It's the Beast That Chooses

Part II

Peter & Chris

Chapter 1

Peter sat alone in Hale house quietly reading a book. He heard the car approaching and the driver come into the house, he didn't look, he didn't move, he knew who it was because he knew eventually he would come for him.

"Hello Chris, I was wondering when you were going to arrive. I would offer you a drink but from the smell of it, it seems you have had quite enough already" Peter said, not looking up from his book and then he heard it, the click of a gun being cocked. Peter calmly folded down the corner of the page he was reading and set the book down and then he slowly stood up to face Chris Argent.

"My wife is dead because of your kind, my sister is dead because of you" Chris said as he swayed where he stood yet held the gun steadily.

"Look around Chris, look at the state of this house. I didn't kill Kate for the fun of it, I did it for revenge and you know it" Peter said in his very calm tone of voice.

"LIAR!" Chris shouted in response.

"Oh come now Chris, think about it, think about it long and hard you know it's the truth. Check with the sheriff or better yet talk to Stiles because he knows. All those that I killed all had criminal records involving arson."

"Does that include your own niece as well?"

"No Laura unfortunately was a tragic accident I'm afraid. You see as werewolves we heal quickly but the damage done to me both physically and mentally was taking a long time but eventually I healed enough that when a full moon came I was able to get up and leave the hospital. Laura found me in the woods wondering, I didn't know who she was at the time but the wolf in me went on instinct and I attacked her first and she fought back. She was born an alpha but being that I was her uncle and that I knew what happened regarding the fire she really didn't try very hard and I ended up killing her. The advantage to that was that I was now an alpha and the healing process was quickened. But as I was saying if you talk to Stiles he will tell you, he saw the police information his father was going over. The video store clerk, the two drifters in the woods, the school bus driver who used to be an insurance agent for the company that insured this house. All of them played a part in Kate's plan to wipe us all out. Unfortunately some of the family members that were in this house at the time, even the small children were not werewolves Chris."

"Well I still have my own reasons for wanting to kill you" Chris said.

"Really and what would they be, if not to avenge…Oh I see you're talking about what happened all those years ago aren't you?" Peter said as he smiled and took a step closer.

"What you did to me?"

"What I did to you? I didn't force you Chris you were very willing."

"I was young, just a kid, I was still impressionable" Chris said.

"You were twenty-two and knew damn well what you were doing Chris and you weren't impressionable you were exploring, experimenting."

"And then you left me Peter, you left me alone and confused and afraid."

"You're a hunter Chris; tell me what would have dear old dad have said? How would he have reacted to find out his own son slept with a werewolf? Which would have upset him more do you think? That you slept with a werewolf or that you slept with another man?" Peter stopped there and took a few more steps towards Chris.

Chris was crying at this point, unable to hold the gun as steady as he did when he first arrived eventually Peter was right in front of him and he slowly pushed the gun down and grabbed Chris and just held him, letting him cry. Eventually Peter heard the sound of the gun dropping to the floor and Chris had his arms around Peter.

Peter took Chris and walked him over the sofa where they sat down, Chris still crying his head on Peter's chest.

"Why did you do it?" Chris asked as he started to calm down.

"For the same reason that Derek is with Stiles, I had no choice. For people like Derek and me, it's the beast that chooses its mate and mine chose you Chris but you were a hunter. I was the enemy, according to your family, simply by birth. I didn't want to leave you at all, let alone the way I did but I had no choice. I loved you too much to make you choose between me and your family."

"But I loved you, I was crushed when you left and the way you left. It was like you didn't even exist like those months we were together were nothing but a dream."

"I know Chris and it killed me to do it but at the time it had to be done" Peter said and Chris sat up and looked at him.

"And what about now" he asked looking at Peter.

"Nothing has changed for me Chris, I'm still a werewolf and the beast still wants you but now the question is do you still want me? After all you've been taught, after all you've done and I've done, what do you want now?"

Chris slowly leaned over and kissed him and then he kissed him again and soon they were lying on the sofa, Chris lying on top of Peter, Peter's arms around Chris.

"I still love you Peter, God forgive me but I do" Chris said and then they started kissing again.

A few moments later they were both still lying on the sofa, Chris with his head on Peter's chest and Peter gently running his fingers up and down Chris's spine.

"We are older now Chris, things are much different now compared to back then. You got married and had a daughter who happens to be dating my werewolf son. I don't know about you but I don't want to keep any secrets like we had to back then. Unless of course when you sober up you'll just pretend this was nothing more than alcohol induced dream."

Chris chuckled, "no I won't think that and I think I'm starting to sober up now. I don't want to keep this secret either so I'll have a talk with Allison."

"How do you think she is going to take it?"

"I would assume not well considering it has only been a short time since her mother died."

"Well give me your keys, I'll drive you home" Peter said as they got up and Chris handed him the keys.