Title:Every Bit the Gentleman

Written for:abbymickey24

Written By:Bell 1

Banner By:MarieCarro

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Summary/Prompt used:"guy and girl meet at a wedding"

Chapter Words Minus A/Ns: 6,391

Summary based from Prompt:Bella gave up on hope after her last disastrous relationship and heartbreak. Unaware of what lies ahead, she attends her cousin's wedding without a plus one. Will a handsome stranger help Bella discover it was flickering below the surface all along, or will the flame die for good? A FAGEY McFAGEINGTON the 5th story written for abbymickey24. AH

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AN:Unfortunately, I did not create these characters, but thanks to Stephenie Meyer I am allowed to play with them for my enjoyment and mold them to my imagination.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 - Ray of Sunlight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am early as usual, but decide to go inside the church hoping to spend a few minutes with my Uncle Jasper before the ceremony. He always makes me feel truly loved without judgment or assumption. He just loves me for the person I am; it always fills me with overwhelming joy and peace. I know today is going to be a busy day for him as the father of the groom, but since my last relationship ended in college I have been lost. I am craving the type of unconditional love I receive from him. He always makes me feel very special, valued, and worthy. These are the very things both my father and Jasper tell me I deserve and shouldn't settle for anything less in a man, but I also see how it pains them whenever I tell them I am not dating.

Walking up to the church I become engrossed in thought. Though Uncle Jasper isn't blood relation, he became an uncle to me before I was in Kindergarten because of the time he spent with our family beginning his sophomore year in high school. He wanted to be a cop after graduating and would spend evenings at our house. When he was a senior, I had just started kindergarten. He would pick me up from school and drive to the police station.

Once at the station, my father, Charlie, would immediately send us to one of the interrogation rooms to do our studying and homework. When we finished, Jasper would spend time shadowing Charlie and learning the state laws while I found a quiet place to read, write, draw, or simply listen to music. When Charlie's shift was over, Jasper joined us at home for supper. He would help my mother, Renee, wash up and then lounge in the living room with us before heading home just before eight in the evening.

Jasper graduated from the Washington State Patrol Academy at the top of his class. He was offered many positions, but he chose to work with the man who helped guide a young boy from his verbally and emotionally abusive parents to achieve his dream. By the time I was seven, he was married to a lovely, but overly energetic woman named Alice. They had Peter the same year and Emmett was born nearly three years later. The three of us grew up together as cousins, spending a lot of time together.

Once I am in the narthex of the church, I find Jasper and it turns out I was correct in my assumption. I am able to spend a mere ten minutes talking to him with his left arm wrapped securely around my shoulders before his attention is drawn away by another guest. An apologetic look spurs me to reassure him, "It is okay, Uncle Jasper". He smiles broadly when I address him as Uncle. "I'll just find a seat inside."

"Okay. I'm sorry. I love you, Sweetheart." When Alice's voice calls him again, he gives me a firm hug, kisses my right temple, and says we will catch up later. Knowing how busy he will be with other guests today, I don't put a lot of weight in his promise. I know he will try; I will appreciate whatever time he has available.

"Howdy, Cuz. Ya ready ta be seated?" I nod and smirk at Peter's greeting.

"I see Charlotte's southern accent is still creeping into your vocabulary, Cuz." I tease him as he leads me to a pew on the far right side of the church.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. You aren't always right, ya know. How many times did I come to your rescue from that douche ex of yours, despite your protests he was a good guy?" Instead of replying, my face turns bright red thinking of some of the situations he caught me in with my ex-boyfriend and the meaning of his saving me. He chuckles quietly as I take my seat and gently squeezes my shoulder just before he turns to leave.

As I wait for the church to fill with family and friends, I examine the fact I am getting near my thirty-year mark and am the oldest of my unofficially adopted cousins. Just two years ago, Emmett was newly single after his then fiancée, Rosalie, broke their engagement. He called me before anyone else. Like many in his situation and age, he decided he was done with dating seriously, believing it would only happen to him again. That day I encouraged him to not give up, something I haven't been able to do myself since one fateful day my senior year of college. He then relented and promised he will date, but no one long term and set a firm three-date maximum. As for me, I have tried dating, but always seem to be stood up, or they call to cancel. Today, Emmett is getting married to a sweet, kind girl named Angela. I couldn't be happier for him.

A little over a year ago, I decided to give up searching for someone after watching all except one of my adopted cousins, also children of Charlie's deputies, marry and have children of their own. I even lost hope in my desire to have children because it began to consume my life and just became too painful. My metaphorical maternal clock had been ticking away with a vengence. It dragged me down until the day I decided to put it all into my writing.

I am a well-paid freelance journalist for several major national periodicals, which grants me plenty of time to work on the novel I hope to publish one day. It also allows me to make my own schedule as long as I meet their deadlines, which are always met with time to spare.

Unexpectedly, my wandering eyes lock onto a man at least six feet tall, lean with broad shoulders, and a suit obviously tailored to fit his body very well. His olive skin and dark-brown, softly curled hair - long enough to run my fingers through - hint to a strong Mediterranean heritage. He takes the seat an usher offers. I cannot help staring at his profile, which gave way to a medium-sized, straight nose, and eyelashes thick enough for me to see even with a long set of pews between us.

Suddenly I realize I haven't taken my eyes off him from the moment he entered the sanctuary. I take a quick glance around my surroundings, checking to see if anyone has noticed. When my eyes lock onto my father's smirk as he is being ushered toward this pew, I feel my face heat up and turn back to face the front of the church. Scooting over, I tuck my chin into my chest. Luckily, he seems to be the only one to have caught me.

I feel Charlie sit next to me and quietly clear his throat before leaning in to whisper, "What, or should I say who, were you concentrating on so fervently, Bells?" When I don't reply he continues, "I haven't seen you this unobservant to your surroundings since that boy, Edmun, broke your heart in college". I am saved by the string quartet playing the Canon D processional, signaling the beginning of the ceremony.

Angela makes a beautiful bride. Emmett appears sharp in his tuxedo and beams with love and happiness. They really do make an adorable couple.

The wedding is like any other wedding and passes with no incidents, alleviating a bride's worst fear. They begin to direct everyone from the sanctuary one pew at a time. When they get to my new eye-candy, my eyes fixate on every move he makes. In a true gentlemanly fashion, being the first out of the pew, he stands back and allows the ladies to precede him out, even helping an elderly woman situate her walker and gently guiding her. The moment he is out of sight and my eyes still linger on the door, I hear my father softly chuckle. Once again, I find my face flushing. Thankfully, he does not say anything more, for now.

We receive the nod from the usher allowing us to exit and congratulate the newlyweds in the vestibule. Many hugs and quick chats later, we are through the receiving line and waiting outside with mini-bubble bottles in hand. With the brightly lit, nearly cloudless, rain-free sky and temperatures in the upper seventies, they couldn't have asked for a better wedding day. I allow my eyes to wander the crowd for the closest thing to a Greek god I may ever see.

"So, Bells." Unaware anyone is behind me my heart nearly explodes into a frantic rhythm and begins pumping adrenaline through my veins. Charlie continues when I turn to face him. "I get the feeling I should have brought my shotgun today." He finishes, his lips in a tight line under his mustache, but his eyes reveal the true story, humor.

Trying to avoid admitting my obvious attraction to the handsome stranger, I give him a look of confusion. "I have no idea what you are talking about." Charlie just laughs at me as the new husband and wife emerge straight through a series of bubbles toward their limo to the Conference Center for the reception. Charlie and I talk for a few more minutes before we agree to meet at the dining hall across town.

Turning toward my car, I catch a glimpse of my mystery man. When I see who is with him, my heart stops. It seems they are having a heated conversation as they stand at the other end of the church, roughly five hundred feet away. Before they notice I am now alone - well, not with anyone I know - I rush toward my car as fast as I can in heels while trying not to trip over my own feet. It will not help me in the least to fall. Finally in my car, I collapse into the driver's seat and catch my breath before starting the engine. On high alert, I check my mirrors and my surroundings.

Thankful to arrive without incident I quickly search out Charlie, or any of his deputies for the additional security, knowing they will protect me should he show up. Spotting Charlie talking with Uncle Jasper, I head straight for them. They do not see me approaching. When I am within ten feet, they spot me and are instantly concerned.

"Bella, what's wrong? What happened?" They both ask quickly in unison.

"I'm fine. No need to worry. What were you just talking about?" I ask with an air of calmness, trying to redirect their attention from my internal panic.

They both eye me before Jasper says, "Bella, you can't lie for anything. Tell us what has you white as a ghost and rushing over here." I hesitate, not wanting to put any additional stress on him, or my father.

"Don't even think about keeping it to yourself, young lady. You will not be saving us from worrying. If it is something that could affect the safety of you or everyone here, it will be better for us to know so we can keep an eye out. We would rather not be taken by surprise and ruin Emmett and Angela's day. By telling us now, we will be able to keep an eye out and maybe keep any potential problems outside without disturbing any guests." Charlie lectures me.

Not wanting to ruin this special day for the newlyweds, I reluctantly tell them what I saw at the church. Charlie and Jasper exchange what appears to be a suspicious look. What are these two cooking up? I know for a fact they would sooner castrate and dismember Edward before spreading the pieces worldwide, so there is no way they would have invited him. They put the restraining order in effect themselves.

"What are you hiding from me?" I inquire. They both get a sheepish look on their face, like children who just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. "Spill it."

"Well, Bells, we sort of invited Demetri to the wedding in hopes the two of you would hit it off. He is a private investigator who specializes in finding missing people. He has a practice in Seattle and works with police departments throughout the state, but also takes personal cases throughout the country," Dad tells me.

"Okay," I say. "That makes sense, but it doesn't explain why Edward was here and talking with him. You both hate my ex more than I do. "

"True," they mumble together, gazing at their feet.

Carefully watching me Jasper explains, "This is what we cannot figure out, Kiddo. We had no idea he even knew Edward and to hear he was conversing with him does not sit well with us. You can be sure we will put the others on alert, even if we have to send Demetri away." All of the Forks Police Department is attending today, except Garrett, who is on duty. I know they will inform their brothers-in-arms about this new development, along with the undercover security detail.

Much to Jasper's dismay, he married into a rich and powerful family. Jasper came from a meager upbringing and did not want the posh life to which Alice was accustomed. Over the years, he allowed some things such as hired help, but only with the agreement these securities remain unseen for the appearance of normalcy and for the safety of his wife and children. He did not want servants in his house, or people to do things for them such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping, only allowing the security detail.

An hour later, the five-course dinner is finished and the dancing begins with Emmett & Angela's first dance. Once all the typical formalities of the parental dances, the wedding party, and the dollar dance are finished, the floor is open to everyone. Now and then, between a good mix of slow, fast, and country line dances, there are silly dances such as the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. I have been dancing throughout the night, including the slow dances. Every time I sit during a slow dance to rest, my father, uncles, and male cousins spring out of nowhere before I am on the dance floor once again.

Having just finished the bouquet toss, which I conveniently ducked away from, they are now setting up for the garter toss. The DJ entertainer is dressing Emmett in a cloth chicken head and oversized shoe covers shaped like chicken feet. Angela is placed in a chair on the left corner of the dance floor nearest the DJ booth. Emmett is instructed to stand in the opposite corner, farthest from her. He is to crawl on his hands and knees toward her as he tries enticing her with his wiles until she beckons him to her.

The music starts. Emmett makes the most of this by playing to the crowd also. He begins his trek toward her, stops now and then rubbing his hands down his body. She plays right along with him, pretending to be uninterested, yet watching out of the corner of her eye. Then he encourages the crowd to cheer, gets back down on his hands again, and shakes his caboose at her before advancing a little more. I quietly laugh along with the crowd as I watch my quirky and fun cousin. Suddenly a shiver runs through me and I survey the room.

"Hello, Isabella." I slowly turn toward the voice and suddenly my entire body stiffens in dread, eyes going wide. He notices, of course, "Please don't be afraid of me. I do not mean you any harm. Charlie and Jasper wouldn't have let me within one hundred feet of you if they even thought I did." He pauses, "Right?" I nod.

