Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the story! Ash travels with Iris, Cilan, AND Hilda. Ash has all of the Unova Pokemon he has in the BW series with him post-Roxie pre-Junior Cup! I will reveal Hilda's Pokemon throughout the story! Please review! Ages: Ash -15, Hilda-15, Iris-13, Cilan-20, Dawn-14, Misty-17,May-15,Gary-15,Paul-17,Trip-13. Also, every character is wearing whatever they wore in their respective latest appearance in the anime. For example; May will be wearing her Emerald outfit, Dawn will be wearing what she wore in the DP series, Gary will be wearing his Fire Red/LG outfit, etc. Some of it I will include, some I won't. So for the ones I don't just assume their wearing whatever they wore in their last appearance.

Ash and Hilda have recently defeated Virbank City's gym leader Roxie, earning them both their eighth Unova gym badge. After learning that the Unova League is three months away, Ash and company have decided to stay at Cynthia's villa and do some resting and training, after recently meeting up with the Sinnoh Champion at Virbank City. Upon arriving at the beautiful villa in beach-side Undella Town in Eastern Unova, our heroes met up with Ash's old friend, Dawn. Dawn reveals she had initially traveled to Unova to attend Pokemon Concerts in Nimbasa City, hosted by Gym Leader Elesa, to incorporate the dazzling performances of her Pokemon into her contest strategies and methods of training. She also reveals that she has decided to participate in the upcoming Pokemon Junior World Cup, held in Lacunosa Town, north of Undella Town. Which of coarse Ash, along with his friends Hilda, Iris, and Cilan, all decided to compete in as well. The winner of this tournament gets to battle the Unova Champion Alder. Cynthia is also having a demonstration battle against Unova Elite 4 member Caitlin as an opening ceremony of the tournament. Our heroes are currently in the middle of a training session, with a few calls from unexpected friends, the tournament gets even more interesting and exciting..

"Pachirisu, quick - dodge!" Dawn, the 14 year old Pokemon Coordinator from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh, called out to her electric squirrel Pokemon.

Pachirisu attempted to dodge Snivy's Leaf Blade, but was struck by the swift grass snake Pokemon, knocking him back.

"Great job Snivy!" Ash, the 15 year old trainer from Pallet Town called out to his Pokemon with a clinched fist.

"Snivy!" she replied with a calm, cool, collected smile to her trainer.

"Quick Pachirisu, strike back with Discharge!" Pachirisu leaped towards Snivy releasing jolts of electricity at her. The attack hit and Snivy, being a grass type, was only took limited damage.

"C'mon Snivy; revover with Leaf Storm! You can do it!"

"SniiiiVY!" Snivy shook off the attack, summoned her swarm of leaves, and sent them hurling towards Pachirisu.

Cilan, Iris, Cynthia, and Jervis (Cynthia's butler at the villa) all looked on from the sideline in shock at Snivy's ability to recover so quickly and deliver such a powerful attack.

"What a tasty way to recover from a bad appetizer!" Cilan commented in his usual Connoisseur dialogue.

"Wow, Snivy has gotten a lot stronger!" Iris added. "Axew!" her Dragon partner popped out of her hair and echoed the excitement.

Cynthia crossed her arms and looked on. "They both sure are into this battle, very impressive to watch." she said impressed.

"Indeed." Jervis, who was standing next to her, added.

The leaves struck Pachirisu causing him to fall over. "C'mon, you can do it! Stand up Pachirisu!" Dawn encouraged her pokemon.

"Chi pa..Chi-" the squirrel Pokemon fumbled around before falling in defeat.

"Yes! We won! Awesome job Snivy!" Ash ran up to Snivy and hugged his grass snake Pokemon. "Take you a good rest now." Ash called her back. Snivy smiled and happily returned to her Poke- Ball. Ash walked over to Dawn and Pachirisu to congratulate them. "Good job guys!" he said standing in front of the two.

"Thanks Ash! We still have some work to do to train for the Junior Cup, that helped a lot!" Dawn replied. "Chi pa!" Pachirisu held up his hand mimicking the words of his trainer in his own way.

