Maci's POV

I wrapped the blanket around me. It was so cold.

"Elijah! Chris! Beth!" I screamed. Still know reply and I was really tired.

"Maci come in" Dad said again

"If you keep talking I won't be able to hear them" I hissed

"Look Maci we know how much you wat to find them but-"

"Dad these are my best mates!" I said "Elijah! Beth! Chris!"

No One's POV

Dean went to hit the tree near him when Jordan and Vince stopped him.

"She really is a Gallagher" Lara said

"Yeah she is" Michelle said "alright according to these maps there is only one cave out there so hopefully thats where beth is" They all turned as a car pulled up and Brie got out.

"What the hell Dean!" She yelled "Why didn't you stop her?!"

"Cause he's a bad parent" Mark said

"Hey! You could of stopped her to! She was in the hands of the school!" Brie yelled and started hitting Mark.

"Dean stop her" Lara said

"Why?" Dean smiled

"If it was my fault do you think Dean would let me live?" Mark said trying to stop her.

"Still debating" Dean said. Mark took Brie away from the group.

"Dad" Maci said into her Radio. Everyone sat up straight and listened

"Maci what's wrong?" Dean asked

"I-I was walking and something hit me I think I blacked out" she sounded like she was falling alseep.

"Maci stay awake for me" Dean said. Everyone was listen, rescue, teachers, students, the owners of the camp. "Keep walking around alright"

"I'm so sorry" she cried

"It's okay have you found anyone?" Michelle asked

"I thought I herd moving but couldn't see anything" she slurred

"Maci stay awake" Vince said

"It's so hard" she cried. Dean sat down and rubbed his face. "I-I can see something"

"Chris! Eljiah! Beth!" She screamed

Maci's POV

"Maci?" A girls voice said.

"Beth!" I ran as fast as I could and we hugged "are you okay?"

"My arm hurts" she said. I pulled up her sleeve where there was a cut. I ripped a peice of my sleeve off and wrapped it around her arm.

"I found Beth" I said into my radio

"Where are you? What's can you see?" Vince asked

"Um" I looked around

"Near the cave I only just started walking around" Beth said "I know how to get back"

"We are heading to the cave Beth knows where it is" I said. It didn't take long to get there.

"Stay awake and don't move you arm too much" I said to her "I'm going to look for Chris and Eljiah" I said and walked out wrapping my blanket tighter around me. "Stay awake" I called back.

"Maci are you at the cave?" Chase asked

"Beth is I'm back out" I said

"Maci ya mum is here too" chase said

"That's nice Chasie but I have to find them they are my best friends they were y first high school friends" I said "how long till sunrise?"

"Still another hour" he said

"Chase I-I feel dizzy" I said

"Sit down now" he kinda yelled

"If I sit I'll sleep" I said and kept walking

"Maci sit down!" Jordan said joining in

"No I-I can't" I kept walking for a bit longer I ignored there calls

"Are you still awake just tell us your awake" Lara said

"I'm awake" I said "I-I'm awak-" everything wet black.