Chapter nineteen

'Are any of you going to say something,' Harry chuckled as he lead the way out of the studio again, all except Charlie who was talking to David. Harry ended up stopping when fans called out to J J, 'Give me a minute,' Harry smiled at the fans and signed some pictures, stood to have his picture taken by some, got snogged by others, even pinched on the arse by yet others. Finally he waved then led his friends and Draco away.

'Well, I have to ask Harry, that man screamed, was that acting, he looked like he was in pain and he said he was straight,' Hermione said.

'He's not straight and he's had me before. He had to pretend it hurt, that he was dry, but while he was off set, they lubricated him ready to take me, so no, he didn't get hurt.'

'You sounded so…um, cold, so heartless,' Gawain said, 'I'm not used to hearing you like that.'

'That's not me boss, it's the way they want that character to be, hard, cruel, heartless, not caring about anything but his own satisfaction,' Harry looked at Draco, 'How about you babe, what did you think?'

'It really shows how it is just a job, the way everyone behaved when the director said cut. I couldn't even see you in a way, it was like looking at another man do that, which I'm glad about. I would hate for you to be that way with me.'

Harry smiled then kissed Draco before letting everyone into his home, 'I would never be like that with you Draco. But that's the way you have to see it, that it's not me, just someone that looks like me.'

'How in the name of merlin can you do it so many times?' Kingsley asks.

'As I said to the others when they found out, at times I can't, it might have been a long day, so Shelly keeps a cream on her and if I need assistance, she rubs in it.'

'Assistance, you mean getting up?' Kingsley smirked.

'Hey, if you had to cum up to twenty times, in one day, you might have trouble getting up to…minister.'

'Alright, don't be a smart arse Harry. But yeah, I think I'd have trouble too. But this time, it was five times, once you had to stop and do it again, so six really.'

'That's an average shoot. But two more weeks and that part of my life is over.'

'It might be over in the sense you won't be making them anymore, but not with people seeing them. We didn't want to tell you until after, but it seems everyone knows now, even mum and dad. Bill and Fleur asked to see one, so Charlie brought his copies to the house so they could watch them,' Ron shrugged.

'You're parents know, please tell me they didn't see them?'

'No, mum wouldn't, you know that. But we had to explain how it's not real, I'm not sure they understood though. They just heard you had sex with a lot of people and it was on a muggle film where anyone could see it,' Ron shrugged again.

'I wonder if that's why I've been getting a lot of looks when I go into work every morning. Oh well, it's not like I can stop people seeing them, not if they have muggle friends or are muggleborns, maybe halfbloods like me.'

'Well it's late, we're heading out, but it was good Harry, different. Seems Charlie and that bloke hit it off though,' George said.

'Yes, he might stop lusting after you now,' Angelina smirked.

'Let's hope, I have my man here,' Harry tightened his hold on Draco, then everyone said goodnight before Harry and Draco headed upstairs. They showered together, made love in the shower, cleaned themselves before getting into bed, 'So did watching that quiet your concerns babe?'

'Yes, it did love, it really is just a job, with a lot of sex. But it's fine, I got to see how professional everyone was, how they behaved and not one of those blokes came on to you or even looked at you like they wanted you.'

'Were you worried about that as well?'

'Yes, not from you Harry, from them, I trust you.'

'You can, I've told you what I'm like, especially about trust. But now I want to talk to you, I think it's time. You saw what I do, I've explained a little about why I do it and since we've been together I know I don't need to anymore. I love being with you, I like our life together, so it's time to explain.'

'Is it about that night, what you said to him before he died?' Draco turned until he was on his side staring at Harry who also turned on his side to face Draco.

'Yes, it's what I found out before that though, something I didn't know until he called a halt in the fighting. Only Hermione, Ron, Kingsley and Minerva know this. Hermione and Ron have stuck by me through everything, so they deserved to know. Kingsley needed to put a statement out, he agreed that the information about me didn't need to be added. Minerva had been keeping a close eye on me ever since Dumbledore died, but she trusted me that night, without questions, without hesitation, she just got everyone ready, just on my word that he was turning up. We've admitted to each other how we feel, we're serious and talking about the future, so even though I realised I have to tell you, I want to explain. Let me ask this first, I asked the others the same thing. If when I tell you that it makes you feel any different about me, I will understand. I would hurt if you left me, but I would understand.'

'That will never happen love, so please don't ever think I could ever leave you or feel any different about you. Just tell me what this is about because I knew it must have been serious to make you have this other life, a life that really isn't you.'

'No, it's not,' Harry sighed, then ran his finger down Draco's face before he finally explained about sharing his soul with Voldemort, until that night when it was destroyed by Voldemort himself. As Harry was talking all he saw was understanding, sadness but the most he saw was love, Draco loved him and this bit of disturbing news didn't make him feel any differently, he still loved him. For the first time in years, Harry felt himself choke up because he had found a man that loved him for him, that wanted him no matter what. Harry realised he could finally have that normal and uncomplicated life, but with the man he loved.

The end: