Chapter 3

Walking down south to the Game Corner was a drag; this was my first time walking in high heels. They annoyed me with all the clicking on the ground.

I got the Game Corner and boy was it packed with Team Rocket Grunts. So many neon lights were scattered around the whole place. Gold coins on everyone's hands, even the alcoholic beverages on the tables. But the only thing that caught my attention was Jessie and James.

"Why are they here?" I questioned myself.

"Why hello there beautiful" I turned around to see the Manager of the Game Corner. "Would you like to take a seat right next to that young man?" I glanced at the guy he was pointing at. He had red hair and he looked kind of familiar.

I sat next him on the table watching his every move. "Wait!" "Silver!" I shouted

"Shhhh! Keep it down pigtailed girl"

My name is Lyra you tomato head. I looked at him with a smile on my face. I was glad to see him again and not just because I love to mess with him, it is because I am new to the region after all and I didn't know anyone.

"Tomato head? What kind of an insult is that? "Silver asked

"The one when I am making of your hair color." I replied

"Hmmp, whatever weakling" He leaned back against the chair waiting for my response.

"Still on with that! Look Silver I have proven to you that I am stronger than you. Now tell me why you are here." He looked at me with an evil look on his face.

"To destroy my father's minions~ He sighed a bit, why are you here?

I couldn't hold on to my secret any more. "Silver I am here because-"

"May I have your attention y'all filthy idiots"

I looked up to see Jessie and James on the stand while holding a microphone.

"As you can see, Team Rocket is back. And man are we happy"

- Hey who let you be in charge!?-

-No fair, I wanted to be a leader as well-

"Quiet!" Jessie screamed." Giovanni left this team behind and we all are taking charge. Pokémon's are tools and we are here to use them."

I sat there and listened to her insults towards Pokemon. How dare she say that, I bet her Pokemon must hate her from the way she acts.

"Lyra" Silver responded. "Calm down. I know your upset because of her insults and I do agree with her. Pokemon are tools."

He suddenly pushed the limits. I grabbed the nearest cup of water and threw it at him.

"How dare you!" I screamed. "Pokemon are not tools! I ran towards the exit and left the Game Corner. "

It was a bad idea, I couldn't hear Jessie's plan for later. I ran towards to the Pokemon Center looking back to see Silver coming after me. "No!" I shouted, "get away from me!". I thought to myself that he had changed his ways of battling. I was wrong, Lance was wrong, everyone was wrong.

I shouted at the Nurse Joy to give me the key quickly, she handed it to me with a frightened look.

"Okay um, Lyra.."

I ran upstairs, knocking some people on my way. I jiggled the key inside and stormed in.

I fell into my bed, tears running down my face. In the end it was not worth crying. I trusted him to be a better person but I knew it…

My Typhlosion came out of his Pokeball and sat next to me on the bed. I was sure that my Pokemon didn't like Silver either since he mistreated everyone. I patted my Pokémon's head and giggled a bit. Pokémon are friends not tools.

I looked up at the ceiling thinking about Team Rocket. I wanted to stay longer but my impatient self brought me back here. After this entire side track, I needed to check on my eggs. I got off from the bed and walked to the table. My bag was still in place.

Oh thank Arceus I was going to be a mother of two.

~ THUD! ~

What was that? I questioned myself. I turned around towards the door to see an angry Silver.

"What are you doing?" "And why are you inside my room," I asked.

"You made a fool out of me in front of my cousin"

"Cousin?" I puzzled

"Jessie is my cousin from my father's side." "She asked what was going on and I had to lie."

"I had no idea. But no! How dare you storm into my room without knocking? I am so ashamed of you!"

"Look pigtailed idiot" Said Silver

"My name is Lyra!" I screamed

"Whatever, the reason why I was there it is because I am going undercover."

"Undercover?" I asked

"I am going after my dad for what he has done"

"To tell you the truth I was doing you a favor. The reason why I came here to the Kanto region is because I also wanted to take revenge on your father. He has hurt you enough." I sat down on my bed while holding my two eggs.

"Don't but in when it comes to other people's business, my father is my father, I am pretty sure I can take him down anytime I want" He slowly closed the door behind him so that nobody could hear what was going on.

I sighed a bit and kicked my heels off unto the floor.

"Lyra go home, I don't want you to interfere with my business. Team Rocket is almost part of my family since mostly the entire Rocket Grunts were my butlers."

"How can you stand that! You're hanging with the wrong kind of people!" My two eggs began to glow and became heavy by the second.

Don't tell me they are hatching! The two eggs cracked on top area, as they lighten the room. A small egg Pokemon jumped unto my chest along with another furry brown animal.

Oh my gosh! Is an Eevee and a Togepi.

"Why are you excited?" Is just another two dumb Pokemon in the world.

"They are not dumb! "I yelled