"Demetri, I presume." He nods and I continue, "Then pardon me for sounding insolent, but what do you want? Why are you here?"

"Well, I have wanted to meet you since the moment I saw you exit the church. I couldn't keep my eyes off you." His slight foreign accent washes through me in small tingles. "Watching you exit the church was so surreal. Before you came outside, our area was under a cover of clouds. The second you crossed the church entrance, it was as though the heavens opened up when a single ray of sunlight shone on you. In the next moment, the sky cleared; I couldn't look anywhere else. I had no idea who you were until I was pulled to the side while the crowd was distracted by the newlyweds making their way to the limo." He finishes, looking slightly stunned by all he just revealed.

Listening to his smooth, bass-filled voice and ornate words I am nearly hypnotized. I hardly notice when a gorgeous blonde approaches. Finally shaking myself from the fog, I hear him gracefully turn down whatever she is offering. I am thankful for the distraction, which helps clear my mind and reminds me to be cautious with this man.

He turns back to me, studies my eyes, and sighs before briefly closing his own and continuing, "When Edward Masen heard about my reputation for solving every missing person case I have taken, he contacted me a few weeks ago to search for his fiancé. He told me she disappeared four years prior and has been trying to find her every day since. I was willing to take his case until he told me her name." He stops there, apparently deep in thought.

When the crowd cheers, I turn toward the dance floor to see Emmett under Angela's skirt retrieving her garter. After the garter is tossed, I turn back to the man who had me mesmerized only hours before, but now my guard is up with him. "I can only assume Edward was trying to hunt me down, but why would my name stop you from taking his case? I'm aware Charlie and Jasper know you, but it is for professional reasons."

A tiny bit of hope flickers behind his sad, sapphire eyes, something I understand. "I may have worked with police departments around Washington, but Charlie and Jasper are the ones who encouraged me when they came to my elementary school. Every year following, I looked forward to their visit.

"When I got my license I would head to Forks every Saturday and spend several hours learning things from them to help me down my career path. This lasted a month before they realized I began driving at five in the morning to arrive in Forks by seven. They didn't like the idea of a sixteen year old alone on the road so early in the morning, so they split their personal time coming to Sequim for a few hours every week."

The entire time he speaks I inspect his features, full lips, straight nose, and well-defined cheekbones. "After I received my investigator license, they put the word out about my services. Before I knew it I received several cold cases around the state. When my reputation for solving every case spread, people from around the country requested me and I was able to pick and choose whom I was willing to help, such as Mr. Masen." He frowns slightly and a look of sorrow adorns his features. "You'd be surprised how many are like him. Fortunately, my natural ability to find people also provides me with a skill to inquisition and read people, which helps sort out the real investigation requests from the phony ones."

We gaze into each other's eyes until he begins again. "From the very first case I turned to my mentors for advice when needed, thus, becoming close friends. They often talked about you, your accomplishments, and that boy you were dating, so I was well aware of your name. Somehow, they never mentioned his name." The way he referred to Edward as "that boy" makes it clear to me; though he doesn't know the details he is firmly on my father and uncle's side.

Suddenly a spark of humor graces his features and I am aware, like in the sanctuary, I am lost in this handsome man with a deep, rich voice. Mentally shaking myself, I realize he hasn't explained Edward's appearance earlier. "Okay, so it explains why you wouldn't accept his request, but doesn't explain why he was here today, or why you were talking with him."

Shock spreads across his face. "Oh."

"Oh? What do you mean 'oh'?"

"You were the one who saw me arguing with him at the church. Your father didn't mention the name of his witness." I gave him a look, clearly telling him to go on. "Well, it turns out Edward had a team of people following Charlie and Jasper for the last two months trying to locate you. Following our appointment one of his men reported to him about the upcoming wedding. He knew you would be here and thought it would be a good opportunity.

"I caught him hiding around the corner of the church. Knowing about the restraining order against him, I approached him. Fortunately, our argument was covered by the cheering crowd and by the time everyone was dispersing, I had convinced him to leave." He continues studying my face. "Okay, okay", he says between deep chuckles. "I may have threatened him a bit."

At this, I laugh just as a slow song begins. I watch my family grace the dance floor with their significant others and my eyes glaze over a little at the sight of them happy and content. Even Charlie seems happy with Sue Clearwater as they dance. For years, I thought he would never get over the loss of my mother after her fight with breast cancer when I was nine.

Suddenly tingles run throughout my body once again when a warm hand covers my own resting in my lap. "May I have this dance, Miss Swan?" His eyes are fearful with hope sparkling just under the surface. The roller coaster ride of emotions this man has put me through today are not enough to scare me away, especially when his touch rekindles feelings I thought had vanished years prior.

As though I am under a spell, I answer. "Sure. Thank you."

His large hand gently grasps mine and helps me stand before leading me onto the dance floor. He is easily a foot taller than I am. Passing Charlie and Jasper, their faces light up in triumph. Demetri stops and takes my right hand in his left while his right hand goes to the small of my back. I let my left hand rest on his strong bicep as he leads me effortlessly across the floor. He makes me feel delicate and cherished in his arms. "Tell me about yourself." He requests softly.

I laugh lightly. "It seems you know more about me than I do about you."

"That's probably true, but I don't know about your inner workings. I only know things a proud father and his close friend have told me. I would like to know about you, from you." He finishes with a smirk on his face.

"I don't even know your last name, so how about you start." For the rest of the song and the next two following, conversation easily flows between us. We even join in some line dancing such as Swingin' by John Anderson, the Boot Scootin' Boogie by Brooks and Dunn, and even the electric slide to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. After the last song, we are laughing with broad smiles.

"Would you be favorable to getting some punch while we take a rest and get to know each other more?" Seeing the spark in his eyes leaves me feeling weak in the knees; I agree quickly.

For the rest of the evening we get to know each other better. I learn he is really a man of few words, yet our conversation ebbs and flows with little effort. He was born in Greece, moved to Washington with his parents at age nine, and held onto his dream of becoming an investigator since the fourth grade. He holds firm to morals and is very attentive.

The entire time we converse attractive women approach him and each time he politely turns them down, with a few exceptions, which only make me smile. It seems he has little tolerance for the overly persistent. Any time a young child or teenage girl asks, he excuses himself with a wink to me and indulges them.

After the first princess dance, as he calls them, he explains, "I don't want to be responsible for fracturing their fragile hearts. Their intentions are sweet and pure. The younger ones have their crushes, but to be turned down when they muster up the courage could squash their developing self-esteem. They are not trying to have their way with me and toss me aside, like many adult women. They just want to feel special, like a princess."

"I will always have some competition then." His eyes light up. My face flushes furiously as I discern my words were not internal after all. I turn my head to the side and let my hair cascade down for cover. I feel his finger curl under my chin and gently lift my face up toward him again.

Once our eyes meet he speaks, "There is no competition". He nearly whispers. Our eyes lock once again, broken by another brazen female's voice cutting in. With each disturbance, I wait anxiously to see if this one will be the woman to grasp his attention enough to accept. "I'm sorry Miss, I had just asked this beautiful Belle to dance. Thank you for the offer though." He picks up my hand once more and leads me onto the dance floor.

A succession of slow songs later, the room is silent as we continue to sway. I scan the room to find it is mostly cleared with Charlie and Jasper heading our way from across the room. Demetri follows my gaze. We break apart just before they reach us. "Hey kids, they are kicking us out to finish the clean-up. You're staying with me tonight, right Bells?" Charlie asks.

"Yes, Dad, I'll follow you home." After we are outside, I hug my father and Jasper. I agree to stop by Jasper's while I am home this weekend before they head toward their vehicles.

"It was nice to meet you, Demetri. I enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you for the dances."

"It was all my pleasure", he pauses a bit nervous. The suit jacket drapes his arm with his hands in the front pockets of his pants. "Bella, I would really like to see you again. Could I call you sometime?"

"Yes, I would like that very much." We exchange numbers and bid each other a good night, neither really wanting to leave.

