finally chapter 9, i've been throwing in so many fics my head hurt, but now i've got my groove back into this fic, chapter 8 was to introduce what Jr actually was, and that has yet to be introd so now on with the fic!

Chapter 9: Stone Stelar

Jr sat atop the roof of the WAZA HQ, he looked on at the city before he entered his mindscape. Jr opened his eyes to see a Shinku sleeping before him "yo Shinku wake up" the dragon opened its etes and looked at Jr.

"what do you want Jr?" he grumbled.

"i need info, do you remember our time in the place we were before i was found by docter hikari?" Jr asked. Shinku stood up and turned then laid back down. His gaze met Jr's. Withen seconds memories of sixteen years flashed through Jr's mind.

Jr sat and stared at Shinku in silence. The two remained silent until Shinku begane to snore "he's asleep!?" Jr yelled. Shinku opened his eyes and looked at the boy.

"your wondering what to do about this Omega character right?" Jr nodded at the demon. Shinku laid his head down and replied.

"just like any other foe, beat him into the ground, and if you need help,i might help if ask nicely" then the bijuu returned to slumber. Jr looked passed the dragon to see ten tails swaying in every direction. Jr sighed as he returned to reality. Jr looked up at the night sky, the stars twinkling, he looked to them all when a certain red star cought his eye. Jr smiled warmly. Jr turned his head to see Geo walking onto the roof.

"i thought you'd have gone home" Jr said.

"i wanted to talk" Geo said.

we have nothing to talk about mega brat! Shinku yelled from Jr's subconscious.

(chill scales, lets here him out) Jr told him

"what about?" Jr asked.

"when did you form Crimson shadow?" Geo sat down next to Jr with Omega-xis floating next to him.

"...i think... two weeks ago, the night we disappeared, we had decided to help from the side lines. We thought we could weed our way in and help from behined enemy lines" Geo looked at Jr.

(A/N: i said in the earlier chapters that i was'nt a fan of GeoXSonia but i kinda lied a little so here comes that part that i've been dieing to throw in, that and more)

"Sonia was hoping me her and Hex could get the enemy crippled before their big planes went into motion"

"Sonia suggested that?" Geo cocked an eyebrow.

"so you wouldnt get hurt, i gave her my promise i would do everything in my power to help her and you" Jr grinned.

"and i never go back on my word" Geo grinned and nodded. Omega-xis smiled.

"now then i have to go check on Hex, make sure that knuckle head is still breathing" Geo followed the raven haired teen back into WAZA.

Jr walked into the infermary to see Hex still asleep. Jr inspected the boy as the others watched through the door way. Sonia walked over and looked at Jr. He grinned evily he leaned down and whispered something into his ear. Hex shot up and yelled "DOGS!" before Sonia crushed his ribs in a bear hug. Hex gasped for air as Neko appeared from his hunter. Jr patted Hex's head before leaving with a grin plastered on his face.

Elseware outside the city a flash of light appeared, when said light vanished there stood a figure in black dragon like armor "now, to change evertything"