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Chapter 20: Telling the parents.

Piper's P.O.V.

I don't know how I made it back to the ship, it was all so fuzzy; I was in so much shock. Me, pregnant. I was going to have a baby, a baby. I couldn't believe it. And then again I couldn't believe I hadn't figured it out. I've been: sick, moody, and cried more than I usually do. I normally didn't cry. And I think the others were just as shocked. We climbed down from the mountain not saying a word to each other. Well, besides some of the others whispering to each other. When we made it back to Hera's apple tree, where Harry hide his bike so Draca could watch it for him. Nico had borrowed it from Harry, where he went I don't know, but I did not like the look he had shared with Harry before he took off. If I hadn't been in such shock, I think I would have brought it up. I would later. Right now I couldn't get the picture I saw in the knife out of my head. When I had done what Enyo had said and looked into the knife I saw the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I perfect mix of Harry and I. He had my chocolate-brown hair,( but messy like Harry's) along with Harry's nose and chin. My cheek bones and mouth, and the best thing he got was Harry's eyes. Harry's beautiful green eyes. Our baby will have them. What I had seen was me in the infirmary at camp, laying in bed holding a new-born baby in my arms. I frowned when I remembered I hadn't seen Harry anywhere. He must have just run out to tell our friends the news. There is no way Harry would miss the birth of his child. He would be there when I had him. He wouldn't miss our baby's birth. Not for anything.

Harry hadn't said much since we got back. I hope he wasn't mad about the baby. I don't think he was anyway, the look on his face was more of, worry, mixed with shock and fear. But I also saw happiness in his eyes. I knew what the fear was. Voldemort. How are we going to keep him from finding out. Because if he does it would put me and the baby in lot of danger. Usually I wouldn't care. Being Harry Potter's girlfriend on top of one of the seven. I was already in danger. But now I had a child to think about also. Harry's child, a baby boy. I was carrying Harry's son. I was doing everything I could not to panic. I was one of the seven. I was needed to fight when the time came. I tried to ease my worries about that by thinking about how I probably would've already given birth by then. Considering, we still didn't know how to put Geae back to sleep. Right now the thing we were working on the most, was taking out Voldemort, and we still had to find his Horcruxes, then destroy them, then figure out where his Achilles heal was and hit him there to be able to kill him or defeat him whatever you wanted to call it. So, we still had a long way off before we have the big battle, the final fight or whatever you want to call it. Our biggest worry now was Voldemort finding out. And Gaea, because if she finds out Voldemort finds out. Oh, gods I bet she already knows. She is Mother earth.

I smiled as I felt arms going around my waist from behind and leaned into the guy I loved more than anything. Harry kissed my temple.

"How you holding up, Love?" Harry asked.

"I'm worried." I said. "What if Voldemort finds out about the baby?"

"Fancy face, I wish I could promise you he won't, but there is a big possibility that he will." Harry said. "But, I can promise you; I will do everything to make sure the wrong people don't find out." Harry gently turned me around to face him, and laid his hands on my shoulders. "We'll only tell the ones we trust the most, my dad, Chiron, Dumbledore and are you going to tell your dad?"

I nodded. "He's my dad, he has a right to know." Annabeth and Hermione had told me about the news converge they saw on T.V, and about my dad thinking I was missing. So, I asked Leo if he could stop somewhere about a block from my dad's house so I could go talk to him. Harry wasn't happy when I told him he shouldn't come with me. Last thing I needed was for Harry to be anywhere near my dad when I tell him I was pregnant. He sure wasn't going to be happy with him when I told him. My dad was a pretty good size man. Tall and muscular, so I doubt I would have the strength to pull him off the father of my unborn child.

Harry put his hands on my cheeks and kissed my forehead, before pulling me into a hug.

"Piper, I swear I will keep you and the baby safe." Harry whispered. "I will not allow anything near you."

"I know." I said. "But you're still not coming with me to speak to my dad." Harry groaned. "I'm taking, Hermione, Annabeth and Marauder, that should be enough. Plus you lend me your sword to take with me. And I got my old dagger back."

"I just want to be able to protect you." Harry said. "I can't do that if I'm not with you."

"Harry, I'll be fine." I said. "You've already made me bring my bow and arrows."

"Fine, but I swear if you get hurt or anything. I'll kill whoever or whatever did it." Harry said. I smiled at his protectiveness.

"I won't get hurt." I said. "Remember, I got to protections on me from two different goddesses. One being your mother. I'll be fine."

"Piper," Annabeth and Hermione came up to us. "We're here." Harry tightened his grip on me and I laughed.

"Harry, I'm coming back I promise." I pulled out of the hug and gave him a short sweet kiss. Harry, Leo, and Percy walked us to the ladder. We each gave our boyfriends a good-bye kiss, and then stepped down. The moment my feet touched the ground Annabeth handed me her Yankees cap and I put it on my head. Then took hold of the back of Hermione's shirt, so they knew I was following. I had told them the way to my house so they would know. Annabeth let me borrow her cap to keep me hidden so neither press or monster if we came across one saw me. When we got to my dad's; our plan was to have Marauder make a fuss, scaring off both press and the guard at the gate, and while no one was watching I would press in the code to open the gate and we would sneak in. I kept Harry's wand in my pocket ready to turn into a sword if I needed it and my bow and quiver was in my backpack. I used Annabeth hat instead of Harry's cloak so there wouldn't be a risk of someone stepping on it and causing it to uncover me.

