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After learning about an island off the coast of Undella Town holds home to Pokemon from Kanto and the distant region of Kalos, Ash couldn't resist the opportunity to check it out. As well as witnessing his new rival, Trace battle for his eighth and final gym badge! The Kanto-like island is a familiar breath of fresh air to Ash, and a new adventure for our heroes.

"Ahh man! I'm so psyched to check this out! Look, Pikachu! There's Pidgey, and Krabby, and Goldeen! THIS IS SO AWESOME!" Ash said hopping off the boat as soon as it docked to get a glance of the island on the beach.

"Where's Iris when you need her? Ash is acting like a kid.." Misty said walking on the dock heading towards the beach.

"AZZUUU!" Azuril cooed in her arms.

"That's Ketchum alright." Hilda said shrugging.

"I'm sure its quite the nostalgic trip for Ash, what with the aroma of the Kanto region being so prominent here. It is quite odd, though…I've never been to a place that only inhabits Pokemon that are native to two specific regions.." Cilan said following behind Misty and walking next to Hilda and Gary.

"A long time ago, two rich families bought this island. One family was from Kanto and the guy's brother and his family were from Kalos, so they brought their Pokemon along with them and they all bread the wild Pokemon on this island you're seeing now." Trace responded.

"I see." Cilan said, intrigued.

Suddenly, Ash noticed a small blue frog-like Pokemon was sitting up on a tree watching him.

"Who's that Pokemon?"

The frog-pokemon hopped away back into the forest.

"That was a Froakie, Ash." Trace said walking up next to him.


"Right. Froakie is the Water-type regional starter in Kalos. Kind of like how Squirtle is the Water-type regional starter in Kanto.

Ash clinched his fist, "I'm gonna go catch it!" he said, oozing determination as he headed towards the forest. "Look, Pikachu! There's Pinsir and Kangakhan! Let's catch them, too!" he said disappearing in the forest.

"I'd like to know what methods Ash uses to catch Pokemon, this will be interesting." Trace eagerly followed the same trail Ash took.

"Ash has no method.." Misty said face-palming.

"According to the pamphlet I received from the driver of the boat that took us here, there is a Thanksgiving fair in Winston Town. If we follow the trail Ash and Trace took, it should lead us there shortly." Cilan said looking closely at the pamphlet in his hands while still walking.

"Winston Town is where I met the lady who gave me Fennekin and the Mega Stone for Blastoise, I know how to get there." Gary added.

"This all sounds boring! I wanna battle!" Hilda shouted.

"It does say here that at the annual Winston Town Thanksgiving Fair, there is a small tournament held for anyone who wants to enter. The Thanksgiving Cup." Cilan said, still reading the pamphlet.

"Well what the heck are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Hilda exclaimed before running down the path that led to Winston Town. "OOooluuu!" Riolu followed close behind.

Ash made his way deep into the forest chasing after a Kangaskhan that got away. Not too far away from him, a familiar trio lurks..

"The boss and his unit should be landing here any minute.." James of Team Rocket said looking down at a tracking device.

"Good. Soon we'll capture Victini and gain control of Reshiram before Team Plasma!" Jessie added.

"Man.. It got away." Ash pouted.


Team Rocket stopped, "Dats da twerp!" Mewoth exclaimed and the trio hunched over behind a bush closely watching Ash and Pikachu standing in the middle of the trail just in sight of Team Rocket.

"What do you say we give the boss something extra to be proud of and poach Pikachu!" Jessie said with a clinched fist.

"With Pikachu on our side Team Plasma's demise and Team Rockets control is guaranteed!" James added.

"Den it's a done deal!" Mewoth began pressing buttons on this device he had, "We'll use our state of the art Pokemon snatcher!"

Just then, these two small machines zoomed in out of nowhere and hovered just in front of Ash and Pkachu, "What's that?!" Ash shouted.

The machines launched tiny balls of steel at Pikachu, but just in the nick of time, the Froakie that Ash noticed earlier jumped in the way of the balls so they wouldn't hit Pikachu, they opened up and constricted his body with robotic arms.

"It's Froakie!" Ash exclaimed with deep concern. He quickly went over to tend to Froakie, "A minor inconvenience, now let's get Pikachu!" Jessie said pressing buttons on the device and causing the machine's to again summon steel balls that, this time, made contact with Piakchu. She pressed another button and the machines zapped the constricted Pikachu and brought him over to Team Rocket.