It's been ten months since Emmett and Angela's wedding. I am now getting ready for Demetri to pick me up for another date. He has been very secretive about tonight's plans, but this only leaves me feeling excited instead of anxious because he has proven to be every bit the gentleman since meeting him. He makes me feel precious and feminine while still allowing me to be an equal part of our relationship, never inferior.

Over the last several months we have gotten to know each other; starting with phone calls and the occasional meeting for a coffee, even though I usually drink tea or a soda instead. We officially began dating two months after we met; simply dinner and a movie followed by a toe-curling first kiss at the end of the evening. Shortly after, we decided to make it legitimate by informing our families and friends of our exclusive status.

For the next couple months we took each other to various family gatherings. When the holidays came, both families got together at Charlie's place for Thanksgiving. Demetri came to Forks Christmas Eve. Christmas day we went to his parent's place with his aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, nieces, and nephews. He is just as sweet, caring, protective, and respectful with his relatives as he is with me. He adores his mother, honors his father, dotes on his nieces and nephews, and is a wonderful brother to his twin siblings, Jane and Alec.

Though they are both now grown and married with kids of their own, they still clearly admire their elder brother; practically idolize him. The first time he brought me to meet his family, Alec and Jane were severely critical of me until Demetri asked to speak with them privately. Afterward, they relaxed and gave me a chance. Now, when we visit they approach me before their brother.

The night of his 33rd birthday and our sixth month, we exchanged "I love yous" in the heat of the moment at his place. The appearance on his face the few seconds before I admitted I felt the same nearly broke my heart. There was overwhelming happiness, but the fear of me not feeling the same was there also. When I told him I love him too, he was overflowing with so much joy that he picked me up, swung me around in his arms, and gently set me back on my feet before announcing we had to celebrate. Then he was dragging me out the door for a late night Sonic® ice cream celebration.

The views we share are similar on important issues such as raising children, social issues, and politics. We both enjoy the warmer weather, but cannot imagine leaving our home state of Washington. Even our religious views match. He grew up Catholic, but his parents were not regular followers after moving to America. When he got to know my father and Jasper better, he decided to take some classes to help him understand the difference in religions and began to attend a local church. As it turns out, he has been attending Hope Lutheran since he moved to Seattle, but at a different service time than I have been.

Because of our shared values and our failed relationship history, we agree to live separately and neither of us wants to venture into a sexual relationship until marriage. Although, we do fall asleep curled up in each other's arms from time to time while watching movies at his place, or mine.

For me, it is because sex is both physical and emotional. I give my heart with my body; having given this away in my last relationship aided in my emotional downfall.

For him, even though he trusts me fully, he does not want to relive the stress, lies, or irrational ups and downs of a fake pregnancy meant to trap him. Granted his ex-girlfriend, Victoria, was simply insane. Her obsession with him ended when the next rich, handsome man showed an interest in her.

I never did hear from, or see, Edward again. As luck would have it, he was found dead by the side of the road about twenty miles south of Seattle. Demetri pulled a few strings to keep the information from being released to the press about his gruesome demise. It was discovered Edward mistreated Maria, the sister of the mob boss, James Curcio. Edward was last caught on camera leaving work getting into his personalized limousine. I wasn't interested in any further details; I know Demetri wouldn't have told me, even if I asked.

Though Edward was the cause of the deterioration of my self-image and self-esteem, I still did not like knowing he suffered during his last moments on this Earth. However, I feel relief knowing I no longer have to constantly watch my back in fear of him finding me. Where Edward was the cause of tearing me down, Demetri has been the one to build me back up just by being there for me, encouraging me, making me feel like his queen, and by the way he treats me like the most treasured thing in his life. I feel worthy.

At five minutes to seven, I finish the last touches when I hear a knock at my door. As soon as I open the door, I am wrapped in his strong arms and greeted with a passionate kiss. My hands find their home, one within the soft locks of his hair and the other on his behind. We may not be sexually intimate, but our passionate make out sessions are enough for me to believe we will not have any issues when we do get to that point, when, not if. He is the perfect picture of my ideal guy; mind, body, and soul with the added bonus of his sexy cadence. "Hello, agape mou. I missed you."

