Chapter 5

Sam was already standing at the Impala. To say that he looked disturbed when he saw his brother and Castiel would be an understatement. His face color had returned to his usual one from the salad green it had donned in the diner. Samsquatch was so shocked when he saw Dean that his body didn't seem to know how to react, only turning a light pink. This did not stop the younger hunter from making a dying whale noise as soon as he saw his brother with the half-naked angel thrown over his shoulder and a flapping flag (aka Castiel's pants) behind their backs.

"This is not what you think, fuckers!" Dean yelled at the group of people, who were still flashing the cameras.

"Whaa…" Sam asked eloquently.

Dean, who was panting heavily, managed to get to the Impala and put the angel down on the ground.

"Put this on and get in the car!" he yelled at Castiel and shoved his clothes into his hands. Dean opened the driver's door and crawled into his Baby.

"Sam, get in, we're leaving now!" Dean bellowed. He was pissed.

"I… I'm not coming. I need some fresh air," Sam mumbled and grabbed Castiel's coat as the angel was about to sit in the car. "Cas, wait for a sec. Here, you'll need this." Sam opened the angel's trench coat and put something into his inner pocket. "There you go. Enjoy yourselves." The younger Winchester smirked and tapped Castiel's shoulder.

"Ok. See you later then," Dean replied hurriedly, so embarrassed that he didn't even bother to ask why Sam wasn't coming, and the Impala took off immediately as soon as Castiel got in the car.

"Four hours should be enough," Sam decided aloud. He grinned to himself and walked away, whistling.

Dean slammed the motel door behind him as soon as they entered the room. He turned around and pinned Castiel to the wall.

"You stay right here and do not move. Capisce?" he growled into the angel's face.

"Yes, I understand, Dean." Castiel nodded and swallowed heavily, having trouble thinking much with Dean so close.

"Alright then." The hunter moved away from the angel and his gaze fell on Castiel's feet. "Where the hell are your shoes?" He quirked his brow.

"I… I think we left them at the shop. Should I go and get them?"

"No!" Dean's shout startled the angel. "You stay there and wait until I think of how…how we should solve your little problem." Dean remembered Bobby's words and blushed furiously.

"Of course, Dean," Castiel agreed as always.

The hunter closed the bathroom door behind him and stared at his reflection in the mirror. "What the hell is wrong with me? I never liked the guys before, but Cas… God… he is just… he just drives me crazy."

The hunter splashed cold water on his face and ran his fingers through his hair. "Right, I need to get out and do something." He braced himself for what he was sure was going to happen.

"So, Cas…" Dean began when he got out of the bathroom, but trailed off when his gaze fell upon the angel.

Castiel's trench coat was thrown on the floor while its owner was leaning against the wall and making humping movements. Castiel's eyes were closed. One of his hands was drawing abstract shapes on his abdomen and another hand was in his red boxers. It was not hard to guess what the angel was doing, judging from the gasps and choked moans escaping from his parted lips.

Castiel's eyes snapped open as soon as he heard Dean's voice. The angel looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Well, a deer with black socks and red boxers on.

"Dean, I…I…" he began, but did not know how to continue.

Something about seeing Castiel this way made Dean lose all his sense of self control, all his reservations about his feelings for Castiel. Dean made a loud mooning noise, like a bull after seeing red. The older Winchester quickly stomped to the angel and invaded his personal space.

"It's not fair what you do, Cas." His voice sounded very low and raspy. "You think I haven't noticed all the little glances when you think I'm not looking?" The hunter pinned the angel's arms above his head and Castiel bit his lip expectantly. "Or the little gasps and swallows? Do you think I'm blind?" Dean slightly parted the angel's legs and pressed his knee to the obvious bulge.

Castiel moaned so loudly that Dean was sure the whole neighborhood heard it. "Oh, you wanna disturb the whole neighborhood eh? I think I shouldn't allow you to do that." Dean sent any remaining doubts to Hell and wrapped his arms around Castiel's waist. "Come 'ere," he groaned and in the next few seconds Dean's arms were full of the trembling angel. He cupped the back of Castiel's neck, bringing him closer.

"Mmmmphhhh," the angel replied with a lewd moan and Dean knew that if he didn't have Castiel soon, he'd lose it. He needed the angel and he needed him now. He hoisted Castiel up and the angel gladly wrapped his legs around the human's waist.

Dean slowly started to walk towards his bed when Castiel remembered something.

"Dean, wait. Sam put something into my trench coat pocket and he said we would need it." Castiel was trying his best to resemble an octopus – all of his four limbs were around the human in a vice-like grip.

"Sam gave you something?" Dean barely managed to pick up the beige coat without dropping the angel. He searched in the inner pocket and took something out.

"What the hell is this?" Dean huffed when he saw a can of strawberry flavored Whipped Cream.

Castiel squirmed and cleared his throat. "At the diner I said something about whipped cream and the lady suggested we should try the strawberry one." The angel sounded embarrassed.

"Sam, you little sneaky bitch!" Dean was going to kick his little brother's ass. After he 'solved' Castiel's problem, that is. "Ok, where were we?" He grinned at the angel and resumed his way towards the bed.

"If I am not mistaken, we are still at the motel, Dean." Castiel deadpanned as Dean laid him on the bed.

The hunter chuckled and covered the angel with his body. He ran his fingers up and down the angel's sides.

"Of course we are, Cas, and we're not going anywhere. Not until I'm done with you." He grinned at the angel mischievously.