"Prepare for trouble, its Team Rocket's day!"

"And make it double, the Pikachu way!"

"To protect the world from devastation!

"To unite the people in our nation!"

"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Mewoth, dats right!"

"Team Rocket! Give back Pikachu!" Ash demanded, fiercely as he was holding the injured Froakie in his arms.

"In your twerpy dreams!" Mewoth responded before prerssing another button that summoned Team Rocket's Mewoth baloon to hover just above them.

"Ash! What's going on? Who are they?" Trace said catching his breath due to falling far behind Ash.

"Team Rocket is a group of bad guys who are always tryin to take my Pikachu!"

"Group of bad guys who are *succeeding* at taking your Pikachu!" Jessie said, arrogantly putting an emphasis on 'succeeding'.

Trace grabbed a Poke-Ball from his belt and tossed it in front of him, "I don't think so! Tyrantrum: help me out!"

"Tyrantrum?" Ash said with a hint of curiosity.

A large and vicious dinosaur-like Pokemon arose from the light that emitted from the Poke-Ball and let out a dominate roar that could be heard from all around the island.

Team Rocket cringed in fear, "What da heck is dat thing?" Mewoth cowered.

"Ash, go ahead and get Pikachu." Trace said without taking his attention away from Team Rocket.

"Sure. Ash said breaking his trance caused by the majestic Tyrantrum. "Snivy: grab Pikachu and reel him in with Vine Whip!" Snivy arose from her Poke-Ball and did as commanded. Team Rocket was too star struck by Tyrantrum to react.

"Now, Tyrantrum: use Head Smash!" Tyrantrum lowered it's head that started glowing with a red aura.

"What's the plan now?!" Jessie screamed as all she and the trio could do is hold each other in fear as Tyrantrum quickly approached, causing the ground to shake with each step.

"I dunno but that thing is gonna -"

Mewoth was cut off by Tyrantrum who rammed his head against the trio's balloon sending them blasting off so far away they were out of sight in seconds.

"Tyrantrum: break the chains holding Pikachu with Crunch." Tyrantrum bit down on the chains constricting Pikachu and broke them effortlessly.

"Trace, they got Froakie, too!" Trace commanded Tyrantrum to free Froakie as well, Ash pulled his dex out and scanned Tyrantrum while it was freeing Froakie, "Tyrantrum. The strong jaw Pokemon. Tyrantrum roamed the earth over 100 million years ago and behaved like a king since it was able to overpower and challengers."

"Thanks, Trace! Is Froakie gonna be okay?" Ash held Froakie tightly in his arms as soon as he was freed. Pikachu jumped back on Ash's shoulders, also concerned for Froakie.

"Not sure, we need to get it to a Pokemon Center. Return, Tyrantrum." Trace said as he recalled his Pokemon. "The question is, how do we get there?"

"What do ya mean?" Ash responded as he recalled Snivy.

"It's pitch-black dark and we're in the middle of the forest. It's gonna be hard to find our way soon."

Ash looked up and noticed it had gotten dark without him even noticing. "Oh, wow, you're right." he said scratching his head with one hand and holding Froakie with the other.

"If we can find our way back to the trail we should be okay.. I have an idea!" Trace said before grabbing another one of his Poke-Balls and tossing it in front of him. "Delphox, light the way for us!" a relatively tall bipedal Pokemon that stood on two legs and resembled a fox arose from Trace's Poke-Ball.

"That kind of looks like Gary's Fennekin.." Ash said looking at Delphox.

"That's because Delphox is the final evolved form of Fennekin. Fennekin was the first Pokemon I ever had." Trace responded looking proudly at his Delphox.



Delphox picked up a stick from the ground and breathed on it, causing a tiny flame to catch at the end of it.

"Hey, I know!" Ash pulled out a Poke-Ball with his free hand and tossed it, "Charizard, you help us light the way, too!" Charizard arose from his Poke-Ball with a loud roar. The flame on Charizard's tail was bright enough to help light up the surrounding area, aided by Delphox's stick as well.

Trace and Ash both followed closely behind their two Fire-types looking for the trail they had strayed from.

"So was Charizard your first Pokemon, Ash? I know you're from Kanto and I know Charmander is one of the regional starters."

"Nah, Charizard was one of my first Pokemon though when we met him as a little Charmander. Pikachu was my first Pokemon!"


