look on her face.

Next to Luna was Clarisse, looking her usual grumpy self. Not much else to say about her.

Piper was sitting next to Clarisse, a frown on her face, and Marauder down at her feet. Piper was wearing: tight black pants, with tall black leather boots, a black tank top, and over that she had this black hoodie, that I knew was Harry's, it was two sizes too big for her (Harry loved his hoodies big). Piper was in one of her sad depressing moods, as she played with the little dove on her neckless. Her hair was between turning from blonde to black, it looked like a bad bleach job. That's something I didn't mention before. Since Piper was going through so may emotions now, everything from one day being so depressed she can't even get out of bed, to being on the war path the next day, she would go from sad to anger to down right vengeful, she was an emotional ticking time bomb and because of it, she couldn't change her appearance like she usually could, her hair grow and changed it's self, and her eyes won't stay on one color, as her hair went from long to short to real long. If you watch her too long it could make you dizzy.

"What the hell is taking so long." Clarisse suddenly snapped out. "What could see possible be doing?"

Nobody answered her, we didn't have to for the door opened and Rachel came in..

"Sorry that I am late." Rachel said. "But something came up."

"Alright," Chiron said. "I called this meeting, because I want to know if anyone, has any word on where Harry might be, has anyone had any dreams, or anything, that can point to where he is?" Nobody spoke we all just looked at one another. Then Hermione spoke up.

"I have." We all looked at her, her face was deathly pale, as she glanced sadly at Piper before going on. "I...I had this dream, last night." She closed the book she had been reading. It was about dreams.

"But, you're not even a demigod." Lue Ellen said. She has been nasty to Hermione ever since she came to camp. I think it was one of those ex-girlfriend doesn't like the new crush things.

"I know, that's why I have read this book." Hermione said. "But I did have this dream."

"Was it about Harry?" Chiron asked.

"Yes, sir." Hermione said. "He was...he was lying in a bronze tomb."

"What?" Piper asked, her hair was now almost black, except for the parts that was now turning grey. "A tomb?" A fresh batch of tears was falling down Piper's face and Marauder got up and laid his head on her knee.

"He was alive." Hermione quickly went on. "He was lying in this bronze tomb, it was very small, he barely even fit, and he was lying down on his back, his hands we crossed his stomach, he was asleep, a deep sleep. It looked as if he was in a spell, keeping him sleeping, the way he looked so peaceful. All but for.." Hermione stopped and glanced at Piper. "His hands, they looked awful, there were all bruised and bloody, his knuckles was swollen. On the ceiling of the tomb right above him, was blood, I think he hurt his hands banging on it for someone to let him out."

"Oh, gods." Piper cried, and put her head down on the table. "He's very claustrophobic. How could anyone be so cruel to him."

"The bronze tomb must break and only with a kiss from true love shall the hero wake." Rachel mumbled, the last line of the prophecy. That I have resently found out both her and one of Harry's old Hogwarts teacher had gave at the same time.

"I guess we know what that line means now." Jason said. "We'll have to break this bronze tomb to save Harry, and I guess someone will have to kiss him to get him to wake."

"Don't look at me." Leo said. "I'm not kissing him."

"It says true love, git." Ginny said. "Meaning Piper will be the one to kiss him."

"Dose this mean Harry is no longer in Tartarus?" I asked.

"Yes," Chiron said. "Harry is no longer in Tartarus."

"Then where is he?" Ron demanded.

"We'll have to figure that out." I said.

"I think I know." Hermione said. "When I was dreaming this about Harry, I was pretty sure I was in Greece. I don't know how I know that, but I do." Annabeth frowned at her. I could see the wheels truing in her head. "And Harry wasn't the only one in my dream, they were these two giants, they looked enough alike to be..."

"Twins." Jason said. Hermione looked at him and nodded. He cursed. "I knew that damn prophecy was talking about Harry. I should have said something, maybe I could stopped him from being taken."

"How could you have known." I asked.

"The prophecy." Jason said. "Hera's glory the twins will take. What does Harry name mean?" I frowned at him.

"Umm...that he's all hairy." Leo guessed.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Not Harry idiot. Heracleitus?" Annabeth gasped.

"Glory of Hera." Annabeth said. "In ancient Greek, Heracleitus means Glory of Hera." Jason nodded.

"That's why you said that." Ginny said. "After the prophecy was made. Harry thought you were calling him Heracleitus." Jason nodded again. Ginny made a face. "I don't blame him for not liking his name. It' awful."