Thankfully we ran into no monsters on the way there and as I thought the front of my dad's large mansion was surrounded by reporters and the press. I bent down and whispered instructions in Marauder's ear. He took off toward the reporters and stopped right by them, they didn't notice the large lion until he gave a loud roar. I was able to sneak up and press in the code, nobody noticed as the gate opened and three girls slipped in. Well, it's not like they would have noticed me anyway. I closed the gate and we headed on up to my dad's house. I took the door key out of my pocket and unlocked the door. We walked in and I pressed the code into the security alarm and locked the door back. I then took off Annabeth's cap.

"When my dad's home he usually hangs out in his study, I'll check there first." I said.

"We'll wait down here for you." Annabeth said.

And Hermione nodded. "Yell if you need us." I told them I would be back soon and then walked up the stairs and down the hall at the end was my dad's study, but as I came up on his bedroom I heard his voice coming out the open door.

"No, I'm leaving tonight." Was what I heard. I stopped at his door and peeped. My dad was running around his room, grabbing any old thing out of his dresser and tossing into an open bag on his bed. And talking to someone on his cell phone. "No, tonight. I need to go tonight. I don't care about the movie." My eyes got big at that. Dad never said he didn't care about making a movie and he has never put anything before making a movie.

"Let them get someone else then." Dad said, as he ran to his other dresser and grabbed a few things out of it. "I won't be there for filming tomorrow. I'll be in New York, I've put it off long enough." He stopped and stood in front of his bed. "Don't they understand this is my daughter we are talking about. I know the police are looking for her, but they don't seem to understand that my daughter isn't the kind of girl who would run off with her boyfriend." he paused as the person on the other end said something. "Yes, I still believe that Potter boy had something to do with her disappearance. That's why I'm headed to New York, I'm going to question his father, adopted father whatever he is to him. Yes, it has to be tonight. And I swear if anyone of them has done anything to my daughter I'll..."

"Dad," I spoke up, I really didn't want to hear my dad threaten Harry. My dad paused as he was zipping his bag and looked up at me. "Hang on a second, Pipes." he said then turned his back to me and headed to his closet, but stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, dropped the phone out of his hand and his mouth dropped open and he stared at me in shock. Then suddenly ran toward me and engulfed me in a hug.

"Piper, where the hell have you been?" He demanded. "I haven't heard from you in over a month. He pulled away with his hands on my shoulders and looked me over for injuries. "You've lost weight."

"Don't worry, I'll be getting huge soon." I mumbled.

"What?" My dad frowned.

"Nothing." I shook my head. I already worked out the story I was going to tell him. I hated lying, but he really wasn't ready to learn the truth yet. Besides a part of it was lies, part of it was just stuff left out and part was the truth. Somewhat the truth anyway.

"Pipes, where have you been?" My dad asked. He made me sit down on the edge of his bed, and he pulled a chair over from somewhere and sat down in it. "It's been a mouth or more since you've called me. I even tried to look up this camp you go to and as far as I can tell there is no such camp."

"Um...don't be silly, dad." I said. "Of course there is. You probably got the name wrong or something." My dad frowned like he didn't believe me.

"Why haven't you called me then?" He demanded. "And why can't I find a number or even anyone else that knows this camp?"

"I didn't really lie about a camp." I said. "I do go to a camp, but I lied about what kind, because I thought you would get mad if I told you the truth." I took a breath and went on with the story I had come up with. "Now the camp it's self, but the fact it wasn't year round like I said. " My dad frowned.

"It wasn't?" He asked. I shook my head. Yeah, at camp half-blood you can be there year round if you wanted, but I had to change it if I was going to get my story to work.

"It's just a summer camp." I said. My dad crossed his arms.

"And tell me just where have you been staying when the camp is closed." He demanded. I looked down and wouldn't meet my dad's eyes. "Answer me young lady."

"I was living in New York." I said. "With my...with my boyfriend Harry." My dad didn't say anything at first. I think he was in shock.

"Piper, look at me." He demanded. I looked up and flinched, he had nothing but pure anger in his eyes. "Would you mind repeating that."

"I...when I wasn't at camp I stayed with Harry and his dad in their apartment in New York." I said.

"Piper, you're sixteen years old." He said. "You are still just a child." He stood and started pacing. "You're not old enough to be living with some boy." He paced again. "I can't believe this. How could you?" He stopped in front of me. "Please tell me this dad of your boyfriend's made you sleep in different rooms." I looked down. "Piper." My dad growled sounding a lot like a bear. I looked back up. His face suddenly turned red, and so did mine. I knew what he was about to ask. "Did you and him.." he didn't finish, but I knew what he was asking. Even if I wanted to lie I couldn't. Not with me having to tell him I was having a baby.

My face was as red as a tomato as I gave a nod. My dad's eyes narrowed. "Where is he? Where is this Harry? I'm going to rip him apart."

"Dad, Harry and I love each other." I said. "It's not all his fault. We both wanted to." My dad sat back down and started rubbing his temples. While taking deep breaths.

"You're too young to be in love." he said. "You're just kids."

"I'll be of age in two years." I said. "I'm almost an adult, so is Harry." My dad looked up at me.

"None of this explains, why you didn't call me." He demanded. "I was worried to death, Piper."

"I'm sorry, I was scared." I said. Which was the truth. I was so worried and scared about Harry, it had just slipped my mind to call my dad. "You see I...I have to tell you something and I've been just too afraid of what would happen, that I didn't...I couldn't bring myself to call you. But when I decided I really needed to, I figured something like this was best told in person."

"Pipes, whatever it is. You can tell me." I said. I swallowed, and decided that the best way to get this over, would be to just come out and tell him.