"I missed you too, Honey." I peck him on the lips once more while grasping his gloriously firm tush. "Are you ready to go, or should we stay here and order in?" I tease, knowing the reaction I will receive and am not disappointed. His eyes darken as he quietly growls at me followed by a tight, gentle squeeze. Then his lips crash to mine once more.

With a sound of protest, he manages to pull his lips from mine. "You little temptress," he gives my lips one more quick peck. "You know full-well you are my greatest weakness and as much as I want to hide out here getting to know you better", he raises and lowers his eyebrows in quick succession, "we have reservations".

Several minutes later, we are seated in the center of the Lake Union room. After placing our order, he offers his hand in a silent request. Staring into his beautiful blues, I gracefully place my hand in his, eagerly accepting his offer. When I am standing, he wraps his right arm around my waist and pulls me gently into his side; gliding us to the dance floor.

"You are stunning", his lips brush my ear; his whispered words tickle, sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine. Our food arrives within seconds after returning to our table.

When we are finished eating and the first notes of Beautiful Soul begin, he stands and holds his hand out, "Could I have this dance, Sweetheart?" The huskiness of his voice, coupled with his ever-present accent sends tiny trembles down my spine.

When the next song, Marry Me, finishes, Demetri takes a step back and drops to his right knee while simultaneously holding a stunning diamond and sapphire ring between his left forefinger and thumb. "Marry me", he confidently states rather than asks, mimicking the song.

It takes only seconds for the pieces to fall into place within my head. The songs were full of meaning and purpose, the silence of the room, and the man I love revealing his secret waiting for my answer. OH! Answer him! "Yes! Of course! I would love to be your wi-", before I finish, I am wrapped in his tight embrace and the feel of velvet lips lock with mine in a passionate kiss as the room erupts in congratulations and applause.

We break apart moments later. His grandmother's ring is placed upon my left ring finger, where it will stay. He regards it for a bit, kisses my knuckle just above the ring, and tells me, "Thank you for making me the happiest man alive, Angel". We kiss briefly again. He leads us back to our table to share desert before calling it a night.

Tucked snugly into the covers, he looks so peaceful and content lying on his left side, lips slightly parted with a cute little smile upon his flushed face. His facial features are so familiar to me now. I cannot help tucking a tiny lock of hair back from his adorable face. As I do, the right corner of his mouth twitches up slightly before it relaxes back again, making my heart fill with the love and joy I have for him.

Arms softly encircle my waist from behind followed by a body pressing against me. My arms go gently over the ones embracing me. A soft kiss is placed on the top of my head before nestling into the crook of my neck accompanied by another soft kiss. "I missed you, Sexy. How is our little guy?"

Squeezing his forearms slightly, "A bit restless tonight, but I just gave him some Children's Tylenol® and rocked him back to sleep. He should sleep slightly better for the rest of the night."

Demetri rests his chin lightly upon my shoulder and sighs slightly, "I really hate seeing him hurting like this. It makes me feel so helpless."

I soundlessly giggle. He squeezes me and lightly tickles my sides. "It's just a cold, Honey. He is going to get a lot of these as he grows."

"True, but he'll at least be able to tell us what hurts later. I don't like not knowing how we can help him feel better."

I turn around in his arms and brush his lips with my own. "Riley rarely ever complains when he is in your arms. You were the one to notice he seemed hotter than normal. When I took him from your arms, he began fussing as I checked him over until I handed him back to you to call the doctor. You told me he didn't stir the entire ten minutes it took me to go to the pharmacy and back. You're like his own personal healer when he is with you. Mine too, for that matter." My husband's eyes lock with mine and sparkle at this revelation just seconds before they turn predatory.

Before I know it, I am swept into his arms and across the hall in our bedroom. A playful look adorns his face as he lays me down. "Is that a fact, Mrs. Milas?" I nod. "Well then, I believe some healing is in order." He says before his lips crash to mine. We become lost in each other for the next several hours before our son craves our attention again.

And they lived together in love and joy.

The End

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