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~*0*~ Chapter 13 – After ~*0*~

One year.

It had been a little over a year since I'd seen Edward. I heard things every now and then, but really...there'd been no contact. I didn't date. I didn't want to; no one caught my eye. Maybe I was waiting. Waiting for what, I didn't know. But I worked, I spent time with my daughter, I read books...anything to keep myself busy and from driving to Seattle so I could track down Edward. I was sure he'd moved on, found some cute young girl to make him happy. A yearning in my stomach told me what I'd been fighting for so long...that I wished it had been me.

"Mom, hurry! I have a game, I don't wanna be late!" Maggie called. It was her first soccer game of the season. She'd made the junior high girls team, and she was excited.

We pulled up to the field and soon she was lost in a sea of preteen girls. I found a spot on the bleachers and settled in for the afternoon.

"Is this seat taken?" I heard from beside me.

I knew that voice. Edward.

He was standing next to me, smiling brightly and I could see so much happiness in his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still stunned.

"Is this seat taken or not?"

"No," I said, smiling as he sat down.

"Good, I didn't wanna fight some guy off so I could sit here."


"I finished my classes. I'm doing my student teaching at the elementary school here in town. My sister-in-law coaches the girl's soccer team, so I'm here helping, I guess."

"Coach Hale's your sister-in-law?" I asked, slightly confused by her not being Coach Cullen.

"Yeah, she kept her maiden name. Whatever."

"So, you're here?" I asked.

He smiled. "Yep, I'm here. And I wanna take you out. Can I?"

I nodded, unable to say anything. He leaned forward, his nose rubbing against mine just before he kissed me, soft and slow.

"Can you feel it?" he whispered.

And I laughed, because after all our time apart, I did.

I still did.


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