"Dad, I...I'm...I'm." I took a deep breath. "Daddy, I'm pregnant." I said. I could feel tears falling and I didn't even know why. My dad's eyes got big and he stood up so fast I flinched.

"I hope I just heard you wrong." He said. I shook my head. "Damn it, Piper, what the hell were you thinking. You are sixteen years old. You're just a kid for crying out loud. And just where the hell is this Harry?"

"He's waiting for me a few blocks away." I said. "He wanted to be with me to tell you, but I wanted him a safe distance."

My dad said nothing he just began to pace again, looking ticked off and mad. "Please, tell me this wasn't another way of getting attention. First you steal things, even a BMW. Then you start getting kicked out of all your schools. Now this; pregnant at sixteen."

I couldn't help it I started crying. I have never seen my dad so angry it was almost scary.

"No, it wasn't." I said. "I didn't mean to...to...but I am and I'm dealing with it the best I can and Harry will be there to help." I wiped my eyes. "Please don't hate me, dad. I'm sorry." My dad frowned at me and all the angry faded from his face.

"Oh, Pipes." He said. "You know I could never hate you. No matter what you did." He came over and gave me a hug. "I love you. You know that." I nodded. And tried to control my tears.

"How long are you going to be here?" My dad asked. "I think you should stay." I shook my head.

"Do you really think that's a very good idea." I asked. "The press will learn about me being...being pregnant. And it's not a good idea to have it all over T.V." My dad sighed.

"I miss you, Piper." He said. "I know because of my work I'm not around much. But I want to spend more time with you. I've missed you growing up." I smiled and went over and hugged my dad.

"There is some stuff I need to do, but I promise. When it's over I'll come home more." I said. My dad put his hands on either side of my face and looked me in the eyes.

"You're really in love aren't you?" He asked. I smiled real big and nodded.

"Harry means the world to me." I said. My dad smiled a little.

"Yeah, you have the same look I had in my eyes when your mom was still around." He said. "Piper, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy."

"Harry makes me happy." I said. My dad sighed. "Maybe next time I come visit I'll bring him with me." He frowned.

"Can you really count on him through this?" He asked. I nodded.

"Harry never really had a family growing up." I told him. "His parents was murdered when he was one, and he was raised by an abusive Aunt and Uncle who treated him like trash. Until Sirius found him and took him away from all that. What little family he gets he's protective of. Trust me when I say I can count on him."

"Poor kid." My dad frowned. "I almost feel sorry for him, almost. He's still the little punk that got my daughter pregnant. It's going to take me a long while to get over wanting to kill him." I rolled my eye.

"Dad, I really need to go now." I said. "My friends are waiting and Harry will be extremely worried if I take any longer."

"I'll try to get some time off so I can come see you." My dad said. I smiled liking that idea. I'll just have to make sure I was at Harry's and not camp when he showed up. "But, I still think you should stay here. I'm going to be worried out of my mind about you, and how you're doing. I wished I never even let you got to that camp, none of this would have happened." My dad scowled. "And you never would have met this Harry."

"Dad, meeting Harry is the best thing that has ever happened to me." I said. My dad scowled a second time. "I love him, and I can't picture my life without him." My dad frowned at that, worry crossing his face.

"Are you sure Harry feels the same way." He asked. "Piper, I don't want you getting hurt. He might say he loves you now, but will all that change once it sinks in he will have to help you take care of this baby. Dose he know who I am. That's not the only reason he's dating you is it. He's not after your money." I rolled my eyes again.

"Dad, it's actually your money." I said. "Besides, Harry has his own money, he and Sirius might live in an apartment, and it may not be fancy, but that doesn't mean they don't have money. His adopted dad Sirius comes from a real wealthy family, and happens to be one of the richest men in England. And Harry's parents were real rich too and since Harry was the last in the Potter family all that money went to him, he's like the richest teen in England, not to mention Sirius has a trust for him too. But neither of them care about all that. They are good people. Their money mostly just sits in their bank. Being used for nothing, unless Sirius is spoiling Harry or when Harry wants to buy something for me."

My dad raised his eyebrows. "You're not after his money, are you." I smiled, hearing the teasing in his voice. It told me he was trying to accept this or at least trying not to totally lose it. My dad shook his head. "Can you count on Harry to help support this...baby. We have more than enough money to buy what a baby needs. But he's the...the father. He needs to do his part." I nodded.

"Harry will, dad." I said. "If I know Harry and I really do, then this baby will probably be spoiled. By him and Sirius."

My dad sat on the edge of the bed where I had sat just a moment ago, and put his face in his hands. "I still think you should just stay here. So, you don't get yourself in anymore trouble." He suddenly looked up at me. "I just might make you stay. Pregnant or not. I'm still your father, you are still underage. I can make you, you know." I frowned. My dad was right he could make me. I'd just slip out and sneak off, but I would hate to have to do that. So the best thing was to talk him into letting me leave.

"Dad, please." I said. "Don't try to make me stay. I miss you too, but there is stuff I have to do. I'll come back to visit. But I want to be with Harry. We truly love each other. And he'll take care of me. Harry will never let anything happen to me."

My dad stood. "Piper, I really wish you would stay. If I... if I say Harry could stay here, in a different room of course, on the other side of the house from yours and promise not to kill him. Would you stay?" I shook my head and gave dad a sad look.

"I'll be back soon, okay?" I said. "I promise." My dad gave me a long sad look before he gave a slight nod. I gave him a slight smile.

"I love you, dad." I said giving him another hug. My dad hugged me.

"I love you too, Pipes." He said. And hugged me tight, before letting go. "Please, look after yourself. Anything happens to you, I'm holding Harry responsible."

"Don't worry." I said. "Harry, will never let anything happen to me or our baby." We hugged one last time, before walking out the door. I felt so bad leaving him all alone.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked, as I made it downstairs where her and Annabeth waited. I shook my head and wiped my eyes.

"Dad was pretty mad when I told him about me being pregnant." I said. "But he calmed down some. He still wants to kill Harry though." Annabeth snorted at the last part. "Then done everything he could to talk me into staying, even offering to let Harry live her with us. But with his room on the other side of the house opposite of mine." Hermione gave a little smile about that.

"Come on let's go." She said. Hermione laid her hand on my shoulder.

"Are you going to be okay?" She asked. I nodded.

"Yeah, I just need Harry and I'll be fine." I said. I walked over and started pressing in the code to the alarm.

"Pipes, wait." My dad called, we looked up to see him walking down the stairs. He glanced at Annabeth, then Hermione, before looking back at me. "I just wanted to give you something before you went." He handed me this music box. It had swans on the lead and when I opened it, a little swan on the inside danced around as it played music. "I had bought to give to your mom a long time ago, but she...she left before I got the chance." I frowned and shut it.

"It's pretty." I said. "But are you sure you want to give it to me?" My dad nodded.

"It's been in my dresser drawer all these years." He said. "Your mother disappeared before I could give it to her." He shrugged with a small smile. "I use to use it to put you asleep when you were a baby. I thought maybe you could have something that kind of belonged your mother."

"Thank you." I said, giving him one last hug. "Oh, dad, I like you to meet my two friends, Annabeth and Hermione."

"Hello, girls." he said. "Nice to see my daughter has friends that stand by her."

"We do." Hermione said. "Piper is a good friend to us too, Mr. McLean." My dad nodded.

"She's a good kid." he said. Then turned back to me. "You better go on now, before I change my mind and make you stay." I smiled and said bye to my dad. He gave me a smile, but I saw the sadness in his eyes and on the rest of his face; he looked as if he just lost his little girl. It tore at my heart. I just felt so bad for him. I was leaving my dad to be alone and who knew when I will get to come back and see him.

I put the cap back on my head the moment the door shut behind us, and again grabbed hold of Hermione's shirt as we went on. Marauder was still keeping the press away, so it was easy to press the code into the gate. It opened, and we snuck out. I whistle for Marauder and he came running to us. We headed on back to the ship, we didn't run into anything on the way there.

"Where's Piper?" Harry demanded, the moment we stepped back on the ship, I frowned, before I realized I still had Annabeth's cap on my head. So I took it off.

"Right here." I said. Harry sighed in relief and came over and hugged me.

"I was worried to death while you were gone." Harry said. I smiled and hugged him back.

"I'm fine, Harry." I said. "We didn't even run into anything." Harry didn't say anything, he just hugged me tighter. I didn't mind. I could use Harry's comfort after the conversion I had with my dad. After a moment Harry pulled away, and smiled. Annabeth and Hermione seem to know I needed Harry right now and turned and walked on down the deck.

"What's that?" Harry asked, pointing at the box.

"A music box my dad gave me." I said. "He had bought it for Aphrodite, but she disappeared before he ever got the chance to give it to her. He said he use to put me to sleep with it when I was a baby."

"How did he take it?" Harry asked.

"Oh, he took it okay," I smirked. "He just wanted to kill you is all." Harry snorted.

"Is that all?" He asked. I nodded, laid my hand on his side and berried my face in his chest.

"I feel so bad." I said. "My dad looked so sad when I left, he's all alone now." Harry put his arm around me and held me closer.

"We'll come see your dad when we get the chance." Harry said. "I promise." He then gave me a kiss and I felt a little better.

"You hungry?" He asked. "Everyone is in the mess hall eating." I didn't really feel like eating, but knew if I said no Harry would make me anyway, so I nodded and slipped my hand in his and he led me down.

Harry led me to two empty chairs across from Percy and Annabeth, and next to Jason and Ginny, whom seem to have made up from the huge fight they had when we first got back to the ship.

I tried to sit there and eat, but with everyone eating different things, and all the smells mixing together. I suddenly felt sick and pushed my food away and stood up and ran from the room to the bathroom. Harry was immediately next to me, pulling my hair out of my face and rubbing my back.

"You alright, Baby?" Harry asked. I nodded, and when I stood I went to the sink to brush my teeth. Harry stood next to me the whole time still rubbing my back. "You feel better now?"

"Yeah, it was just all those smells." I said. Harry stopped rubbing my back and put his arm around me as we left the bathroom. "Next time I'll bring you something to eat up on deck to you. I rather be up there than below deck anyway." I nodded with a smile. Harry was so sweet. I can already see he was going to do nothing but spoil me. As long as he doesn't get too protective and lets me do some things on my own, then I wouldn't mind being a little spoiled by Harry.

"Do you want me to bring you something?" Harry asked. We had made it up deck and I sat down on the air mattress Harry had slept on when we had that big fight. I shook my head and Harry frowned.

"I'm tired" I said. "I just want to lay down for a while, rest. I promise I'll eat something when I get up." I slipped off my shoes and laid down. Harry seemed a little happier, that I promised to eat when I got up, my stomach just couldn't handle food right now. Harry slipped his shoes off and got in bed next to me. I laid with my back to his chest and Harry put his arm around my waist and entwined our fingers. Marauder laid on the floor in front of the mattress.

"I love you." Harry said.

"I love you too." I said, with a yawn. I must have been more tired than I thought, because I soon fell asleep.

