"Maci what are you doing here?" Michelle asked me as I got out of a car still in my school clothes and with my bag.

"dad texted saying you were out on a rescue you so I got my friend to group me off here" I said dropping my bag "what have ya got?"

"2 missing school kids been missing for 5 hours" Michelle said trying to get into a phone

"who's is that?" I asked

"Joel the missing boy but he has a code on it" I took it from her hands

"give me a couple of seconds" I said sitting on the table. It took me 2 minuets to hack into it.

"should we be worried you can do that?" Heidi asked I shrugged and looked through the messages.

"who's that? No name" Heidi said

"call it" I handed it to Michelle

We herd it ring and looked around

"Joel!" the voice said we saw it was the teacher

Few hours later Dad and Lara brought Cassie up and Chase and Jordan brought Joel up

"what are you doing here? Aren't you ment to be at ya mums?" chase asked

"well I missed you too much uncle chase" I smiled

"really?" he looked happy

"Pft no could not put up with Mark anymore" I laughed at him. I looked over at my dad who was shaking his head walking towards me

"why you look so happy to see me Father" I smiled and hugged him.

"your mum is going to go ape shit at me you know that right?" I shrugged and threw my bag at him. We got in the car and I pressed ignore on my phone.

"how many calls now?" dad asked

"10 from mum 8 from Mark"

"just answer her" he whinnied

"you no he tired to convince mum to get full custody of me? He thought they would win cause their married and you fuck anyone" he gave me the look

"excuse you? I haven't fucked anyone now that I like someone"

"ooh you like Lara!"

"how did you no?!"

"Dad I'm a teenage girl we no these things and kinda obvious" I said as he answered his phone

"dean Gallagher" he put it on speaker

"dean Maci is missing"

"no I'm not I'm here"

"why didnt you answer your bloody phone!"

"cause I'm staying with dad tonight bye" I hung the phone up on her.

"I'm in shit" he said as we turned into our house.