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It's Your Love—Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

"Bones?" He could barely distinguish her features in the darkness of their living room. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't sleep." Soft words. "I didn't want to wake you."

Booth sighed in understanding. "Come to bed, please," he requested, extending a hand in her direction.

"He made a foolish decision," Brennan whispered, taking his hand. "And he paid for it."

"I know." Booth pulled her up from the couch and into his arms. She buried her face against his neck and he felt the dampness on her cheek. "Aw, baby."

"He'll never get to grow up," she whispered sadly. "I can't stop thinking about it."

"It's hard, I know." But it worried him that even days later, his cool and collected scientist was still feeling the effects of their latest case. "We did the best we could for Colin. You gotta let it go now, baby."

"I understand," she admitted tearfully. "But I can't seem to disassociate myself as I should. As I used to be able to."

He kissed the top of her head. "C'mon."

He laced his fingers with hers as they walked up the stairs to their bedroom. They walked in and Booth closed the door softly behind them. When he turned to her again, her gaze was zeroed in on him and suddenly, she launched herself into his arms.

"I love you." Arms locked firmly around his neck, she kissed him hard. "I love you, Booth. I'm aware I don't tell you very often …sometimes, it's difficult for me, but I love you so much."

"Hey, I know." His fingers buried in her hair, holding her lips close to his. "I know. You've opened up your heart to me, Temperance and I don't have the words to tell you how grateful I am." His eyes darkened as he pressed adoring little kisses over her face. "And I'm so sorry that with the beauty of that also comes pain because I never want you to hurt."

"No. Don't be sorry." Her voice was hoarse with emotion but without doubt. "It can't be any other way. Opening yourself up to love, opens you up to pain as well and there's nothing you can do about it. I've come to understand that."

"Yeah, but I still wish I could protect you from it," Booth murmured, holding her closer. "Your heart, it's so big, Bones and when you open up, you go all in, regardless of how vulnerable it leaves you. It's absolutely amazing."

"It's your love." Her smile devastated him. "Even when I'm vulnerable, I still feel safe because I know you love me."

"Oh." Nothing had ever hit him quite like this. Blue eyes shining in the darkness, soft lips whispering the most heartfelt confession he'd ever heard. "Oh God, Bones."

He picked her up and carried her to bed and slid off her robe with reverent hands. When she embraced him, Booth trembled. It wasn't a conscious decision to raise his arms so she could lift his shirt or shift his hips to let her drag his pants down; it was just an instinctive need to feel her skin to skin.

His hands molded her flesh with angel-soft caresses. It seemed to him her body was warmer, softer, more welcoming than ever. His own felt rough and hard in comparison and he used his lips and fingertips to stroke her as if she were made of the most delicate spun glass.

Brennan's own touch wasn't quite so delicate. Her hands spread over the defined contours of his chest, fingers pressing against the hard flesh before moving to his stomach and back. When his fingers skimmed over her thighs, her legs parted immediately. He touched her softly, cupping her gently. Her hips lifted against the palm of his hand. "Yes," she whispered achingly. "Yes. Please."

Her feminine hands closed over his butt, guiding him between the sweet spread of her thighs. Booth pressed against her with a low groan and then slipped inside her, inch by careful inch. Instinctively, her eyes fluttered and he murmured her name. She looked at him with wide eyes that shimmered like a gemstone. "Beautiful," he whispered, mesmerized. It was those eyes that had first captivated him. Those eyes that had reeled him in and wouldn't let him go. In those eyes, he could read everything she sometimes couldn't say out loud. "Look at me." He gripped her hands, fingers intertwined, and raised their arms up over their heads. "Do you know how much I love you?"

She nodded, fingers tight around his own. "Don't ever stop." Her legs wrapped around his waist, smooth and tight. "I need your love." It was a raw confession, but she couldn't keep it in. His love had changed her, opened her up to so much that was beautiful and wondrous and she couldn't regret it, regardless of the pain that sometimes came with it.

He sank all the way inside her and claimed her mouth, a deep, long kiss that sent a shock right through her even before his words sent her heart spinning. "Forever, Bones," he vowed. "In this lifetime and the next."