Suddenly I was standing in what looked like a baby store, rolls and rolls of baby clothes, and cribs, toys, baby bottles.

"Hello, my sweet." A familiar voice said. I turned around and saw my mom looking through a roll of designer looking baby clothes. "I recently had a nice little conversion with Hera." She turned and smirked at me. "I already knew of course." She left that roll and went to the next one. "I was a bit disappointed that it was not a girl. Think of the beauty she would be, with your looks and Harry's eyes. If it was a girl a lot of hearts would have been broken. But no matter, a handsome guy can break just as many."

"My kid isn't going to be breaking any hearts." I said. "And was there something you wanted?"

"Oh, I just wanted to chat." She said, moving on to baby shoes. "Do you know how long it's been since a demigod has had their own baby. Quite a while. They don't usually live long enough, and don't usually have them so young. Back years ago it wasn't so rare. That's why we have lots of descendants running around out there. But to be a grandchild of a god is rare unless said child is a god themselves. A lot of the gods are looking at your pregnancy with hope. As a sign that just maybe there is hope our kids don't have to die so young. And can be happy, and don't look at me like that, some of us gods do actually care. That's why I have come to warn you not to put all your energy and worry about Voldemort finding out about my little grandson, and forget that you are a marked woman." Aphrodite gave me a look, I was confused at first, then it dawned on me who she was talking about.

"Lycaon." i said. "I had forgotten about him." Aphrodite nodded.

"I wish I could help you with him, but we are not allowed to interfere." Aphrodite said. "Not too much anyway, I've talked to Ares, I did him a little favor and he is going to order some of his children to go out and hunt down Lycaon. But you still have to be on guard. Lycaon is not easy to find. At the moment he is the most danger to you, because he is out there right now hunting for you. Whatever you do; do not. I mean do not leave Harry's sight again. That is an order from your Mother, because if there is one person that can keep you safe it is him. So, when you are not someone safely protected like Grimmold place or camp, do not leave Harry's sight." I frowned and Aphrodite gave me a stern look, which looked kind of odd on her beautiful face.

"Do not look at me like that." She said. "You have more than yourself to think about now. So, Just let Harry take care of you. I would actually take advantage of our little wizard's kindness. He is just the sweetest little thing." I frowned.

"Our little wizard?" I demanded. "Harry is not our little wizard, he's my little wizard." Aphrodite laughed at that.

"The jealous type I see." Aphrodite said. "Not that I can blame you. Our... your little wizard is very hot. I'm sure a lot of girls would like to get their hands on him. But you're lucky, Harry only has eyes for you."

"I know I'm lucky." I said. I couldn't help but lay my hand on my belly. Aphrodite smiled.

"Don't worry, he'll still find you pretty when you get fat." She said.

"Fat?" I asked. Aphrodite nodded.

"Unfortunately, being a daughter of Aphrodite will not stop you from gaining weight in your condition." I chewed on my bottom lip, suddenly worried. Was my mom right, will Harry still love me when I gain weight. I shook my head that was a stupid thought of course he will.

"Don't look so worried. Harry's not going to care that you get fat. He's too sweet." Aphrodite said. "Like I said you are one lucky girl. Oh, you two will have your fights. No couple is perfect. But it'll only bring you two together. Do you realize when that baby was made?"

"No, I haven't really gotten to add it up yet." I answered. "Do you know."

"Mm." Aphrodite said. "I can sense everything that is made out of love and yes that includes when babies are made out of love. And you two are truly in love with each other. No doubt about that. Never before have I sensed so much love coming from two people. It's amazing how much you two are in love. Anyway, as of today you are two months pregnant. Meaning my little grandson was made the night before Harry was dragged into Tartarus. Which is the main reason I gave you that pendant. I already knew you were to be a mother by then. Like I said, I sense everything made out of love. Do you remember that night, my sweet?"

I thought back to that night, Harry and I had made love, it was really late when we did. Earlier Harry had almost had a breakdown from having to kill a Death Eater. I had washed the blood of said Death Eater off him and helped him get through it. We fell asleep and after we slept a couple of hours, Harry and I woke up and talked some. We ended up making love after we promised each other we would be together forever. I smiled. Our son was made the day Harry and I first promised to love each other forever.

"You do remember?" Aphrodite said. "It is sweet isn't it. You'll have it hard being teen parents and in the middle of a war, but you two have your love to count on. You're my favorite couple ever." Aphrodite started to flicker. "Oh, darn, you're waking up. I did enjoy our little chat. Oh and Hera and I are planning on having you a baby shower. We'll invite all your friends and some minor goddess and it'll be big."

"Um... that's nice, but you really don't have to do that." I said. Aphrodite smiled.

"None sense." Aphrodite said. "Of course we do, it is our grandchild."

Aphrodite disappeared but I did not wake up, I switched to another dream. I saw Nico, he was standing in front of who could only be Hades. He gave a slight bow and handed him that weird ring he had been wearing.

"About time." Hades snapped. "I thought you were going to keep it. You still have to find the other two."

"I know that." Nico said. "I'm trying." Hades frowned.

"How is Harry?" Hades asked. Which totally shocked me.

"He's fine." Nico said. "He has nightmares and stuff, but other than that he's fine." Hades gave a nod.

"I hear I have a new descendant on the way." Hades said.

"Yeah, Piper is pregnant." Nico told him. Hades snorted and shook his head.

"Kids these days." He mumbled. "They never think about anything and is careless."

"Father," Nico said. "I must be going now." Hades just gave a nod and Nico got up and left. I watched as he walked to the fields of Elysium, and looked around as if he was looking for someone. He then walked up to Lily Potter who was sitting under a tree reading a book.

