Title: Can You Feel It?

Written for: blueeyedcherry

Written By: beegurl13

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Psychologist & bad-boy tatted up client fling

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A/N: I don't own this, we all know who does. What I do own is a rather severe case of writer's block. Well, either that or I've just lost all will to write over the past 6 months or so. Bleh. :D

Thanks to the girlies who looked over this for me and told me it's not crap, and then pointed out errors that I'd made. It's a rough job, but I'm glad they seem to like doing it. :D Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy, Twilight44, and EdwardsBloodType...thank you. :) You keep me sane, even when I don't take all of your advice. :D (EBT, I know...but I really like this freaked out Bella. :D )

This is for blueeyedcherry, a girl I didn't even know until this round of FAGE happened, and she randomly asked me to make a banner for her story. :D I was so excited, and was hard keeping to myself the fact that I had her story-gift sitting in my laptop. :D I hope you like this. I tried to include some things about you, yet not make them totally obvious, so I hope you enjoy the little tributes to you. :)

Here's the deal. Long A/N, I know, sorry. This story isn't supposed to be longer than 5,000 words. So, since I like being wordy...I made it 5,000 words exactly. It's broken up into 13 chapters, but I'll give you a word count on each one so that you'll know I'm being honest about my count. :)


~*0*~ Chapter 1 – Are You Sure? ~*0*~

"You sure you're gonna be okay, Bells?" Jake asked one more time.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I gotta start handling cases on my own soon, anyway."

"But a guy just out of prison?"

I sighed. "He wasn't in prison. Not really. He had some problems, petty stuff. He's young, probably just needs someone to help him find his way. That's where I come in."

"If you say so."

Jake was always protective of me—before, during, and after our marriage. That's who he was, a protector. And honestly, it made me feel a little better, knowing someone was looking out for me and Maggie.

"It's fine, like I said. See you next weekend."

After I hung up the phone, I pulled out the folder for my very first client. Well, the first case I'd ever been assigned to handle on my own, anyhow.

Edward Cullen. Twenty One years old. From Forks, Washington. Former receiver for the Forks High School football team, who still held a few records. Son of Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the town physician.

It looked to me like he was a bored little rich boy who'd never had to work a day in his life. He probably hadn't had to work for anything, either. I knew the type. I hated the type. I avoided the type.

Checking on Maggie once more, making sure she was still asleep, I walked down the hall to the closed door at the end of it. Taking a deep breath, I slowly opened it, flicking on the light and looking around. My new office. Finally. I'd always dreamed of having my own place, where I could help people, maybe even change the world. That's what I wanted.

High school was easy for me. I never struggled with grades or classes, didn't get involved in any extra curricular stuff, basically just followed my best friend around. It wasn't long before he got drunk one night and kissed me. We were dating after that, and right after graduation, we found out I was pregnant. None of our parents were thrilled, especially since we were both enrolled in fall classes at the University of Washington. Jake was going into some kind of art thing. I was majoring in social work. I wanted to be a psychologist.

It was hard, having Maggie just after finishing my first semester. Jake's sister came and stayed, she helped us out, we struggled and made it through. Too bad our marriage didn't. He was a good guy, we just wanted different things. I was okay with it, and so was he. Now, six years later, I was finally working for Clallam County Social Services, helping those in need.

And the next day would be my biggest test. My first challenge. My first patient.

I was nervous, anxious, and so, so ready. I knew if he gave me the chance, I could help Edward Cullen turn his life around.

I just hoped that's what he wanted, too.


A/N: See you soon...

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