"What are you going to do to me, Dean?" Castiel's breath hitched when hunter grabbed his underwear and almost ripped them off of the angel.

"You'll see." Dean's smirk was predatory when he grabbed the whipped cream and shook the can….

Mr. Adams, who was the owner and administrator of the crappy motel where the Winchesters were staying, was watching some comedy show when the lights started to flicker and the TV started to get static.

"What the bloody hell?" growled the old man and he stood up to try and fix whatever problem the TV was having.

He made exactly two steps when he heard a bloodcurdling shriek and all the light bulbs, TV and, glasses just shattered. The old man stood there with his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. After few seconds of coming to, he regained his composure and, untypically fast for his age, ran outside the motel screaming that Apocalypse was coming and that he had seen the wrath of God.

It was strange, but some of the people who were staying at this shitty place were outside as well, rambling about exploded light bulbs and a loud noise that sounded like a human screaming…

Dean made a contented sigh and pulled out of the angel, planting a kiss on his lips. Castiel did not have the strength to move or say anything. He looked absolutely wrecked.

"How ya feeling, Cas?" Dean smirked down at the angel.

"I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head to my feet," Castiel croaked and managed to smile. Yeah, whipped cream was a good idea, indeed!

The hunter's eyes widened. "Dude," Dean gasped. "Did you… did you just quote Def Leppard?"

"I am afraid I am not acquainted with any singing Deaf Leopards, Dean." Castiel frowned. It was enough to throw the hunter into a maniacal cackle.

"Cas, you're awesome." The hunter grinned and pulled the angel into a hug.

When Sam Winchester reached the motel his first thought was that they had been attacked by demons. The place was a mess. But there was no sulfur, and therefore, no demons.

The worried younger Winchester carefully opened their room's door. What he saw was the last thing he was expecting to see: the room looked like Optimus Prime had held his final battle against Megatron. The lonely light bulb on the ceiling that had been wondering about its life mission had succumbed to depression and committed suicide – exploded. The windows and mirrors had shattered and turned into tiny pieces and were scattered around on the floor. Sam never understood what force pressed Castiel's trench coat flat onto the wall, or how it was still clung to it. The hunter grabbed and tried to tug it down, but it would not yield. Sam's eyes were growing wider with each second but, he could not hold a whimper back when he saw someone's lone sock hanging from an exploded light bulb. The sock looked so pitiful that the younger brother's heart clenched and he sniffled.

Then he heard it. There were light snoring noises coming from the left side of the room. Sam turned around and saw his brother. Thanks to Heaven he was covered! Dean was lying on top of the angel. Sam could see Castiel's ruffled head and one hand that resting on Dean's back. He couldn't see Castiel's other hand, but Sam had a feeling he didn't want to know where it was.

The younger Winchester slowly retreated towards the door, but tripped over something and fell down with a loud thud. Sam cursed silently and kicked the object. It was the whipped cream can. Now empty, of course!

Dean woke up instantly and Castiel stirred under him, mewling something ncomprehensibly.

"S… sorry," Sam said awkwardly. "I didn't know that you hadn't finished." Sam grinned sheepishly. "I'll just get a room for myself for tonight. Enjoy yourselves. But don't forget about sleeping too," the younger Winchester added as he galloped out of the room like a moose.

Castiel broke the silence. "This was unexpected."

"I'll deal with it tomorrow," Dean grumbled, ready to fall asleep again.

"So I was right," Castiel said in a dreamy voice.

"'Bout what?" Dean raised his head from the angel's chest.

"Males can have multiple orgasms during one round. Thank you," Castiel said seriously.

"You are killing me, Cas. Don't ever change." Dean shook from laughter and kissed the angel hungrily.

Bobby Singer poured his morning coffee into a mug and sat down at his table to go through a newspaper. He unfolded the fresh issue of USA Today and quickly went through it. On the fifth page a big and bold title got his attention. It read: "Aggressive Homosexuals Attack Hemingford".

Bobby splattered his coffee all over himself and the table when he saw at the photos. The old hunter felt a headache starting.

In the first photo Castiel was standing with his hands pressed against the shop window while Dean was standing behind him, grabbing the angel's hips. Whatever Dean's real purpose was, it did not seem that way from the photo.

In the second one, the Winchester had a wild, animalistic look on his face and had the angel thrown over his shoulder. Dean looked like a caveman protecting his young, his teeth bared in a snarl. As for the angel, Castiel looked like a proud flag-bearer: his black pants were flapping in the breeze like a flag.

Bobby closed the newspaper and laughed. It started with small, inaudible tremors that soon turned into a roaring laughter. When he was done, the hunter wiped the stray tears away from his eyes and grabbed his mobile.

Dean answered after several rings.

"Dean, how long till you get your asses over here?" Bobby greeted him with his usual grumpiness.

"Umm, maximum two hours. Why? Is everything alright?" Dean got nervous.

"Calm down, boy. Nothing's hunting me. I just have a surprise for you." Bobby couldn't stop himself from laughing.

"Surprise? What surprise?" Dean didn't like the way Bobby was chuckling and his worries got worse.

"Not telling ya anything. Get your asses over here and see it yourselves." Bobby disconnected the call and shook his head. "Stupid boy, he's gonna play all macho now. Everyone knows that he's in love with that stupid angel." Bobby decided to get some beer instead of coffee and went to his fridge. "Two idjits found each other," he huffed and grabbed a cold beer bottle.

He could not wait 'til the trio got to his house. Oh, this would be so much fun!

The End