"Hello, Nico." She said looking up. "How's Harry?"

"Fine." Nico said. "He's going to be a father." Lily frowned.

"What?" She demanded. He shrugged.

"Piper is going to have his baby." Nico said. Lily put her hand over her mouth.

"How are they holding up?" Lily demanded.

"Alright I guess." Nico said. "Do you know where James is. I want to talk to you two about something." Lily closed her book and stood.

"He's around here somewhere." Lily said. She then rolled her eyes. "Hades gave us a few days off and James has spent all his free time playing pranks." Lily shook her head. "He made me so mad yesterday I told him his sixteen year old son acts more like an adult than he does." Nico snorted and my dream faded away as they went to find James Potter.

I woke up with Harry's arm still wrapped around me. I rolled over to face him and he smiled at me, his green eyes sparkling.

"Hey, sleeping beauty." He smiled, before leaning in and giving me a kiss. "Feel better now." I nodded.

"Much." I grinned up at him and put my arm around his waist. He kissed me again and pulled away and got up.

"Where are you going?" I demanded.

"To get you something to eat." He said, before walking off. I rolled my eyes and sat up. I wasn't hungry, but Harry was going to make sure I ate. Maybe I would do what my mom suggested and allow Harry to spoil me. After all in a few months I was going to be too big to move. Too bad Aphrodite kids did gain weight while pregnant. It could be a lot easier to hide my pregnancy if we didn't.

"Here you go." Harry said. He sat down next to me and handed me a tray of food. I smiled and began to eat, just to make him happy and for my baby of course. Harry smiled when I did.

"I dreamed about my mother." I told him. "She thinks I should take advantage of your kindness and let you spoil me." Harry raised his eyebrow with an amuse look.

"And what did you say." He asked.

"I told her not to call you our little wizard." I said. "That you were my little wizard." Harry grinned about that. "But I think she might be on to something." I pointed to my food tray. "I could get us to this."

Harry laughed and kissed my cheek as I ate. "Did she say anything important?"

"Not really." I said. "She just wanted to chat. Hera told her about the baby, but she already knew." Harry nodded. "She also told me not to get so caught up in keeping the baby from Voldemort that we forget about Lycaon."

"She won't have to worry about that." Harry said. "I won't be forgetting about him."

"She also told me not to leave your sight again." I said. "And that was an order from my mother."

"Smart lady." Harry said, smirking. I rolled my eyes. "Our mothers are planning to give me a baby shower. Now can you imagine that. Your mom and my mom together in the same room, for a party." Harry flinched. "Babe, what are we going to do about me fighting?" Harry frowned.

"I wish you didn't have too." Harry said. "But I know you do he went on. "Don't worry about it now though, the big battle is a long way off. You'll probably already had the baby by then. So, at the moment all we need to worry about is to keep you and the baby safe. And I know sooner or later everyone is bound to find out. But now we'll just tell those we can truly trust." Piper nodded.

"Yeah, but what about when I start showing?" I asked.

"We'll hide you away at camp or Grimmauld." Harry said. "Until the baby is born. I've already told Nico we had to wait until after you have the baby to go hunting."

"Did he get mad?" I asked.

"He seemed a little aggravated at first, but then said there was some things he needed to do anyway." Harry said. "Annabeth said it just gives us time to come up with a good plan."

"I also had a dream about Nico." I told Harry my dream and he frowned.

"No, Nico wouldn't." he mumbled. I looked at him.

"Wouldn't what?" I asked. Harry shook his head.

"Nothing, I'm probably wrong. There is no why Nico would do that without talking to me first." Harry said.

I finished my food and sat the tray aside. With a frown sure that Harry was hiding something from me. I wasn't going to ask him about it though, when I get the chance I will just find out on my own, what he and Nico were up to. I had this feeling I knew what. And if it's what I think it is. Harry was going to hear it from me. He yelled at me for keeping something from him, and here he is keeping something from me. No way am I letting him by with that.

We reached New York by noon the next day, and I was thankful for that too. This ship was really making me sick by then. And I was happy to finally get home. Leo stopped a block from Percy and Harry's apartments and let off, Harry, Marauder, Percy, Ginny Ron and me. The rest was going on to camp. Percy got off because he wanted to see his mom and let her know he was okay, but promised Ananbeth he would come to camp in a few days before kissing her bye. Ron and Ginny wanted to use Harry and Sirius' flow to go to Grimmauld place to see their family. We walked on down to their building, Percy and Harry teased each other the whole way there. Ron jumped in to help Percy tease Harry now and then, but Ginny and I just chatted with each other.

We made it there without running into any monsters, went in and walked up the stairs. Percy was going to Harry's first, he said he wanted to see Sirius' reaction about Piper. Harry got out his key and opened the door and walked on in, but Sirius wasn't there. He looked around confused.

"Dad!" Harry called. He went toward the hall, when a bedroom door opened and out stepped a blonde headed woman. Harry frowned at her. "Who are you and where the bloody hell is my dad?" The women frowned.

"Potter." She said, and my hand went to my dagger on my side, I saw Ginny's go to the wand in her pocket, so did Ron's. "Just as rude as Snape says you are."

"I know you." Ginny said. "You're that Malfoy women." She looked at Harry, "She's Lucius Malfoy's wife. Draco Malfoy's mother." Harry frowned.

"Where the hell is my dad?" He demanded. "What have you done with him?" He pushed past her and went down the hall just as his bedroom door opened and out stepped none other than Draco Malfoy, he looked at Harry in surprise before Harry grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall so hard a picture fell off.