"Yeah! Ya see, the first day of my journey, I overslept…and Pikachu was the last Pokemon left! Professor Oak was doing some research on it and decided to give it to me as my first Pokemon! And we haven't looked back sense.." Ash said smiling at Pikachu.

"Pika!" Pikachu smiled right back.

"I see."

"Man, I sure do hope Froakie is gonna be alright."

"Don't worry, with Delphox and Charizard leading the way, we'll find the trail in no time!"

"Yeah.." Ash said starring intently at Froakie who was bruised up pretty good.

"Froaakkk.." Froakie barely let out a noise with it's eyes still closed in pain.

"It sure was nice of you to help Pikachu like that, Froakie, you're awesome! We're gonna get you back to full strength in no time!" Ash said, trying to morally boost Froakie.

"Pokemon truly are amazing." Trace said catching Ash's attention. Pokemon have always stuck their necks out for me on my journey, and I've tried my best to do the same for them."

"Yeah, no doubt. I wanna be a Pokemon Master one day. And I'm gonna make sure I work just as hard as my Pokemon do so I can deserve that title and celebrate their hard work!" Ash said gazing at Charizard and back at Pikachu on his shoulder.

"I wanna be a Pokemon Master, too. And Ash, winning the Unova League is gonna be where all of that starts. We're friends, but I'm gonna have to neat you if we get matched up, and I expect the same from you." Trace said with a confident grin.

"Yeah, no doubt! We're gonna do our best so we can win the Unova League!"

"PIKA-PI!" Pikachu enthused alongside Ash.

"Look! That must be Winston Town up ahead!" Trace said pointing ahead. There seemed to be a small fire and the noise of people and music.

"Yeah! I hope everyone else made it okay.." Ash had just remembered that he left Misty and the gang behind.

"First things first, we need to get Froakie to the Pokemon Center!"


"You leave Froakie to me! Come back tomorrow and Froakie will be all healed up!" Nurse Joy said as Audino wheeled Froakie to the back room to heal it.

"Thanks so much, Nurse Joy!" Ash replied. "Let's go check out the festival outside and see if everyone made it here!"

"Yeah." Trace responded.

Winston Town was rather small but the festival in the middle of the town was lively. There was a fire with a whole bunch of people gathered around, along with several stands and games set up for the town's people to enjoy.

"Ash!" a voice called out from behind Ash and Trace.

"Misty!" Ash responded with delight.

"Where have you to been? We've been worried!"

"Sorry, we ran into Team Rocket and they hurt Froakie and tried to catch Pikachu! Froakie is at the Pokemon Center now."

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Everywhere you go you're either helping Pokemon or battling Team Rocket.." Misty said sighing.

"Ha ha, guess so." Ash humbly scratched the back of his head.

"Ash! Trace!" Cilan called out not too far away from where everyone was and made his way to them, followed by Gary and Hilda.

"Hey guys! Sorry, we got side tracked!"

"We're glad you made it. The finals of the Thanksgiving Cup is about to begin!" Cilan exclaimed.

"Finals?! Thanksgiving Cup?!" Ash said with a hint of both disappointment and curiosity.

"Right. We all entered but lost to these really strong Trainers.."

"We know both of them, Ash." Gary added.

"Who are they?"

"Ivan and Randall."

"Ivan and Randall?! From Pallet Town?!"

Just as Gary was about to respond, a Jiggilypuff hopped it's way on top of one of the concession stands nearby. The gang all looked up and noticed it, Ash, Gary, and Misty's faces all turned ghost-white before looking at each other and zipping away in the blink of an eye.

Hilda, Cilan and Trace all looked at each other confused.

"What's their problem? It's just a cute Jiggilypuff…" Hilda said gazing at the Jiggiliypuff that was popping the microphone it was holding.

"It looks like it's going to sing for us! Fascinating! I've never seen a Jiggilypuff before!" Cilan commented.

The towns people all gathered around as Jiggilypuff sang a sweet, soothing song; after a few minutes, everyone in sight slowly fell asleep.

Ash and Misty stopped in a field, both bending over and panting for air. "Was that the same Jiggilypuff that always sang people to sleep and drew on them in Kanto?" Misty asked in between breaths.

"I dunno but I'm glad we got away." Ash responded. "Hey, Where is Azuril?" he asked when he finally gained the strength to stand back up and come to.