"This from the girl who named my owl Pigwigdeon." Ron said, and Ginny glared at him.

"But what about the part about a deadly mistake?" Hermione asked.

"That was these twin dudes taking Harry." I said. "Because, I'm going to rip them limb to limb or root to root. Whatever it is that have."

"The mistake was taking Harry." Annabeth said. "But a different kind of mistake. I think the mistake was they took the wrong person, I think they were after someone else. They mistook Harry for someone. That's where the mistake comes in at."

"Who did they want than?" Hazel asked. We all frown in silence for a while. Then...

"Me." Nico said. "They must have wanted me." We looked his why. "Think about it. That night Harry was in all black, like I usually am, I happen to be wearing blue jeans, because I had lost my bag and had to borrow Harry's clothes, plus his hair had grown out, making it shaggy looking, and I had just cut my hair, even Luna had said I looked a lot like Harry like that, plus, they would have went for the one that smelled like death and Harry having Hades blood in him, he must smell a lot like me."

"If they wanted Nico or someone else?" Will from Apollo asked. "Then why didn't he just tell them they had the wrong guy."

Piper shook her head. "Knowing Harry, if he found out they wanted Nico and not him, he would let them think he was Nico, so they wouldn't go after him."

"He would do it to protect me." Nico said. Yep that sounded like something our Harry would do.

"What about the rest of the prophecy?" Jason asked. "What's it suppose to mean."

"Yeah, what was all that about an angel wearing a ring of endless death?" Leo asked.

"The Angel who wears the ring of endless death, will work with an Immortal to make the enemy drew their last breath." Rachel said.

"Yeah, that line." Leo said. "What's all that mean? Do we find some Angel to fight the giants, if he is who beats them."

"No," Hazel said. "It's Nico, the prophecy is talking about Nico."

"Nico?" Annabeth asked, as we all looked his way. I saw Hazel glance at the bronze ring he was wearing.

"Yeah, Di'Angelo means the angel in Italian" Hazel said.

"Then what about this ring of endless death?" Ginny demanded. "Nico, do you know what its' talking about."

"Don't worry about it." Nico said. "That part doesn't matter. The ring won't help Harry, but I will, if the prophecy says I'll defeat the twin giants then I will."

"Lets just hope we can get a god to help you when the time comes." I said.

"But where in Greece do we go or how do we get there?" Jason asked.

"I know the how." Leo said. "But the where don't look at me."

"How would you know the how to get there?" Jason asked.

"I've built a ship." Leo said. "I named it Argo the second."

"What do you mean you have made a ship?" I asked. Raising my eyebrows.

Leo pulled something from one of his many pockets, it was a piece of paper; it looked like an old drawing. "I found this old bunker in the woods, it belonged to Hephaestus, I've been going there to think, and try to figure out how I could help Uncle Harry, when this appeared to me, I think my dad sent it. I drew this when I was a kid, when Hera was my babysitter, she let it blow away in the wind. Saying it wasn't the time for it yet." I looked down at it to see it was a drawling of a ship.

"Is that the ship you made?" I asked. Leo nodded.

"I also have had this dream too." Leo said. "Like Hermione's, but in mine Harry's tomb is on top of a large mountain in Greece." Piper suddenly gasped.

"Mount Olympus." She said. I frowned at her.

"Piper, Mount Olympus is in the Empire State building." I said. Piper rolled her eyes.

"Not that Mount Olympus, dumpy." Piper snapped. "I mean the actual mountain. My mom told me once, something about the birth place of the gods, our enemies laying rest to the birth place of the gods, these twins who ever they are have taken Harry to the first mount Olympus."

"The very first home of the gods." Annabeth said.

"Yes," Chiron said. "In away they are still connected to it, there is still ruins of the first Olympus there, what the gods left when they had moved on."

"So, we have to go to Mount Olympus." I said. "Now we just figure out who goes and when. I know I'm going."

"Me too." Annabeth said.

"And there is no one that can stop me from going." Piper said. "I made a promise to Harry and I'm going to keep it. I love him and nothing it going to stop me from saving him."

"He's my uncle and it's my ship." Leo said. "So I'm going.

"Me too." Jason said.

"And us wizard are going." Ron put in, Ginny and Hermione nodded.

"I'm going." Nico said. "So is Hazel. and Luna."

"Hold up." Lue Ellen said. "Isn't that a lot of people to go on one quest."

"Not for this quest." shockingly Chiron said. "They will all be needed, rather or not we win this war, rides on Harry being saved."

