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A/N: So I watched One Thousand Berry Balls and thought of this. So it contains spoilers to anyone that hasn't watched it yet.

Chapter 1:

Robbie Shapiro sighed softly as he walked into school on Monday morning. Friday was the Spring Fling and he had kissed Cat at the dance because every other way he'd tried to tell her that he loved her she would just run away from him.

When Robbie asked Gabrielle he asked her out because he thought that maybe Cat would become jealous and go out with him.

While Cat was jealous it didn't exactly end the way Robbie had previously hoped it would.

When Tori and André had sung Here's to us Robbie wanted to tell her how he felt but knew that she would just run away from him again. So he ended up kissing her instead.

When Cat ran away from him he was sad that she would rather hide from him then be near him. He had tried calling her the weekend but she never picked up.

Robbie walked to his locker and opened it up, he then processed to get his books that he would need for his classes. He hoped that he would see Cat today and maybe talk to her or even apologize for kissing her. He didn't want her to feel weird or pressured into giving feelings to him.

He needed somebody to talk with but didn't know who would be the right person to talk to. He couldn't talk to Tori or Jade. Tori was sweet and nice to him on most occasions but it would just be weird; and he definitely couldn't talk with Jade because he knew that she would just walk away from him, hurt him or call him names.

While Robbie was friends with Sinjin he couldn't talk to him because he had danced with Cat, and that would just be awkward. Beck and André maybe the right people to talk to but he wasn't sure which one to speak with.

Beck and André were both great people; André had a lot of girlfriends but Beck dealt with Jade, and Jade was well...crazy.

Robbie closed his locker and stood there in the hallways uncertain to what to do next. Half of him wanted to go to his first class to see rather or not Cat would be there but another part of him didn't want to.

Robbie looked around but didn't see Cat anywhere; he sighed thinking that maybe she had skipped school today so that she wouldn't have to see him.

He saw André by Tori's locker talking with her; she tilted her head and Robbie heard her laugh at something André said. He then glanced at Jade's locker knowing that by now she and Beck would be there, and sure enough they were.

Jade had her back to a locker next to her and was talking to Beck about something. It was difficult being the odd man out; he wanted a relationship too. He didn't know when it started but he found himself drawn to Cat; he didn't mean for it to happen it just did.

And now that Robbie had kissed Cat he didn't know if their friendship would survive. He wished that he could go back in time and stop his past self from kissing Cat; though if he was honest with himself what he really wanted to do was get Cat to admit to him that she liked him to.

But Robbie knew that would never happen, those kinds of things never happened to people like him after all.