"I left Azuril at the Pokemon Center. We checked in and got rooms since it's night fall."

"I left Pikachu at the Pokemon Center, too; along with Froakie, I hope it's alright."

"I'm sure it will be fine. Hey, Ash?" she looked up at him with a tender look on her face.

"What's up?" he responded with curiosity.

"My sisters called me today and they want me to come back to the gym. They really can't handle themselves up there," she looked away, trying not to let him notice the sadness on her face, "so I guess I'm gona have to go back to Kanto soon."


"I just want to travel with you again. You're always off meeting new people, catching new Pokemon, and doing great things. I'm having fun with my goal, but maybe I'm ready for a break…maybe I'm ready to spend time with my boyf-" she caught herself when she realized what she was about to say and her face flushed red.

Ash scratched his head and blushed immensely as well, "Well, I guess I wanna travel with my girlfriend again…"

Misty smiled. She wasn't nervous anymore, just calm and happy. She forgot about having to leave him and just became overwhelmed with the fact that he was in her life and had finally admitted they were dating, even though it was implied for a long time.

"I guess we'll have to make the best of our time then.." her voice broke in the middle of the sentence, but not because she was sad, no, the tears that were threatening to flow were tears of happiness. Misty wrapped her hands around Ash's neck and kissed him softly, Ash didn't hesitate to grab her waist and pull her in closer. The two enjoyed the calm quietness of the moon lit field by pulling away briefly to gaze into each other's eyes, only to continue their kiss shortly there after.

"Ash, look at all of the Buterfree. It's so romantic."

"Hey, wait a minute.." Ash noticed something about the Buterfree and walked towards them. "Is that…..? It is! Buterfree!"

As fate would have it, it was indeed none other than the Buterfree Ash had released five years ago so it could have a family. And it was unmistakably his. It still had the yellow scarf it was given that day, along with his mate, the pink Buterfree. Additionally, there were four small Caterpie all hunched together taking a nap under where Ash's Buterfree and his mate were hovering around.

"Butterfree! It's so good to see you!" Ash said and Butterfree instantly noticed him and flew right up next to his old Trainer so they could share a hug.

"Frrreeeeee! Freeeeeeee!" Butterfree cooed.

"Butterfree! It really is you! Your family is adorable! It's so sweet!" Misty said with her hands clasped together.

"Frrreeee! Freee freee free!" Butterfree backed away slightly from Ash and flew around from side to side swinging it's small paws in and out as much as it could.

"What's up, Butterfree?"

Butterfree dashed around with his mate, clearly trying to send a message to Ash.

Ash looked on dazed and confused, "I don't get it."

"Can't you see, Ash? Butterfree is trying to tell you he wants to battle with you again!" Misty said grabbing Ash's left arm and pulling him closer to her so she could rest her head on his shoulder.

"Do you wanna come back on my journey with me, Butterfree?"

"Frrreee!" Butterfree nodded firmly.

"Awesome! The Unova League is only a few days away! I'm gonna need your help for sure!" Ash enthused. Butterfree was ecstatic upon hearing this.

"Don't worry, Butterfree, I'll bring you back here to your family as soon as the leauge is over!" Butterfree's family all nodded in agreement.

"Butterfree, let's rock!" Ash opened a Poke-Ball and Butterfree went in without a struggle.

"Ash, how do you have room for Butterfree?"

"I only have Charizard, Oshawott, Snivy and Pikachu with me right now. This is gonna be great!"

After arriving back to Winston Town, everyone had awoken to silly drawings on their face. After everyone laughing at the drawings on each other's face, the town turned their attention to the battle field that was lit up by some bright lights that had been hooked up for the purpose of the Championship match of the Thanksgiving Cup.

Ash and Misty made their way back to the gang, Gary had also made his way back. "Woah. That is Ivan and Randall!" Ash remarked.

"Who are they?" Misty asked.

"The day Gary and I left for our journey, two other Trainers from Pallet Town left. Ivan and Randall. Gary got Squirtle, I got Pikachu, Ivan got Charmander and Randall got Bulbasaur from Professor Oak.

"Oh, so they're the ones that were always ahead of you. That's why we never met them, they were always so far ahead of you." Misty said looking up with her finger on her chin.
"Thanks, Misty." Ash said sweat dropping.

