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Chapter One: Ghost Escapes, Captain Spaulding & A Run In With A Tree

The rain poured down hard, each hit on the roof of the house sounded like hail more than water. The floorboards creaked slightly as a pair of bare feet walked along them. Ghost walked to her room as quietly as she could.

Her blood stained hands picked up her things as she prepared to leave. She had just done her family, or what was left of it, a favor. She disposed of the parasite that had been destroying her family once and for all.

Because of him, her two younger brothers and sister were dead. Her mother was just too stupid to see that it had been all his fault.

So just a few hours ago after her mother went off to work she had armed herself with the bastards own hunting knife, and killed him.

Salem slipped on a pair of ankle high cowboy boots and her coat before slipping out into the rainy night. She took the truck that was once his and drove off. Now that he was dead she had to leave. They would all put the blame on her. The strange mute girl who hadn't spoken since the death of her siblings. Then again, why would she speak? No one listened to her anyways.

The day she left the hospital after the deaths was the day she had shut up permanently...and that was two years ago.

For three years she hadn't spoken a word.

Now she was free, free as the wind. Her chains had been broken, she was out of this hell hole. The little girl named Ghost was free at last.

Why was she called Ghost you ask?

She was called Ghost due to her pale porcelain doll like complexion. So, it stuck and she took a liking to the name.

The rain continued to beat down as the windshield wipers were working overtime to make sure she could see. There was suddenly a flashing light from behind the steering wheel, the truck was going low on gas.

'You have got to be kidding me? Cheap ass bastard couldn't have a full tank of gas for once!' She yelled annoyingly in her head as she groaned. She needed to find gas soon otherwise she would be broken down on a dark highway in god knows where.

'Please let there be a gas station nearby.'

After driving a few more miles she finally saw a sign CAPTAIN SPAULDING'S MUSEUM OF MURDER AND MADMEN! GASOLINE AND CHICKEN NEXT EXIT!

'Oh thank you, thank you!' She turned off the exit and made her way to the gas station.

It was a small kind of crude looking place, but all Ghost cared about was that there was gas. She needed to get as far away as possible. As she pulled in she had a quick glance inside. There were a bunch of photographs and items which she couldn't really see. Slowly she got out of the car and walked inside.

No one was in there but there was a bell on the counter. She rang it once and then stepped back from the counter. "One second hold yer horses!" Came a voice from the back and eventually a man with clown face paint came in.

"Oh well hello there." He said with a smile "What can I do for ye?"

Ghost got out her little notepad and quickly wrote on it and showed it to the man. "Can't talk, would like gas please." He read aloud "Can't talk huh? You deaf?" He asked and Ghost shook her head "Oh, a mute huh? Well no worries my man out there will take care of your car. How about some nice chicken while you wait."

Food sounded good, at this point she didn't care if the chicken was greasy and messy. Food was food! Ghost nodded making the man smile 'Thank you.' she wrote out on her notepad.

The clown man noticed her hands "Hey there girl what happened to yer hands?" Ghost paled more than normal as she looked down at her faded blood stained hands. She was about to write out an explanation but the man handed her a monster hand that was flipping everyone off. "Go the the bathroom and wash it off. Cops come around here far too often."

Ghost quickly nodded as she took the key and ran to the bathroom. "Nice girl." The clown man said to himself.

Ghost washed her hands desperately trying to get the blood off her hands. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door "Kid, stay in the bathroom cops coming."

Spaulding looked up as the two cops came in, "Good evening officers what can I do for you."

"We had a homicide in the next town over, you haven't seen this girl have you?" The main man held up a photograph of the woman who had just come in.

"Hmmm, nope can't say that I have. Why you think she might be responsible or somethin?"

"We have no proof of that. At this moment the girl is simply missing." Spaulding looked out of the corner of his eye as his large assistant had moved the girls truck. "If you see anything you will report it?"

Spaulding put on a smile for them "Oh yes I will officers. Y'all have a good day now, oh and take some chicken for the road." He said as he handed them a bag of the greasy but tasty chicken. The officers left and Spaulding's smile quickly dropped as he watched them drive off.

"Kid ye can come out now."

Ghost opened the door and she stuck her head out and slowly but surely she came out. "Now you tell old Captain Spaulding. Did you kill that person."

She nodded,

"Was he family?"

She rapidly shook her head with an angry look on her face before she wrote out a note. "No that man was an asshole who did nothing but destroy my family." Spaulding read aloud again "Oh I see...what he do?"

Ghost wrote again "He is responsible for the death of my brothers and sister. Ooooohhhhhh I see." Spaulding looked at the girl from head to toe. Her dark hair, pale eyes and pale skin made her stand out. She wore your basic blue jeans with a few holes in them, a black tank top a simple denim jacket and some dark brown ladies cowboy boots.

"Your truck is full, you should probably get out of here before the fucking pigs come back. But you be careful now, its raining like God's pissing on your fucking head out there." Ghost nodded before she turned and left, "Nice kid." He said to himself again as he heard his phone ringing in the background.

Ghost continued on down the slippery highway, the windshield wipers once again on overdrive. It was so dark on this point of the highway, all the lights were either few and far between or weren't working at all.

Her eyes were squinting to see at the end of her headlights. She had to reach forward and continuously wipe away the fog that was accumulating on the window.

Only this time, when she reached up to wipe it away, the moment it was clear she saw something in front of her truck. She quickly swerved to avoid it and in a flash before all went black she saw the tree in front of her.

Ghost hit her head on the steering wheel just as the car impacted. She was flung sideways onto the seat after her forehead bounced off the wheel.

"Uh oh we did something baaaad!" She heard a childish voice of a girl.

"Baby go get my crowbar." Came a gruff voice.

"We have to make sure she's okay, Daddy said she wasn't like them rabbits we usually get."

As she was slipping off she heard the sound of a crowbar being used to pry her car door open. And then the sudden cold of the blowing wind and rain consumed her as the darkness did.