"We need to save him as soon as we can." Hermione said. "I don't think we will last much longer in that tomb. Even if he is asleep. I don't think he has much time left."

"No," Piper cried. "We'll save him, I will not lose Harry, I can't." Piper stood. "Come on, Leo, show us this ship." Leo stood and we all followed him and Piper out, even Chiron, and into the woods. He led us to this limestone cliff deep in the forest. He turned to us and gave a smile

"Well, here we go." He said. Leo willed his hand to catch fire, then set it against the door. The massive door swung open, and everyone's mouths dropped. "Welcome to bunker nine." He waved them in, come on in."

I looked around and saw all kinds of tools, a work table, everything a child of the god of blacksmiths would want. But the weirdest thing was the large battle ship that sat right in the middle of the room. It had a large bronze dragon head in front. One I knew all too well.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked. Leo ginned.

"That's Festus, he use to be this huge bronze dragon." Leo explained.

"I know that part." Percy said. "I've come across him once, a long time ago. But what happen to it, and how did you get its head?"

"That's what he uses when we picked up Luna and Zabini and brought them to camp, it crashed on the way to England, and couldn't be fixed." Jason said.

"I found him when I first got to camp, and grow attached to him." Leo said. "It was sad to see him destroyed."

"So, this is the ship we will be taking." Ron said. "There is just one problem with that. How are we going to get it out of here and down to the lake?" Leo frowned.

"I didn't think of that." He said, scratching his head.

"Don't worry, Leo, we'll get it down there somehow." Jason said.

As we stood there thinking, there was suddenly a bright light and then the ship disappeared.

"Hey," Leo cried. "Who took my ship?" He pulled something out of one of his pockets, it looked like a GPS device, he looked at it then frowned. "I don't believe it, this says, it's down in the lake."

"What? No way!" Piper cried, and she ran out of the bunker and toward the lake, we all followed and was shocked to see Leo's GPS device was right. The Ship was in the lake, and that wasn't the only thing at the lake. Standing on the shore line, right in front of the ship, with eleven peacock pattern duffel bags at her feet; was Harry's Mother Hera, queen of the gods.

"Queen Hera." Chiron knelt to her, and we all did the same, even if we didn't like her, it would be smart to bow to the Queen of gods, besides when we find Harry, she might show up a blab, about up disrespecting her. Harry would not like that one bit. And even I admit, he could be scary when he was pissed off.

Hera gave Chiron a slight nod, and then her eye fall on us. "It is about time you decided to go save me son." She started. "I would have already done it myself, but I have been forbidden, which is one of the reasons I left Olympus." She pointed to the bags at her feet. "I have already packed what I think you would need. I want you to get going as fast as you can." Hera looked at all us who was going. "Hermione Granger is right about where Heracleitus is, it is the giant twins Otis, and Ephialtes, who have taken my son."

"They mistook him as Nico." Hera glared at Nico before going on. "I had to put Heracleitus in a sleep like state, he was freaking in that tomb and was going to hurt himself, trying to get out of it and the worse thing is you have only six days before the air runs out of the tomb and my son will die."

"No," Piper shook her head. "Harry isn't going to die, I will save him or die trying."

"I warn you not to let that happen." Hera went on as if Piper hadn't spoken. "If my son dies, I will wipe out this whole camp, and take my revenge on ever demigod born here on out."

"How are we going to get to Greece in just six days?" Hazel asked.

"Magic." I said.

"How do we even know any of this is true." Lue Ellen demanded. "We're going by the dreams of someone who isn't even a demigod."

"Leave her alone, Lue Ellen." Leo demanded. "Besides, I have had them too, you saying I'm lying? And grandma Hera there says it's turn."

"Do not call me grandma." Hera snapped at Leo. "And she better not be saying I'm lying."

"No, Queen Hera." Lue Ellen said. "I'm just saying, Hermione could be lying."

"Why does it matter to you?" Piper demanded. "You won't be going."

"So," Lue Ellen said. "But we're making camp valuable by having it's best fighters going off on some wild goose chase because she had a dream."

"The Ares cabin will still be here." Clairsse said. "We can handle any attack."

"Saving my son is not some wild goose chase." Hera yelled, face full of fury. "And you better hope, all you better hope my son is saved." I frowned, Harry would not like the fact Hera is threating camp if he isn't saved.

"That is my last warning!" Hera thunder, before disappearing.