Ivan was commanding a black Charizard with blue flames oozing out of it's snout and lit on it's tail. The Venasaur Randall was commanding looked different, too. It was twice as large asn the average Venasaur, as was the plant on it's back.

"Wow, so that must be…"

"Yeah, Mega Venasaur and Mega Charizard." Gary said.

"But that's just one of Charizard's forms….Charizard has two Mega forms." a trembly, creepy voice spoke from behind the group, everyone hesitantly looked back and jumped at the site of a short old lady who just looked weird.

"This is Mrs. Parker, everyone. She gave me Fennekin and Blastoise's Mega Stone." Gary said patting Mrs. Parks on the back.

"Mega Charizard and Venasaur…" Ash said getting lost in the battle between the two beastly forms of the Pokemon. They swapped blows back and fourth causing the surrounding area to shake due to the sheer power.

"Charizard: Flare Blitz!" Ivan commanded.

"SolarBeam!" Randall responded.

SolarBeam hit Charizard, but it miraculously powred it's way through with Flare Blitz and finished Venasaur off, both Pokemon reverted to their original forms.

"And the winner of the Thanksgiving Cup is Ivan and his Charizard!"

"Yo, Ivan! Have a battle with me!" Ash shouted as he made his way in front of Ivan.

"Hey, if it isn't Ash." Ivan said, surprised.

"Yeah it is Ash? I heard you lost in the top 4 of the Sinnoh League." Randall said sneeringly.

"Yeah, well I also made runner up in the Junior Cup World Tournament! Have a battle with me!"" Everyone in the crowd started chattering at the mention of Ash's credentials in the Sinnoh League and Junior Cup.

"Hard headed as ever.." Misty said sweat dropping.

Ivan had an arrogant grin across his face and he looked up and shut his eyes in disdain, "Okay, I'll battle you, Ash. Embarrassing you with a Mega form should be a good close to this night."

"My Charizard doesn't need a Mega Stone, we'll beat you without it!" Ash said yanking out a Poke-Ball from his belt and holding it up.

"My Charizard doesn't waste time on weak Charizard from Trainers who can't even win a league. But, I'll play your little game with Gengar!" Ivan said releasing his Gengar onto the battle field. Everyone stepped back and started snickering.

"Fine, Charizard: I choose you!" Ash said releasing his Charizard and turning his cap backwards. Charizrad spread it's arms and let out a dominate roar.

"That's a puny Charizard if I've ever seen one. Mega Stone: activate! Trace pressed a button on a watch-like device and Gengar started glowing.

"Gengar has a Mega Form?!" Ash said in shock.

Gengar quickly grew into it's Mega Form; it's legs disappeared and it's arms became spiky, a golden ring formed on it's forehead and it's look was twice as…devilish. It hovered several feet in the air with dark aura clouding underneath it.

"Charizard: use Flamethrower!"

"Sucker Punch!" Gengar swarmed around Charizard's Flamethrower and decked it in the jaw with Sucker Punch.

"That Charizard isn't ready for this level of battling." Ivan said snidely.

"We'll show you!" Ash shouted with a clinched fist.

"Get in close for a Steel Wing!" Charizard took off and flew swiftly towards Gengar and dipped it's left wing down and hit Gengar, although Gengar recovered quickly.

"Shadow Sneak!" Gengar dove to the ground and disappeared. Charizard landed and looked around in every direction. Gengar jumped up from behind him and slammed into him with the force of the shadows.

"Urrrrghh!" Ash gritted his teeth in anger. Suddenly, he was hit in the head from behind with a cane, "Ouch! What was that for?!" he said turning around to find it was Mrs. Parks who hit him. She had the same watch device Gary and Ivan had used for Mega Evolution in her hand.

"Take it. Stop being arrogant. You won't reach that level of strength without it. That Charizard is powerful, but if you wanted to see it's true strength, you'd use this.

Ash looked intently at the stone for several silent but tense moments before shaking his head.

"Fool." Mrs. Parker sneered.

"Nah, my Charizard has worked too hard for me to use something like that. We'll do this the old fashioned way, sheer strength isn't everything!"

Everyone gasped at Ash's revelation.

"Fine, that'll make this quicker. Gengar: Shadow Sneak!"

"Yeah, it'll be quick alright." Ash said with a sly smirk on his face. "Charizard, cover the battle field with Flamethrower!"


Charizard spat out a Flamethrower that engulfed the ground and Mega Gengar was forced out and was caught on fire.

