Chapter 1: the new world

During the year 200X was the time of Navis but many years before a meteor crashed down on earth and was found by a man named Dr. Tadashi Hikari. what it trully was a Reploid clad in red armor, it looked no older then a teenage boy around the age of sixteen its armor was red and it had a black skin tite suit underneith its armor, its helmet was red with blue streak up the middle and it had blue eyes.

Dr. Hikari walked over and looked down at the red bomber "hello Solaris Prime" he said with a warm smile.

"Prime?" he asked

"I'm Dr. Tadashi Hikari and yes, your name is Solaris Prime, you are one of the few reploids i have created, your name is Prime for it means a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. A natural number greater than 1, your are ment to be the one to save the world in great times of crisis and no one is ment to greater then you you are the last resort for humanity" Solaris looked up at him in curiosity.

"until the world needs you, you will sleep and wait until you are called on but first i'll teach you "

Weeks later Solaris laid down in a stasis pod and looked up at Dr. Hikari "you will awaken when the world calls on you"

"until then?" Solaris asked

"until then my son" Dr. Hikari smiled and closed the pod as Solaris closed his eyes and slipped into stasis.

200 years later...

Inside the city of Echo ridge a boy clad in blue armor and a blue helmet with a red visor and brown spikey hair blasted a group of viruses called mentenna; a small black round form with a hard hat and a pick axe. The boy blasted another mentenna with his buster while a few more were deleted by a blast of music notes. The blue bomber turned to see a girl clad in pink with a pink helmet, short blonde hair, a blue visor and guitar "hey Sonia" the boy smiled.

"hi Geo, Ace needs you at WAZA HQ" Sonia said

"alright, i'm on my way"

Geo and Sonia walked into WAZA and met up with Pat, Luna, Zac, Bud and Jack. The seven teens walked into the main room with Ace, and Tia sitting at the monitor "hey guys" Ace said.

"whats up Ace?" Geo asked

"we picked up a strange energy signature outside the Dentech city ruins" a feed opened showing an old building.

"we're gonna go check it out" Ace told them

"got it" Geo replied.

The Starforce walked up to the old structure and looked around. Sonia broke away from the others and snuck into the old building. She walked down the hall and peeked inside a large room. Inside were two familier figures clad in red and blue armor "X, Zero, what are you doing here?" she asked the two Maverick hunters.

"we heard about this from Ace and came as fast as we could" X said

"do you know whats inside the pods?" Sonia asked

"no idea" Zero replied

"then lets find out" Sonia ran over to the pod and pressed a button causing the pod to open with a hiss. Sonia loomed over the open pod and looked down at the red armored figure.

"its a reploid" Zero said

"thats not possible, reploids dont exist in this dimension" X added

"maybe someone finally made one?" Sonia asked. X looked around and saw five different pods.

"or some?" X mumbled.

The reploids eyes opened and he squenched before sitting up. He looked around and saw Sonia smiling at him "who are you?" he asked

"i'm Sonia and this is X and Zero" Sonia gestured to the two hunters

"who are you?" she asked

"i'm Solaris Prime, I'm a reploid built by Dr. Hikari"

X and Zero looked at each other then back at Solaris

"Sonia helped Solaris out of the pod. He staggered as he crawled out of the pod and stood on the floor, he was around 5'9'' to 6''' and stood over Sonia but only up to Zero and X's shoulders. They turned around to see Jack in the doorway.

"we've got a problem"

the four of them ran outside to see a figure in a brown cloak and a black and yellow finned helmet fighting the other members of the starforce. Solaris glared at the figure and moved towards him. The figure turned and looked at Solaris "Hello Bass" Solaris said. Bass dropped Ace whome he was holding by the throat.

"Solaris...i thought I sensed a strong power here" Bass glared back.

Solaris continued his glare. Bass formed a buster from his right hand and fired at Solaris who quickly formed his own buster which resembled a futuristic shot gun and fired back, the two shots clashed and exploded. Bass charged at Solaris who dodged his attack and threw his fist at the black warrior, Bass quickly dodged the punch and landed a few feet away. The two glared at each other before Bass vanished in the blink of an eye.

thats chapter one and tell me if it was rushed or not, im excepting Oc's so feel free.



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Weight(unless character is a Reploid)



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