"Good take a rest, Pachirisu! You were great." Dawn said as she returned her Pokemon.

"A very productive day of practicing for all of you, why don't we all take a lunch break!?" Jervis called out to the gang.

"Sounds great!" they all said in unison. Ash and company smiled and rushed in Cynthia's villa in excitement.

"Alright Dewott, Ketchum's Oshawott can use Hydro Pump and we can't! Completely unacceptable! If Ketchum can do it, so can we! Now, focus your water gun on that Patrat and turn the power up!" Hilda commanded jumping up and down. Dewott nodded at her with confidence and released his water gun attack at a wild Patrat full force, knocking it back.

Hilda sighed, "That was good, but not Hydro Pump; we'll work on it." she held out her poke ball and returned her otter Pokemon.

Right as Hilda returned Dewott, her Cross-Transceiver began to ring. She looked on the screen and noticed it was Cilan. She clicked the button that answered the call and held the poke-gear up closer to her face "What's up Cilan?" she answered.

"Hey Hilda! Has your attempts at Hydro Pump been successful?" he asked.

"Nah, not yet. We're getting better, though!" she responded enthusiastically.

"Glad to hear it," Cilan held his finger up as if Hilda were standing in front of him at the villa. "ya know, Ash and Dawn had an intense sparing match today. As did me and Iris. You're missing out!"

"Ketchum better be training!" She held up a clinched fist. "Cuz when I get a hold of him in the Juinor Cup it's so on!"

Cilan closed his eyes and chuckled, "Ha, glad to hear you're staying strong. Anyway, Jervis has made us lunch at the villa!"

"Im on my way back."

"Okay, see you here!"

Hilda clicks her Cross-Transceiver off and heads back to Cynthia's villa.

Cilan walked back to the dining table on the outside balcony and sat down by Iris and Dawn. Iris, Dawn's, and Ash's Pokemon were out on the practice field enjoying their meals and resting from training.

"Hey, where's Ash?" Cilan asked noticing Ash's absence.

Dawn swallowed her food and answered Cilan. "He said he had a skype call he wanted to make to someone, he didn't say who, though."

Iris added while still chewing a little of her meal "Just like a kid, always leaving." she shrugs and Dawn and Cilan both sweat drop and chuckle.

Meanwhile Ash was in one of the rooms of the villa on one of Cynthia's computers making a skype call to someone.

The screen read "Calling Cerulian Gym…" with the picture of a phone shaking below the text.

Man, I haven't talked to Misty in a while. I can't wait to tell her about the tournament, and my Pokemon…

He thought as he smiled in anticipation.

And..to see her..

Ash's eyes widen and he gets embarrassed from his thoughts.

What did I jus-

He was caught off by the someone picking up. Daisy, Misty's yellow haired sister, comes into frame. "Um, like hello, who is this?" she asked.

"Hi Daisy, it's me Ash" he answered waiving at her.

"Oh, it's you. I bet you want Misty, right?" she said in a teasing tone, which made Ash slightly blush and scratch his head. "Uh ha ha, yeah you got it."

"I thought so. One second." she got up to go get Misty.

Misty was drying her hair in the battle arena of the gym. She had just got done with a long swim. She lets out a loud sigh.

"I am so tired." she said to herself, throwing her towel to the side, exiting the arena walking to the showers. Before she could make it, Daisy met her in the hallway. "Hey Misty, like, your boyfriend is on the computer." She clasped her hands together "how romantic. Skyping you from regions away." Misty's face lit up with joy and happiness upon hearing this. She quickly darted toward the lobby without hesitation. Right as she was out of sight she slid back into the doors at the end of the hallway "He's not my boyfriend" she screamed with a red face. Daisy chuckled at the denial.

Misty plopped down on the chair in front of the lobby's computer. "Hey Ash! It's so good to see you!"

Ash's face lit up from this. "Good to see you too Misty! How is everything going over there?"

