Warning: gay sex, sex scenes, information on genital size. If any of this is disturbing to you in any way, please don't read. I write for myself, for fun, apart from the idea of the story, Harry Potter and characters belong to the wonderful JK.

Chapter one

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley resumed their relationship not long after the battle of Hogwarts, a year later they were still together, but Harry had a secret, something he has never told anyone, not his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and definitely not his girlfriend. Harry realised something about himself not long after the death of Voldemort and he wasn't sure what to do about it apart from keeping this information to himself. The only problem he had was how to work that part of himself into his life with a girlfriend and his friends. But one reason he kept this a secret, he just didn't want anyone to know and being who he was, how he was thought of by witches and wizards, this was one part of his life he wanted to keep private. But another reason he wanted to keep his secret, he though in a few years he could finally have kids, so he needed to keep his secret to get the family he always wanted. He cared about Ginny a lot, they had a good time together, a lot of fun, just like they always did.

Right after the death of Voldemort, Harry had started to get close with Minerva McGonagall, she had become a good friend and she was someone that Harry could talk to, about anything, so he confided in her in regards to everything that had happened in his life. She knew more about Harry than even Hermione and Ron, the only thing she didn't know was Harry's one secret.

All the friends stayed in close contact and saw each other all the time. So at least one night a week, the friends could get together at one of their homes, most now had their own places. All of them felt the same, after what they went through for years and going through the battle of Hogwarts, they didn't see themselves at kids anymore, they saw themselves as adults, but also like Harry, they felt older than their own parents, even if Harry didn't have parents, he felt older than all the adults around him, well, maybe not Minerva McGonagall, Aberforth Dumbledore and Garrick Ollivander, but everyone else. Harry and Ginny were together, Hermione and Ron were together, but a lot of their friends were also joined with someone now. So Neville Longbottom was with Hannah Abbott, Dean Thomas was with Parvati Patil, Michael Corner was now with Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood was with Padma Patil surprising everyone when the two girls showed they were together, but they weren't the only ones to surprised their friends. Seamus Finnegan came out and usually brought his boyfriend, Michael with him when the friends got together. Ernie McMillian had come out as well, so he had Jason in his life now. But it wasn't just those friends that got together, people like George Weasley who was with Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordon who was single but straight, and Charlie would also join in with Harry and his friends. After surviving a war together, they were all very close now. After Ernie came out, Charlie Weasley finally told his family that he was gay, but he didn't have a partner, he just liked spend time with men. When the friends got together, Harry would watch all the couples and even the singles, seeing how they behaved, from couples like Hermione and Ron, to Ernie and Seamus with their partners, even Charlie when he was alone.

One day when Ginny was at quidditch training, Harry decided to head in muggle London. He wasn't there for any reason, he was just bored so he thought he'd look around. He had explained to Kingsley and Gawain Robards the head auror that even though he still wanted to be an auror, he needed some time to himself and away from fighting, so this first year after Voldemort, Harry wanted to relax and that's what he did. After the last seven years, Harry realised how stressed he'd been and how exhausted, physically and mentally. The two men agreed but they just hoped Harry didn't take too long since aurors were needed.

Harry wasn't paying any attention to where he was going as he walked along the street, then he saw a sign, two words caught his eye, so he stood there reading before stepping into the large building where he spoke with the woman behind the desk. She sent Harry up to the fourth floor where he had one of the most unusual interviews he'd ever imagined. He explained that he could work only on weekends and nights, they were happy with that, as most of their work was weekends, just the occasional night, so Harry figured he could be an auror as well as this which would help him out with his other problem, even though Harry didn't see it as a problem, he just saw it as part of him, a part he needed to keep secret and there was really only a couple of reasons he wanted it kept secret. No matter what he did or didn't do, he was always in the papers, always followed by everyone especially reporters. So Harry figured he could keep this secret out of the public eye. So after the verbal interview he had to do a practical interview and even though he was nervous, he enjoyed himself immensely, especially with the man that had been helping him out. When everything was finalised, Harry left and headed straight to his home and locked the information file in his desk drawer, he couldn't leave that lying around for anyone to see. They wanted Harry to start on the weekend and they explained they would talk him through everything because the only concern Harry had was he experience, or lack of experience, which they understood.

In the first sixth months of their relationship, once Ginny turned seventeen, she approached Harry for sex, which he turned down. He explained that since they got together originally was during a very intense time, that he thought they should take it slow. So no matter how many times Ginny would ask, Harry said no, he knew eventually he would have to, but he was putting it off for as long as he could, he just wasn't sure how long that would be.

Harry was visited by Hermione alone one day and she told him that Ginny had spoken to her about her problem, she wanted sex when Harry didn't. Even though Hermione thought this was private, she explained that her and Ron were having sex and from overhearing other conversations, all their friends were, so why was Harry hesitating. Harry just said he wasn't ready for that type of relationship and it was something that really didn't interest him. He always knew he was different from his friends, so that's how he put it to Hermione, he was different and if Ginny couldn't accept that was how he was and didn't want sex, then maybe they weren't meant to be. Hermione wasn't sure what to make of this but said she'd explain to Ginny, which that night she did and told her just to give Harry more time, that his life has been tense, hard, hectic and dangerous, maybe he just wanted to relax in every way, so to give him some space. Finally Ginny agreed even though she admitted to Hermione she was frustrated, she'd spoken to their other female friends who were all having sex and sometimes she overheard them with their boyfriends, talking about what they did the night before, what they might have wanted to do that night. Ginny sighed, but hoped she didn't have to wait much longer before Harry would finally make love to her.