What if Philip and Michele Weis had a daughter before Sylvia who is far more rebellious? What if Fortis becomes a Minuteman in order to revenge to the system by timing out everyone who he thinks doesn't deserve them? What if Raymond Leon was not as cold as he is now?

Chp 1

Raymond woke up to his nightmare again. He breathed out heavily and turned to his left. That side had been empty for a long time. His wife, Audrey had been timed out and was found in an alleyway in the ghetto. Someone cleared her clock, leaving Raymond to raise their son, Vincent alone. Raymond turned to his alarm clock – it was only 5.45 am. He was bound to get up anyway.

He got up and went to another room where his son, Vincent or Vinny was snoring soundly. Vincent time started two years ago and last year he had joined as a Timekeeper. Raymond, who had been working for 50 years, was the happiest man to see his son got what he wants. Raymond walked to the kitchen and started the coffee. Then, he heard footsteps coming to his way.

Vinny was rubbing his eyes, sleepily. Vincent Philip Leon was a chirpy man, unlike his father's cold demeanour. Both were lean and slender and had jet black hair, but Vinny had her mother's eyes who she had inherited from her father. Vinny was fond at chess and can be as reckless as Raymond when it comes to driving. Vincent also likes to eat A LOT, which sometimes made Raymond laugh because no matter how much Vinny ate, he will always remain fit, like Audrey.

"Want breakfast?", asked Raymond. Vinny knew his father only showed his soft side at home and at work, it was the 'Cold-Stoic-Serious' Timekeeper Raymond Leon and Vinny simply shook his head. "Nah, not that hungry right now", said Vinny. Raymond looked at his son oddly. "Not hungry? You're always hungry", said Raymond. Audrey died when Vinny was only 10 and ever since, Raymond has been doing double duties just to make sure Vinny has everything he needed and Vinny felt like it's time for him to look after himself even though everyone knew he sucked at it.

"I'll get breakfast later, dad. Too sleepy to eat", said Vinny as he hit his head at the counter table. Raymond put a cup of coffee in front of Vinny and said, "Come on, we got work to do". Vinny dunk in his coffee and got ready to go to work. The father and son hopped into the cruiser and headed for the Timekeeper HQ.

They were greeted by Jaeger and Kors at the office. As Vinny was typing his report, which he hated, his stomach was grumbling and Jaeger and Kors were trying their best to cover their sninckering because Timekeeper Raymod Leon might shoot them for that. Raymond noticed his son's face as he tried to cover his hunger. Raymond got up and said to his son, "Come on Timekeeper Leon". Vinny got up and followed his father.

They drove to a sandwich joint and Raymond went to get a sandwich for Vinny. "Next time, eat!", he said sternly. "Sorry sir", said Vinny, quietly. Vinny is always afraid of the 'Cold-Stoic-Serious' Timekeeper Raymond Leon. Everyone will expect him to be like his father and Vinny is trying his best to keep up. Then, they got dispatched to Dayton on a murder.

They drove silently to Dayton as Vinny munched in his sandwich quietly. "I'm sorry dad. I just don't want to trouble you anymore with myself", said Vinny quietly. Raymond silenced himself. When they reached the crime scene, Raymond said, "You're my son. It's my job to trouble myself with you even if you have grown up. As long as you live under my roof, you are my concern. Understand?". Vinny nodded and said, "Yes, father". "Good. Now, come on. We got work. Get the premium", said Raymond as he had asked the dispatch to wire his premium. After Raymond, Vinny had the dispatch wired his premium so he had more time. Vinny always thought that the time is very ridiculous, but this is life. Life that everyone had to endure whether they were from New Greenwich or Dayton.

Vinny saw Jaeger and Kors examined a man who was fished out of the river. "Henry Hamilton. Last time, people saw him he had a century in his clock", said Jaeger. "Well, around here they'll kill you for a week", said Raymond. Vinny examined the dead man and he thought what he could do with a century. "What I was thinking that he might've brought this on himself", said Jaeger.

"Interesting", said Raymond, "How long have you been keeping time, Jaeger?". Jaeger shrugged and said, "Five years". "Let me know what you think when you have been doing it for 50", said Raymond and that got Vinny to smirk at his father's remark. "It doesn't matter why he came here. What matter is that where were the 100 years that came with him", said Raymond.

Jaeger thought for a while and said, "Gotta be a witness". "Trust me, no one saw anything", said Raymond as he paced around with hands behind his back. Vinny scanned the areas for clues. "What would you like us to do sir?", asked Kors. "What we always do, follow the time", said Raymond as he walked back to his car. "Timekeeper Leon!", Vinny called his father, although it seemed awkward, but work and family has to be separated. Raymond walked over to his son and Vinny pointed a CCTV at the bridge. "Think that'll show us something?", said Vinny.

Raymond smiled proudly. "Good job, Timekeeper Leon. Kors! Jaeger! See if that camera recorded anything from the last 24 hours", said Raymond. "Yes, sir!", said Kors and Jaeger as they moved to their cruiser and left the crime scene. Vinny and Raymond went to their cruiser to head back to HQ. "Hey Ray!", a woman from across the bank called Raymond, "I'll give you 10 minutes for an hour". Vinny hated it when that woman talked to his father like that.

"When you wanna get out of the game, Layla? You gotta be pushing 60", said Raymond and Vinny was trying his best to hide his smug face. "Thanks for letting everyone know!", said Layla, clearly pissed off and walked away. Then, the father and son drove back to HQ.