"What the hell are you and your mother doing in my house." He demanded. "And where is my dad. What have you done with him?"

"Get your hands off my son, Potter." Mrs. Malfoy demanded. She walked over to Harry and tried to pull his hand from Draco. "We didn't do anything. We are guest of Sirius', he's been staying at that Sally women's with her."

Percy turned to Ginny. "Hey, Gin, you remember the apartment I pointed out?" She nodded. "Would you go see if Sirius is there? So we can get this all straighten out."

"Sure." Ginny said and turned and left.

"Now, let go of my son, Potter." Mrs. Malfoy demanded. She drew her hand back to hit Harry, but I grabbed her arm.

"You touch him and I swear..." I let my threat hang. No way was I going to let this thing touch my Harry. Mrs. Malfoy jerked her arm out of my hand and sneered at me.

"Don't you touch me you muggle filth." She sneered in my face.

"Don't talk to her like that." Harry demanded, he let go of Malfoy and stepped protectively in front of me.

"You've gone mad." Malfoy said. He looked Harry over, then sneered at the gray braid in his hair. He then pulled out his wand and sent a hex at Harry, but the idiot missed and it hit the wall inches from my face. I watched as Harry's eyes turned black, and he looked at Malfoy who took a step back in fear.

"You bastard!" He cried, he grabbed Malfoy by the shirt again and slammed him into the wall. Marauder gave a loud roar. "I could just kill you for that." He sneered. His eyes suddenly dropped to Malfoy's arm, his shirt sleeve was raised up, and there for all of us to see was two marks of a peacock feather and a staff. Harry grabbed his arm and slammed it into the wall. "Why is my mother's symbols on your arm?" Malfoy whimpered in fear.

Mrs. Malfoy rushed forward and started pounding on Harry's back, trying to get him to let go. Percy, and Ron was too shocked to move, and I grabbed Mrs. Malfoy by the shoulders and tossed her to the floor.

"You keep your hands off him, you pure-blood filth." I said. She looked up at me surprised by my words, and suddenly the door flew open and in ran, Sirius, Mrs. Jackson, Ginny and to my surprise Clarisse. She rushed forward, grabbed Harry around the waist and pulled him off Malfoy and dragged him over my Sirius.

"Calm down, Brit." Clarisse said. "Let Sirius explain." She let him go and Harry turned to Sirius, who was looking at Harry in shock.

"What the hell is Malfoy doing in my house? Why is that on his arm?" He demanded. "And just where were you. I thought they had done something to you." Sirius got over his shock and hugged Harry, who also took on a shock look.

"Merlin, pup. I thought I would never see you again." Sirius pulled away and laid his hands on Harry's shoulders. He lifted up the gray braid and looked it over then tugged on his new long hair. "You need a hair cut, kid."

"He just tried to kill my son and you're babying him." Mrs. Malfoy demanded.

"Your son almost hit my girlfriend with some spell." Harry glared. "He's only breathing because he missed."

"Don't you dare threaten my son, Potter." Mrs. Malfoy demanded.

"Narissa, why don't you and Draco wait in my apartment." Mrs. Jackson spoke up, stopping whatever fight was sure to happen. "Let Sirius talk to Harry." She opened her mouth to say something and Sirius stopped her with a look and she went out the door. Draco following.

"I'll go keep an eye on them." Clarisse said, and she walked out the door. Percy was looking at his mom like she had just grown two heads.

"Dad, what are Malfoy and his mum doing here." Harry demanded. "This is our home."

"About that." He said. "Look around." Harry frowned and did as Sirius asked, so did the rest of us. I noticed all the walls and shelves were empty. "We're moving. We need a bigger place. I bought us a large fancy five bedroom penthouse. Mrs. Jackson and Percy will be moving in with us."

"We are?" Percy asked. He looked at his mom and she gave a nod. "Why?"

"Sirius and I are getting married." She said. All our mouths dropped. She then laid her hand on her stomach. "I am also having a baby." All but Harry turned and looked at me, then back to Mrs. Jackson.

"Blimey," Ron was the first one to say something, but apparently blimey was all he could say.

"I think I miss heard you." Percy said. "Do you mind repeating that?"

"Sirius and I are getting married and we are having a baby." Mrs. Jackson said. Percy backed up until his back hit the counter. Harry smirked at him.

"Hey, Perce, want to know how that one happened?" He asked. Percy gave him a sicken look.

"No, I do not." he said. He looked a little green. But then smirked back at Harry. "Like father like son, uh, Shorty?" Harry glared at him, clearly saying shut up.

"What's he talking about?" Sirius asked. He looked between Harry and Percy.

"You still haven't explained why Malfoy is here?" Harry demanded. "And what about my mother's symbols on his arm."

"The symbols you'll have to take up with Hera. She has Malfoy working for her or something." Sirius said. "I don't really know all of it. And they are here because when they were at Grimmauld, Narissa and Molly did nothing but fight and I had to bring them back here." Sirius said. Harry frowned.

"What?" He demanded

"Draco failed a job Voldemort wanted him to do." Sirius said. "So, his mother, my cousin, came to me begging to help keep him safe. After a while I finally agreed to take them to Dumbeldore, she joined the Order to help keep Draco safe, but then she and Molly did nothing but fight and I had to bring them back here."

"And you trust them?" Harry demanded. "I can't believe Dumbleodre just let her in the order, just like that. My mother was right. Dumbledore is an old fool." Harry frowned. "But then again why the heck would she have Draco Malfoy working for her. What could he do for her, that she couldn't get me to do. She doesn't need Malfoy. I'm her son." I snickered. Harry sounded so jealous right then. It was kind of funny.