"Gengar, fly up and use Shadow Ball!" Gengar shook the flames off, put it's hands together and formed a Shadow Ball that was sent flying towards Charizard; "Charizard: block it with Steel Wing!" Charizard shielded himself from the Shadow Ball with his right wing, essentially cutting the attack in half. "Now: finish it with Dragon Tail!" Charizard flipped downward and slammed his tail on Gengar's head sending it pummeling to the ground in defeat.

"Gengar is no longer able to battle, Ash and Charizard win!" the judge proclaimed and the crowd cheered loudly.

"Wow, Ashy boy is pretty good." Randall commented in shock.

Ivan recalled his Gengar and approached Ash, who was celebrating with Charizard. "Not bad, but I took it easy on you. Those little stunts won't work in the Yellow League.."

"The Yellow League?"

"The Yellow Islands are holding a competition next month, the winner of the competition gets a wild card spot in the Champion League. Ya know, the league that Champions from all over the world participate in every year.

"Yellow Island League, huh?" Ash said loosing himself in thought.

"You have to have won a league and at least three other competitions to qualify for the Yellow League, so I guess you better win the Unova League.." Ivan said walking off and lazily raising a hand in the air without turning around.

"Hmmm…." Ash looked down in deep thought.

The next day, the gang all accompanied Trace to his gym battle against the Water Gym Leader, Marlon. Trace's Ferrothorn defeated his Carrocosta with Seed Bomb and Delphox defeated his Mantine with Psychic. Trace used clever strategies in the match that got Ash only thinking twice as much as he already was about his goal. And now, it seemed that winning the Unova League and the Yellow League were crucial in doing that. Marlon gave Trace his eighth and final Unova Gym Badge, and then, he noticed Misty…

"Yo! If it isn't the Cerulean Gym Leader herself! Your sisters just gave me a phone call last night!" Marlon said to Misty.

"They did?"

"Yeah! Ya know, Unova is great, but I'm planning on going to Kanto for awhile and they asked if I could take over the Gym for a few months, and I told em I would!"

Misty's face lit up with joy. "Yes! Ash! I get to stay with you!" she jumped in celebration and wrapped her hands around Ash's neck before her face turned red after realizing what she had done.."Uh, umm….." everyone laughed as Misty tried to come up with something to say.

"I'm glad you're coming with me, Misty. I've decided I'm going to enter the Yellow League."

Misty backed away and looked surprised, "Ash, you have to win a league. There's no guarantee that -"

Ash turned his back to everyone looking at the ocean, "Well we're just gonna have to work extra hard. Me and my Pokemon.."


Everyone smiled, admiring Ash's determination.

"Froooaaakkk!" Ash turned around to notice Froakie sitting behind him with a Poke-Ball sitting in front of it.


"It looks like Froakie wants to come with you, Ash!" Misty said with a giggle.

"Is that true, Froakie?" Ash asked and Froakie pushed the Poke-Ball and basically caught itself for Ash. Ash picked up the Poke-Ball and grinned, oozing confidence. "I got a Froakie! Unova League and Yellow League….HERE WE COME!" Ash yelled out to the ocean with a clinched fist.

Somewhere far away in the Kalos region…a young girl awakens to a new day and a new beginning..

A Fletchling flew in the window of the fourteen year old, Serena's room and pecked her on the head.

"Mother! I told you not to send Fletchling to wake me up!" Serena woke up shouting to her mother downstairs.

"Today's the first day of your journey! You've gotta get up and get going!" her mother replied.

"Urrrgghh!" Serena plopped back down on her pillow.

Serena's mother turned on the T.V. downstairs in the living room and sat down with coffee in hand.

"We return to previously recorded material from yesterday's Pokemon World Tournament: Junior Cup! If you missed yesterday's action live, you can watch it here! We bring you the match of Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and his Charizard versus the Champion of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia and her Garchomp!"

"Serena! Come down and watch this Pokemon battle! Maybe you can learn something."

"I can't believe you sent Fletchling to peck on me! Do you know how annoying that is?!" Serena said opening a bottle of orange juice and plopping down on the couch. She stopped complaining when she noticed an up close shot of Charizard's Trainer on the screen…

"Woah. That boy. No, it couldn't be….is that….Ash?"

Serena's mom shot here eyes over at her daughter who was glued to the telivision.

"You know him?"

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