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Voice Imitation. Danny nearly shivered at the thought of what such a power like that could bring. Certainly, since she's with Ember, nothing but chaos.

School had been cancelled. Danny was right, her imitation also took Ember's mind control powers, it even took over the control of the adult's minds. Minus his parents, who always wore anti-spectral (his signature as an exception) contraptions. Of course, Jazz was with them, but with her under the spell cast over the town, she had to be locked in her room, with the windows sealed shut.

"Danny!" his mother called from downstairs.

Danny sighed and phased through the floor (faster route) to see what his mother wanted him for. "Yeah, Mom?"

"A 'Ms. Krane' is here!" she called from the other room cheerily, although you could hear the surprise in her voice at having actual contact with someone not under Ember's influence.

"Ms. Krane?" Danny asked as soon as the name registered into his mind. He ran into the living room at a nearly impossible speed.

"Danny!" she cried as she ran to him and embraced him, to his shock. When she pulled back and looked him in the eye, Danny could plainly see the pain and confusion laced through every pore of her features. "How have you been?"

"I've been...good..." the halfa awkwardly responded. With everyone else practically zombie slaves, you'd think she'd start her first conversation in who knows how long with something else.

She nodded absently. "I figured that here would be a safe anti-ghost sanctuary, so I came here as soon as I could, but to be honest, I didn't expect any of you to still be...aware." Danny nodded in understanding. "Anyway, your mother and I had a small conversation...is there something you want to share with me?" she asked, the confusion becoming more prominent.

Danny stared at his mother in his own confusion, to which Maddie shrugged. The ghost-boy sighed, and decided to tell half of the truth. "Sierra..."

As soon as the name was mentioned, Ms. Krane burst into hysterics. Danny and Maddie both slightly jumped, before looking to each other, wondering what to do. Danny hesitantly placed his hand on her shoulder and patted it awkwardly, before Ms. Krane took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I'm trying really hard, but..." she trailed off as another sob ripped through her. "Please...continue."

"Uh..." Danny looked down at his shoes. "Sierra...well...she's kinda...-"

"She's a ghost now, isn't she?"

Danny glanced up at Ms. Krane and gave a shy smile. "How'd you guess?"

Ms. Krane rolled her eyes. "We're the only ones left in the city who can think for ourselves thanks to a ghost, Sierra's been dead for months, and you bring her up as an explanation. But I can't see her doing anything like this..." she let a few more cries out.

"She's confused." Danny stated after a pregnant pause. "She didn't know she was dead at first, befriended the wrong people..." he sighed. "And it's kinda my fault."

Ms. Krane looked at him. "Never. It was never your fault. You were Sierra's hero."

"And I abandoned her."

"You didn't abandon her, she...died." Another heartbreaking cry escaped from the mourning teacher. "She was like a daughter to me, you know."

Maddie then interrupted, "Which is why you're probably not affected by this mind-control, for one reason or another."

Ms. Krane became confused once more. "Wait, I thought this was Ember or something? That blue-haired singer?"

"Yeah, Sierra's with her," Danny muttered

Ms. Krane took a couple more breaths, before seemingly calming down. "Where's your husband?"

"Trying to snap Jazz out of this trance," Maddie replied with a roll of her eyes, knowing her husband's methods probably weren't going to work. "Danny, could you go up there for a second, I want to see if I can get any more answers out of Ms. Krane."

Danny nodded and walked back up (didn't want to scare the fragile teacher any more) and opened Jazz's door, to find his sister tied upside down from the ceiling, swinging back and forth as Jack pushed her like one would on a swing.

"Uh...Dad?" Danny called out in his confusion.

"Yes, son?" he asked, slowing the swinging to a halt.

"What are you doing?"

"As you can see, I've placed headphones in her ears, playing her favorite music at top volume, while trying to knock the ghostly entity out of her head by-"

"Yeah, cool, I get it." Danny walked over to Jazz, who seemed completely unresponsive, kinda like Sierra would when she was in a bad mood... "DAD!"

"What? I'm right here you know."

"Take that blindfold off of Jazz!" he ordered.

Jack pouted a bit before complying with his son's demands, and untied his daughter and laid her down on her bed. The first thing she did when she touched the mattress was reach for her radio, which Jack had unplugged and destroyed. Violently. As soon as Jazz's body realized that the radio wasn't going to work, she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

"So, what does this have to do with...Danny?" Jack asked as he noticed his son's absence.

"Right here!" Danny yelled as he ran back in. "Oh good, you untied her too." Jack raised in eyebrow at the object in his son's hands.


"Just trust me!" With that, Danny taped the cloth to Jazz's hands, who released a scream as she tried to throw it off and glanced around wildly, before settling down.

"Danny?" Jazz asked. "What just happened?"

Danny smiled. "It worked!"

Jazz and Jack stared expectantly at their relative, hoping for an explanation.

Danny rolled his eyes and smirked. "Sierra's part of the mind control, so they're following her brainwaves. Sierra can't stand microfiber, she refuses to touch it. So I figured if-"

"If you handed the cloth to someone under her influence, it would remove her psyche from the host because you knew that Sierra would run away from the things she doesn't like!" Jazz finished for him as she removed the cloth and tape from her hands. "Danny, you're a genius!"

Jack seemed to beam too, before a frown took over his features. "But we can't possibly use that for the whole town before them noticing and planning something else." Jack paced around the room. "I got it! How about you use that Ghostly Wail of yours on them?"

"No, too dangerous. What if Sierra can copy that?" Danny shot down as Jazz nodded.

"Freeze them!" Jack tried again.

"Ember could melt it off..." Jazz answered for Danny.

"Uh..." Jack stopped pacing and held his chin in thought when Maddie walked in with Ms. Krane.

"Jazz!" Maddie cried as she ran to her daughter and embraced her. "I thought I heard you scream."

"Yeah, Danny snapped me out of it," Jazz answered as she reached through her drawer in search of some Fenton Phones.

Danny shrugged as Maddie glanced at him, who smiled at her son's modesty. "So, have we got any ideas on what to do?"

Sierra sat on a chair in the old basement of the abandoned Theatre house, watching as her new friends celebrated their control over the city.

"Sierra, come over here! We couldn't have done this without you!" Kitty persuaded as she attempted to pull Sierra up.

"It was Ember's power, I couldn't have done it on my own," she responded as she smirked a little. On My Own.

However, the most recent ghost stood up and walked over to where the others were cheering.

"Hey kid!" Johnny called. "Do that thing again!"

Sierra smirked and complied. "Hi, I'm Danny Dipstick, and I'm a complete moron." she mimicked.

Johnny threw back his head and laughed, Bertrand snickered a bit, and Penelope smiled and shook her head.

"Never gets old..." Johnny stated as he wiped a stray tear from his eye.

Kitty rolled her eyes and stomped over to her boyfriend. "All right, what do you want us to do. We are on somewhat friendly terms with Phantom." she asked Ember as she smacked Johnny's arm.

Ember grinned as she glanced at Sierra. "I'll tell you what we're going to do..."

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