"Harry, now calm down." Sirius said. "Dumbeldore is not a fool, he doesn't fully trust them yet, and never talks about the real important stuff in front of them."

"Merlin, this can't be happening." Harry began to walk back and forth. "I can't believe this. Dad, there is something about Piper that Voldemort can't find out. It would put her in even more danger than she is now, because she's my girl. But if Malfoy finds out then Voldemort is likely to find out."

"Then we won't tell Malfoy." Sirius said. "And what's wrong with Piper?"

"I doubt he could run to Voldemort anyway." Mrs. Jackson spoke up. "That Severus guy said Voldemort has put a price on both Draco and Narissa's heads. To go tell him would most likely get himself killed."

"How do you know that?" Percy demanded.

"I've been going to order meetings." Mrs. Jackson said.

"Call him Snape." Sirius told her. "I don't like when you call him by his first name. Like you two are friends or something." Mrs. Jackson rolled her eyes.

"What is it you don't want Voldemort finding out?" Sirius asked. Harry looked at him then me with pleading eyes. Oh my gods, he was afraid of telling his dad. I turned to Sirius.

"Voldemort can't find out that I am pregnant." I told him. Sirius' eyes widened and he looked from me to Harry to Sally to Percy, then back to me.

"Say that again?" he demanded.

"I'm pregnant." I said. "You are going to be a grandpa." He turned to Mrs. Jackson who nodded.

"I thought so, with what Percy said about like father like son." She said.

"Damn." A voice said from the door. We turned to see Clarisse was back and standing there. She looked from Harry to Sirius. "Can't you wizards keep your pants on?" They both glared at her, which only made her smirk.

"I'm too young to be a grandpa." Sirius said. I don't think he meant anything by it, but Harry seemed to have taken it the wrong way, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, before walking down the hall and into his bedroom. Sirius frowned and I went walking after him.

"Harry," I opened his door and walked in. "You okay." Harry was sitting on his bed looking down at his feet. "What is it?" I walked over and sat by him.

"Sirius doesn't want to be my dad anymore." Harry said. I put my arm around him.

"What makes you think that?" I demanded.

"You heard him." Harry said. "He doesn't want to be a grandpa, and I'm not really his son, so all he has to do is kick me out. Plus he's having his own child now. Why would he want someone else's."

"Harry, you are my kid." Sirius said. We both looked up to see him standing in Harry's doorway. He came over and sat on the other side of Harry. "Did you not look around in here either." Harry looked around his room with a frown. I did too, and it was even barrier than the living room. "I packed your stuff first and it's already over at the new place, waiting for you to pick what bedroom you want and unpack." He ruffled Harry's hair. "Don't think just because Sally is having a baby means you're losing your dad. You're just getting a little sibling. You're going to be a big brother. And what I said before. I was only joking, I'll be your kid's grandpa, he'll just have to think of something else to call me."

Harry smiled a little. "How about old man?" he asked. Sirius scowled.

"No, I think not." he said. "Come on, let's head over to Sally's and kick the Malfoy's out. You guys still have Christmas gifts to unwrap." He put his arm around Harry's shoulder as he walked him back down the hall.

"Everything okay?" Mrs. Jackson asked.

"Yeah, pup, here just misunderstood something." Sirius told her. Ron and Ginny were gone now, so I guess they had used the flow to go on home. Mrs. Jackson walked over and gave Harry a hug, which totally shocked him.

"I'm not trying to steal your dad." She told him. "We're all going to live together and be one big happy family. Piper and your baby are more than welcome at our home too."

When she pulled away Harry smirked at Percy. "Oh, Merlin I just thought of something." He said. "This is going to make Percy my step-brother." He looked at Sirius. "Couldn't we give him away to someone?"

"Hey," Percy cried. "I'm not happy about having you as a step-brother either." I rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Jackson, they're just kidding with each other." I told her, she looked a little worried with what they were saying. "They're weird that way."

"We are not weird." They both said.

"Come on, Sea-Monkey." Harry told him grinning. "Sirius said we can kick the Malfoys out of your place, we have Christmas presents over there to open."

"Really," he asked, confused. "We missed Christmas." Sally laughed a little and nodded. Percy and Harry looked at each other, then headed out the door; to what I figured was to kick the Malfoy's out of Percy's apartment.

I smiled as I followed them out. Harry seemed pretty happy at the moment I just hope he will stay that way. I had always known Mrs. Jackson and Sirius had feelings for each other, as a daughter of Aphrodite I could sense it, but the fact she was pregnant too, totally shocked me. I'm just glad the boys took it well. Maybe having a mother figure around will help Harry feel more like he has a family and I was touched by what she said. Me and my baby will always be welcomed at their house. I hadn't worried about that though, but I was still touched. Hopefully we can in the war and finally be happy; Harry and I, together raising our son. With plenty of family to spoil him. I just couldn't wait until the war was over and we won. We all just might get a Happy Ever after or as close as one as we can get. I asked Sirius what day it was and he turned to Mrs. Jackson who rolled her eyes and then told me. I smiled when I added back the days and Christmas day would have been the day we saved Harry; I couldn't think of a better gift I could have got, then having my Harry back. Happy and alive. I guess sometimes wishes do come true. Mine did, for now anyway.

A.N, I'm ending the story there, hope that last chapter was good, along with everyone's reaction, the start of the next story will have a big time skip, it'll be up in maybe a week or two. I don't have a name for it yet, so I can't tell like I did with the last two stories, but it will be the last one.