"Pretty good I guess," her warm smile quickly turned into an angry frown, "actually, im not so good!" she slammed her hands on the desk and got up right next to the screen. "YOU HAVEN'T CALLED ME IN FOREVER!" she yelled and it seemed like steam was coming from her head.

Ash slightly backed away nervously.

"You hardly ever check in with me! Last I heard you were leaving for Unova and your mom just told me you already have all of your ba-" she stopped her ranting after noticing Ash with his head held down.

Misty's angry expression quickly turned to one of concern. Ash wasn't usually very emotional, this was a somewhat rare sight to see.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked in a soft concerning tone.

"Im really sorry Misty. You know how I get. I just get so sidetracked with battling and everything, I loose track of time." he responded in a genuine tone of sorrow.

Misty smiled and chuckled a little. "Yeah, I sure do know how you get." she looked down, almost in embarrassment, "I've just really missed you, Ash."

Ash looked up at her and smiled. "I've missed you too."

She looked up at him surprised. He quickly changed his quiet, caring nature to downplay what he just said. "A-and Brock! I've missed Brock too!" he said with a flushed face.

Misty laughed still blushing from Ash's kind words.

They talked for about 20 or so minutes about Ash's gym battles, Misty's gym battles as a gym leader, and just generally catching up with each other. Finally, Ash told her about the Junior World Cup.

"Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!"

"Yeah and the winner gets to battle the Unova champ, Alder!"

Misty propped her head up on her hand looking back at Ash. Wow, he's so cute when he's excited. she thought to herself.

"How about you enter Misty?!"

Misty shook out of her daze, "Wha- me? Enter the Junior Cup? In Unova?"

"Yeah! It would be so awesome! Im sure Cynthia wouldn't mind letting you stay here in her villa with the rest of us!"

Misty snapped out of her original thoughts of entering the tournament and became curious to exactly who Cynthia was.

"Wait, who is Cynthia?"

"Oh right," Ash nervously scratched the back of his head. "she's the Champion of the Sinnoh region, I met her during my Sinnoh travels."

"THAT Cynthia! I had know idea you knew her! Let alone you were friends with her!"

"Ha ha, yeah guess I forgot to tell you."

Dawn was walking by and noticed Ash skyping and curiously walked in the room. She stood just behind him. "Hey Ash where have you been? We've been looking for you." she said with her hands on her hips.

Misty noticed her standing behind Ash. She's gorgeous..wait, who is she? And how does she know Ash? Is SHE staying there too? she thought to herself.

Ash looked up behind him at her. "Oh, hey Dawn. I was just talking to Misty."

Dawn? I think that's the girl Ash traveled with in Sinnoh. He's talked about her, but he never mentioned how pretty she was. Hmph.

Misty looked away annoyed with a hint of jealousy. Dawn leaned over in view of the screen.

"Hi! Are you Misty? Im Dawn nice to meet you! Ash has told me so much about you!"

Misty looked back at Dawn and tried to cover up her jealousy "Hey Dawn! Ash has told me about you too! It's good to finally meet you!"

Dawn smiled. "Good to meet you t-" she was interrupted by Ash pushing her to the side, "So how about it Misty, ya coming?" he asked.

"I'll talk to Daisy about it. I'll talk to you later Ash, I have to go. See ya!" Misty turned the screen off. She didn't want Ash to notice her growing jelousy from Ash and Dawn flirtatiously pushing each other out of the frame. Ash and Dawn were just close friends, but Misty interpreted their playful behavior as flirtatious.

Misty sighed and walked out of the room to go talk to Daisy about temporarily leaving. I can't believe how jealous I just got.. she thought as she walked away.

Ash stood up from his chair full of excitement. "Man, im so pumped! I really hope Misty can come visit and compete!"

"Oh, Ash! I forgot to tell you, I messaged May and Gary earlier about the tournament and they both said they were coming to compete!" Dawn told Ash.

Ash's eyes literally began to sparkle. He got right up close to Dawn filled with excitement and joy. "GARY AND MAY ARE COMING?!" he clinched his fist and had fire in his eyes. "Man, the competition is looking awesome! I can't wait for this tournament!"

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