"Well, I guess Hera is upset Harry is missing." I said. Ron looked at me.

"Gee, what gave you that idea." He asked.

"Yeah, but we're still we are going by what she is saying." Lue Ellen said, pointing to Hermione. Gods what was her problem. Hermione was a nice girl, she never done anything to anyone here. Unless you count giving Leo stinging hex each time he flirted with her.

"Lay off her." Ginny demanded. "Hermione is the smartest witch of her age."

"So," Lue Ellen said. "She's still not a demigod, she's just a mortal that has been blessed in magic by my mother. How could she be having demigod dreams?"

As if answering Lue Ellen's question a light suddenly shined around Hermione and when it was gone, she was no longer wearing her jeans and shirt, but a simple white dress with gold bands around her arms, and her bushy brown hair was no longer bushy. and fall down her back, perfectly straight, she now wore make up, and looked beautful.

"Oh my gods." Piper cried, her eye wide and mouth open.

"What..what just happened?" Hermione demanded, looking down at herself in shock, Leo was staring at her with his mouth open, any minute now I expected to see drool.

"You've been claimed."Annabeth answered her eyes wide in shock.

"You mean by a god?' Hermione asked. "Who?"

"My mother." Piper said. Hermione's mouth dropped. Chiron suddenly knelt to Hermione.

"Hail, Hermione Granger," Chiron said. "Daugher of Aphrodite, lady of the doves, goddess of love."

"But..but.." Hermione stumbled. "I'm not..not..my parents are dentist, I can't be a demigod."

"Dentist." An Ares kid snickered.

"But Hermione." Ginny said. "Remember you said your parents told you this summer you were adopted."

"Yeah, but I thought maybe that meet I had a witch or wizard for a birth parent." Hermione said, looking down at herself in disgust. "I'm not pretty, I'm smart. If a goddess was my mother it wouldn't be Aphrodite."

"Child, she has claimed you, the gods do not make mistake, at least when it comes to claiming their kid." Chiron said.

"You mean when they do claim them." Nico scowled. I know what he was going on about. His girlfriend Luna, has been at camp since the summer and still hasn't been claimed.

Hermione still looked as if she was going to throw up, I think she wished it had been Athena to claim her, out of all the goddesses I would have excepted it was Athena; Hermione did have the brains of an Athena kid, but I guess there is always the different one in the group, or in Aphrodite's case two different ones. Though before Harry was taken Piper was starting to act more and more like a child from Aphrodite. Except for the breaking hearts things. Piper will never have eyes for anyone but Harry.

"You know what?" Piper said, lifting one of the duffel bags and throwing it over her shoulder. "None of that matters now, we have six days to save my guy, so I would like to get moving." She glanced at Hermione with a look I couldn't read, before she climb aboard the ship. I think she was a little unsalted about Hermione saying she was smart not pretty. I don't think she meant to, but she made it sound as if a child of Aphrodite couldn't be smart. Which I already knew not to be true. Piper wasn't the only daughter of Aphrodite I've known that was smart.

"Piper's right." Hazel said. "Who our godly parents is doesn't matter at the moment. We really should get going." She tried to pick up one of the duffel bags, but it most have been too havey for her small frame.

"Let me help you." Ron said. "He then picked up Hazel's duffel bag, and then one for himself.

"Thanks." Hazel smiled at him.

"No problem." Ron said. He then headed on board the ship too."

"Come on, Hermione." Annabeth said, taking hold of Hermione's arm. "We'll figure this out. Everything will me fine. Lets just go find Harry." Hermione nodded still looking shocked as she followed Annabeth on to the ship. I guess I would be carrying their bags.

"She took that well." Leo joked. He grabbed a duffel bag and headed aboard the ship.

"We're not going to find Harry just standing around here." Nico said. He grabbed one of the bags and hoped aboard. Luna following.

Ginny and Jason went next copying the others without a word. I said by to Chiron and grabbed the last three bags and claimed aboard the ship. When I got on, I saw Piper looking through Hermione's bag for some clothes, telling her even with Aphrodite's blessing, she could still change her clothes, but she had to wait a few days for the other stuff to wear off. I could remember when Piper had been claimed, that was even before Harry came to camp, the look on her face when she suddenly appeared in a dress like Hermione's, it was almost funny.

Leo went right to the front of the ship to stir the wheel, he started it up and soon pulled off, heading down the lake.

"Well, everyone, we're off." Leo called. "Next stop, Mount. Olympus, the mountain, not the home of the gods. This is confusing."

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