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Chapter Five: Fun with the Pigs and Past Revealed

The cop sat there squirming in his seat. He was bound by rope and had duct tape over his mouth. The unconscious and dying body of his friend and partner sat next to him. Nails had been hammered into his hands and wrists keeping him in the chair.

"Oooo look at the Rabbit squirm Ghost. Isn't it just exciting to watch them squirm?!"

The cop looked up seeing the two women he started shouting and screaming at them in his muffled voice. "Oopsie can't very well hear ya with that tape over your mouth. I like it when they scream." Baby ripped off the tape really hard making the cop cry out.

"You stupid crazy fucking bitch!"

"Now, now that ain't nice we have a lady present!" She grabbed his hair making him look at Ghost. She stood still in the doorway before Otis came into view.

"Well are ya gunna go in or just stand there like a fucking statue?" He pushed past her as he walked over to Baby. He delivered a hard swift slap to Baby's ass making Ghost raise an eyebrow.


"Come on Ghost what shall we do to him. He tried to take you away from us." She slapped him across the face "Fucking pig!"

Ghost's head quirked to the side watching Baby. Her eyes dilate as she felt a surge run through her. The same surge she felt the night she killed her stepfather. She stood straighter, shoulders became squared. She gripped her switchblade tightly watching her "sister" have fun.

"Hey, hey Baby don't have all the fun. Ghosty here." Otis put an arm around her shoulders startling her "Needs to prove herself don't ya?"

Ghost didn't turn her head her eyes stared straight locking on the bleeding cop. "Go on Ghost have fun!" Finally she took a step forward.

"I know you." The cop said looking at her "I knew your step dad...he was a good man!" Ghost flinched flipping open her switch blade slashing at the mans face. "You fucking slut! No wonder he beat you! You fucking mute little bitch!"

Baby tried going forward but Otis held her against him "No, no," He laid a kiss on her neck "Leave her be."

"Yeah thats right I knew all about it." He laughed "I knew what he was doing but hell he let me have fun with your sister. God she was a hot piece of-"

Ghost snapped she tackled him knocking the chair to the ground. All she could see was blood as her hands went around his throat.

'Kill him! Kill him!' the voice in her head nagged on as she reached for a larger bowie knife that had fallen to the ground. Her face went slack and emotionless eyes still seething as she looked down at him.

Right as Rufus walked in he saw her straddling him, the knife diving into the pigs chest. Slowly as he died Ghost proceeded, with Otis egging her on, she nearly cut his head from his body. The knife dropped to the floor with a loud thud and all went quiet.

"Well damn girl..." Otis said with a sick smile "You do have it in you. Man Rufus she snapped when he..."

"Shut up Otis." He snapped but not loudly as he watched Ghost stand her body shaking slightly.

"He knew her Rufus...he was saying things." Baby said walking over to Ghost seeing her front drenched in blood. She looked as if her whole self had gone numb. Baby's sick nature left and she became worried for her sister "Ghosty?" She took her hand "Come on Hun we'll get you cleaned up."

Rufus watched Baby take her out "Otis...start talking."

Ghost stared at the mirror, her face slowly becoming clean of any blood. She had changed her clothes after finding her duffle bag. "Ghost are you okay." She looked at Baby and slowly nodded her head. She came over and hugged Baby before walking outside.

She came to sit in her truck head down on the steering wheel, the memories the cop brought up came to kick her.


Slowly she looked up seeing him there, Rufus, looking at her with a worried expression. His long hair falling in front of his face. She got out of the truck and stood before him. His six foot eight frame easily towered over her mere five foot six. They stared at each other for a long time finally Ghost got up the guts. She stood on her toes, hands on his shoulders her lips now pressed to his.

She pulled back not feeling him react her eyes grew sad as she looked at him. She started to turn away but a hand caught her wrist yanking her back to him. Her body jumped in the air his arms around her holding her to him. Rufus kissed her, oh boy did he kiss her. He turned pressing her against the hood of the truck placing her there so she would fall.

He stood between her legs their kiss growing more and more heated. Ghost clawed at his shoulders and back. Rufus's on hand held the back of her neck, while the other lay on her hip gripping it tight. She moaned loudly against his lips, a sound that made his chest tighten but his pants as well.

They pulled back breathing heavily their faces now nuzzling one anothers. Rufus held her now, cradling her in his arms as they stayed the way they were.

"That was just as hot as watching you kill him." He muttered in her ear and Ghost couldn't help but blush and smile.