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Bella made a triumphant sound in the back of her throat when the shirt she had been struggling with for the better part of two minutes finally slipped over her head. She stumbled backwards when she was greeted with the widely smiling face of her great-grandmother Marie, or as Bella called her (and the name she was widely known by- so much that most people forgot her real name), Nan.

"Jesus, Nan. Don't do that!" She yelped.

Nan cackled and moved over to sit on Bella's unmade bed.

Bella hastily shoved her arms through the long sleeves and ran her fingers through her hair, gathering it at her neck and pulling the rest from where it was trapped beneath the fabric at her back. She released it once it was free and it fell to mid-back in loose mahogany waves.

"Where have you been anyways?" Bella asked. "I haven't seen you since the car ride here two days ago."

"I've been around, checking out the surroundings, getting a feel for the place." Nan glanced around what would serve as Bella's room for the next year and a half. "I see your father still doesn't know you very well," she remarked, staring pointedly at the lavender walls.

"Hey, in his defense, I haven't exactly been here since I was a kid."

A skeptical look crossed Nan's face. "Uh huh... and did you even like this color then?"

Bella busied herself with sticking her recently purchased school supplies in her worn bag (a ratty bag Nan had been trying to convince her to get rid of for years. 'That thing is falling apart at the seams, Chime', she'd say at least once a week.)

"That's what I thought," Nan replied smugly. She eyed Bella's bag as she closed the flap. "Don't you think Stash is jumping the gun a bit by having you start school immediately? You just got here. Doesn't he think you need a little time to adjust?"

Bella grimaced. "You do know that I hate that nickname for him?" She really should be used to it, Nan referred to everyone by a nickname. Bella strongly suspected it was so she didn't have to remember their actual names.

Nan waved her hand through the air dismissively. "It's the perfect nickname for him. He's had a mustache since the day your mother first introduced him to the family over twenty years ago. I'm almost certain he was born with it."

"Well, Charlie," she stressed his name, "did offer me time to settle in. I'm the one who told him I was ready. The new term started last week and if I put it off, I'm gonna fall behind. Besides, I've had the weekend to adjust."

"You do know it's strange that you call your father by his first name?"

Bella shrugged uncomfortably. She did know it was strange, but it felt odd to call him Dad. Weird even.

Her parents had divorced when she was a year old and her mother had packed her up and moved back to Phoenix to live with Nan, who, still feeling the loneliness from the death of her husband two years prior, had happily offered the granddaughter she'd practically raised and her great-granddaughter the two spare rooms in her sprawling colonial (and they would live in that house for the next 13 years.) Although Renee could have just as easily moved in with her own mother, Sandra, (who lived an hour and a half outside of Phoenix) there was an animosity between the two that had not been settled, despite the distance and would sadly remain that way up until her death three years ago.

Bella had only seen Charlie sporadically after that, usually for the occasional weekend and a month or so during the summer time. But the visits had dropped to a mere weeks as she got older, whittling down until she eventually realized she hadn't seen her father in almost a year. Because of that, she supposed they both could be blamed for the distance. It's not like the road didn't go both ways.

He seemed to understand her reluctance to call him Dad as she got older, or any incarnation of the name, and grudgingly accepted it. That was probably because Bella referred to her mother the same way.

She felt Nan lightly touch her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Chime. After 80 years, you'd think I knew enough to stop letting my mouth get away from me."

Bella smiled. "It's alright, Nan." She thought about all the times when Nan had dressed someone down. Mean kids, parents, teacher's, snobby neighbors. All had gotten a taste of her sass. Renee had often told Bella that it was where she got it from. "It's always been one of my favorite things about you."

"Likewise, Chime." She looked over her shoulder at Bella's alarm clock. "You better get going, you don't want to be late for school," she said, mere seconds before Charlie knocked on her door.

"You ready yet, uh, kiddo?" Came awkwardly from the other side. "School starts in an hour."

Bella opened the door as Nan pulled a face. "Kiddo? Good grief."

"Shut up," Bella muttered absently, before cringing at the look on Charlie's face. "Not you...uh...I just... I'll be down in a second."

Charlie nodded, but the slightly put out look remained. "Hey, I know you have the truck, but I could drive you, if you want? So you don't get lost."

"Thanks, but I'm not sure you can get lost in Forks." Did that come out as sarcastic as she thought it did? "Besides, we passed the school on the way here so..." she trailed off, combating with the slight guilt she felt for refusing his offer, but she really, really didn't want to show up for her first day at school in a police cruiser.

"Okay. I'll, uh, meet you downstairs then. Did you want some breakfast? I think I might have some cereal."

"I'm good. I saw some apples in the kitchen, so I'll just grab one of those before I leave."

Charlie nodded again, looking officially uncomfortable by now and almost desperate for an excuse to leave, but he hesitated. "Hey, I thought I heard you talking to someone as I was coming up the stairs..." He cut off as sharp eyes moved from Bella to suspiciously scan the otherwise empty room.

"I was talking to myself," Bella hurriedly supplied, feeling an artificial and no doubt joker-like smile, stretching her lips. She spotted Nan out of the corner of her eye mouthing 'too much' and eased it up a little. "Yeah, I do it all the time. Drove Renee nuts."

He tried his best to hide it, but she got the sense that Charlie was starting to second guess his decision to let his crazy daughter come live with him.

Now it was Bella's turn to be desperate. "Well, I'm just gonna grab my things..."

"Yeah, okay. Sure. Good to have you here kiddo." He added as an afterthought before descending the stairs.

Bella leaned her head against the door frame and fixed a mildly exasperated look on an apologetic Nan.

It was best to let Charlie think she was a little odd. After all, how exactly could you explain that you're talking to your great-grandmother?

The same great-grandmother that's been dead for almost 7 years.

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